Ginny's Playing Matchmaker

Ginny Weasley is fed up of her and her friends' failed relationships and has finally decided to fix them by playing matchmaker.“A good plan isn't one where someone wins, it's where nobody thinks they've lost.” ― Terry Pratchett.
Pairing: Dramione


2. Where Draco-the-Slytherin-Prince replaces Ron-the-cheating-scum (Part 2)

After classes Hermione was resolutely against meeting Draco. At least that was until Ginny reminded her that it would be terribly cruel of her to stand him up, especially as he didn't have many friends after the war because he switched to the light side. Smiling faintly like a martyr, Hermione picked up her favourite purple umbrella and walked to the astronomy tower.

Draco waited impatiently on the astronomy tower, cursing the name of the youngest Weasley. He had only asked for her help as he couldn't get Hermione to meet him any other way and all she'd done was tell him to come here and wait. Here comes Hermione now - what had he got himself into?

Seeing the two standing in awkward embarrassment, Ginny thought it about time see announced her arrival. "Hello you two. I've got a bit of a suprise for both of you so if you'd care to follow me-"

"Ginny, what in heavens name have you planned?! I've had enough of your matchmaking schemes - Dean and I can't be in the same room without an awkward silence falling pretty quickly!"

"Relax Hermione, I'm only taking you on a picnic" replied Ginny, walking towards a particularly beautiful spot near the lake. And there she left them, after summoning a picnic blanket and bursting hamper. 

"So, what books have you been reading lately?" asked Hermione in her pathetic attempt to make polite conversation. Surprisingly, Draco complied with her wishes and they started a discussion on Jane Austen's use of delicate hints between characters (he had just read Pride and Prejudice - She was a witch). Their conversation had become so heated that they forgot entirely about the hamper until around twenty minutes later when it burst open with a furious cry (sounding suspiciously like Molly Weasley) of "The food's getting cold!". A plate of pasta appeared before Hermione and one of roast dinner before Draco. Simultaneously they cried in disgust at the food before them. Seeing an easy way out, Hermione proposed the idea of a swap, and so they switched their plates with each other. After lunch they decided to go for a walk, and Hermione attempted to re-kindle the conversation by observing "You're an awful lot like Mr Darcy, Draco."

"What do you mean?" he asked, finding no similarities himself.

"Well, you're rich, handsome, and have plenty of girls wishing to marry you." she blurted out, a fuchsia blush painting her cheeks. Like a gentleman, Draco ignored her embarrasment, and replied "Girls only wish to marry me because of my fortune and status."

"How do you know if someone really likes you then?" said Hermione.

"If I like her, then I ask her best friend to persuade her to come on a picnic with me. Then I see if we have a good time. If we do, I ask her to go with me to a restaurant I've booked in Paris. So Hermione, do you want to go to Paris with me?"

Because of her prior embarrassment, she had been looking down, but at these words she raised her eyes and beamed at him, her answer obvious in her expression. "Of course!" she cried, and hugged him.

Unbeknown to Hermione and Draco, Ginny Weasley smiled as she congratulated herself on a job well done. When she'd heard the story from Hermione at breakfast the next day, she hadn't believed it had happened so quickly. She should have believed in her matchmaking skills a lot more.

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