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Heart breaks, lies, torn..
Alexis felt this cold feelings, way long ago, before she became the bad one. Breaking hearts was her duty of all time. But what will happen when in fact she moves to Holmes Chappel? She might meet that one guy, Harry, who will flip her life.

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3. first day #1

I check myself again in the mirror, throwing my phone into my bag. "Oh damn it Lexi hurry. We are being late!" I rolled my eyes, at zayn's annoying sentence. Yeah said the guy who stayed Infront of the mirror an hour, I thought sacrasmly. He might never grow up, never in million years!

I took the way downstairs, said goodbye to parents, and for sure grabbed my apple juice (yeah I love it) trying to take the lead of the way. I can't beilve am walking to school! I need to be driving a fancy car, but no my parents would always say " exercises are good" or even "we don't want you to get in accidents" I rolled my eyes at their no common sense.

Zayn in the other side seems to sing a melody, but deep inside was nervous. Houw did I know? Deep in his eyes explained it all. "You bro they wont eat you" he rolled his eyes play fully, punching my arm. But soon turned to be deadly serious. Oh shit.

"So you are still.. You know" he said, looking right at my eyes. I groaned holding the urge of slapping him. "You open this subject again and I ain't leaving the dead you alone" I threatened. He shrugged walking a head of me like an arrogant kid! Why can't he understand?! But no, he must the stupid him!


Welcomed by the gates, I happily entered to my new school. Their were many students, but mostly HOT GUYS!! I I smirked, knowing their eyes were fixed on me. One point I thought happily, singing a random melody, till my eyes fell in him.his blue sea eyes, grabbed my ateention of all! Perfect. I walked over him, still that fake smile in my face. "Hello bro" I said, as he raise his eyebrow. I chuckled. Checking me huh?! Suck it up! Haha!

"Hey am Alexis, and am new here. Mind guiding me to the head office" I said faster than usual since it was getting colder by the moment. He smiled, picking my hand and kissing it. "Hello I have been waiting for you" I raised my eyebrow. Does he even knows me?! I sigh shakin my head. "Mistaken me maybe" I muttered. "No I didn't bo"

"Am nialler btw, name is Niall" I nod shaking his hands, "nice to meet you Niall " he smiled brightly at me, revealing his braces..


"There is the girls bathroom" Niall pointed, as he talked with confidence. So he was a the tour dude in the school? I sigh, waiting for this shit to end, and sleep during periods. I looked again at Niall, noticing his perfect structure. He had blonde hair, and browns roots. He even had the perfect braces smile, with the sea lost eyes. Lost cause it is melting me within it. I sighed, I knew he must be the first victim that I should hunt.


I winked, noticing our schedules are almost the same. "Mind walking with me to bio? We got the same class" he chuckled , "sure". We both walked in the hall, that we're full of people. But soon got interrupted with the gathering of boys around meh. Yes! They started questioning me, and even asking me out. Niall stepped aside, letting me obviously enjoy the moment of glory. When I got fed up, actually bored, I took Niall hand and run away to another part of the school. "How did you know this is bio class?" He asked in astonishment. I shaked my head "pure luck bro" he chuckled leading me inside the class.

"Be careful" he whispered, pointing at a pretty figure, "stay away from this curly if you want your heart not get broken"

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