This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


8. Scene 8

(Lights up on a third classroom scene, with a different female teacher. It is a citizenship lesson. The class are generally messing around, looking bored or chatting as the teacher writes on the 4th wall blackboard.)

MISS LUCAS (turning to class): Today we are talking about a very important topic. We will be looking at abusive relationships. (The class fall silent) Now, 60% of women have reported being physically hurt in a relationship, and 11% of those predict they could end up seriously injured, or killed.

MARK: Why don't they just leave? (His comment is met with a chorus of agreement from other class members. Defibrillator is played, but barely audibly and only once)

MISS LUCAS (turning to him): It’s not as simple as that. More often than not, the victim fears for their life if they leave. Having been threatened hundreds of time, they believe they could be killed for breaking up with their partner, or people close to them could be hurt. Although, the main reason for not backing out of an abusive relationship sooner is because the victim is still in love with their partner.

(CHARLIE sinks down in her chair, leaning forward on the desk, panicked. MISS LUCAS gestures to the invisible board.)

MISS LUCAS: 1 in 3 teens know of a friend who is in an abusive relationship. If you know something, you must tell...

(CHARLIE is slumped on her desk, seemingly asleep. Suddenly, the desk is pulled out from underneath her. She jerks up, confused, as another CHORUS member pulls her chair away. Another catches her before she falls. The whole class is up and moving the set away very rapidly. Flashing lights and loud music is being played. CHARLIE is shoved from person to person, each one shouting a word or phrase as they shove her away, like ‘worthless’, ‘idiot’, ‘you  deserve it’. During this, the teacher is still shouting out statistics in a taunting manner, making the sequence more dream-like.

One by one, in the chaos, the CHORUS members exit off stage to change into JAMES’ trademark shirt and jeans. Once all the CHORUS members are back on stage, changed, they encircle CHARLIE, chanting words. Gradually, they all repeat the same four words, ‘stupid’, ‘ugly’, ‘useless’, ‘worthless’ over and over, getting faster and faster, louder and louder, each time getting closer and closer to her. Eventually, CHARLIE is hidden from view, and silence falls .Defibrillator sounds, constant and the loudest it has been. CHARLIE screams. Blackout.) 

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