Teen Dream

Jenna has just turned 16 and her "Blow out the birthday cake candles" wish was to be popular. After lots of money being left to her in an unknown aunt's will, Jenna gets loads of cool clothes and bags ( designer of course) and finally becomes popular... but is it really that great?


1. 16th Birthday

"Briiiiiing.....Briiiiing". Jenna's alarm clock went off an hour late

"@#!£$*!!" shouted Jenna when she saw the time

"Oi mind your language!" some random man walking down the street called out

"Shut up!" she muttered but luckily the man didnt hear her. Jenna ran out of bed and got changed for school, tying her hair in its regular " im late for school so this is really messy" ponytail. Both her mum and dad went to work early and so it was just her and her little brother Mack.

" Maack?, why didnt you wake me??" Jenna cried at her little brother while ferociously scoffing a slice of toast with one massive dollop of butter on top ( Jenna had no time to spead it).

"I hate school so the longer it takes us to get there the better!" Mack argued

"urghh yeah right!" Jenna replied, shoving the last bit of crust into her mouth. Mack was really clever but also the year 7 heartthrob  and amazing at sports. " Every girl in your year drools over you...and thats just the ones who already have boyfriends!"

Hey!, its not my fault that im irrisistable" Mack said while looking in the closest mirror. By this time jenna had managed to pull Mack out of the house and was charging him up the road. All she could think was " Thank god we only live down the road from school". As they entered the school grounds, Mack was just leaving to go to form but he turned around and shouted

" Jenna!, by the way....HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

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