Whatever life throws at you

Santana was a perfectly normal girl. Normal house, normal parents, normal girlfriend, normal life. Until that night at the party…


1. That's what best friends are for

"Honey I think something's wrong." The blonde cheerleader whispered, holding back the Latina's hair. "I'm fine Britt " She snapped, barely finishing her words before her breakfast made a reappearance. Brittany knelt beside the toilet where Santana's head hung, rubbing circles on her back "No your not San, please let me help." One look at her girlfriends puppy-dog eyes was enough for her to agree to jump of a cliff. " Ok" Santana's voice cracked making her words a whisper "Ok" she said again "go find Quinn she'll know what to do" 

Brittany nodded, exiting the lonely bathroom to the crowded lunch time hallways of McKinley High. "Quinn" she called seeing the head cheerleader's blonde ponytail " Sanny is feeling sick" Quinn spun round at the sound of her name " Santana! She's never ill, and I've known her my whole life." 

Brittany dragged Quinn by the wrist to the toilets where her girlfriend was hurling the content of her stomach." Oh my gosh!" Quinn exclaimed as she saw Santana "you look awful" Santana was curled over the toilet,  pale face, her long dark hair hanging over her face, tears streaming down her flawless skin.

"You don't look to good your self stretch marks"
"Sorry, you're just never ill" Quinn said looking taken back " ok, what's wrong?" Santana sighed "I'm exhausted,  my head hurts, I feel dizzy and I keep throwing up" 

"Oh" Quinn gasped Brittany's head shot up " what's wrong? Is she going to die?" The head cheerleader stood still, in a trance "Quinn! Answer me! Quinn!"

"Sorry, Sanny when was your last period?" Quinn stammered. Santana went pale " it's 6 days late"

Brittany's face flooded red "What's going on! Quinn answer me now!"

"I...I think...I think she's pregnant"


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