This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


7. Scene 7

(Lights up on CHARLIE’S bedroom. The previous desk, at SL, is now a dressing table, with a mirror and makeup on it. CHARLIE is sat at the desk, looking through her nail varnishes. She is sat almost side on, so her hair covers her face and neck. CHARLIE puts the nail varnishes back in a box and puts them away, moving her hair out the way, so the audience can see her badly bruised, cut face and neck. Then she takes out her phone, and loads a video. The audience can't see what is on the screen, but the dialogue is played as a voice over. It is in the style of a make-up tutorial, with a happy-sounding woman voicing it. CHARLIE follows the steps that the voiceover says.)

MAKEUP ARTIST (V.O): So today I'll be showing you how to cover up those nasty bruises and cuts on your face, neck and wrists from your partner. You'll need to start with a slightly off-tone foundation for the fresh bruises round the eyes. If you've been pushed into a table, or similar, layering up the foundation should easily cover it up. There we go. (Pauses as CHARLIE slowly covers the purple bruises around her eyes)

Next, we’ll move onto the split lips. If yours has been caused by a watch or ring on your partner’s hand, you might want to use a bit of foundation there. Otherwise, concealer should do fine. I’m just going to put a bit of foundation there. (CHARLIE covers the split lip quickly. The voice over moves on)

Ok, so the most important thing is to cover up finger marks or handprints on your neck. They are too painful to cover with foundation, so if your hair is long enough, you can simply pull it over, like so, (CHARLIE pulls her hair over the red marks) although you may not want to if parts of your hair have been pulled out as you've been dragged. If this is a problem for you, just pull your hair up into a messy bun to hide it. (Voice over pauses as CHARLIE puts her hair into a bun) An alternative to using your hair to cover the marks is simply wearing a scarf over it, and no one will suspect a thing. I’m going to be wearing a scarf. (CHARLIE grabs a scarf from the back of her chair and the voice over pauses as she ties it round her neck)

Finally, to cover extensive cuts and bruises on the wrists, I would suggest wearing a long sleeved top, or a jumper if you don't have one. If it is too hot, layering your wrists up with bracelets, bangles and maybe a watch hide the bruises easily. (CHARLIE pulls a jumper on, and grabs some bracelets from the dressing table)

When you plan to go out with your partner, keep your handbag with you all the time. That way, you’ll easily be able to grab some sunglasses, bracelets or foundation should you be caught unaware. (During this, CHARLIE packs some sunglasses, more bracelets and her tube of foundation into her school bag)

And now you're ready to go! Follow these steps, and make sure you have an excuse for your injuries, just in case, and you'll be fine!

(Defibrillator sounds, really quite loud. CHARLIE appears used to it, and continues without reacting. She puts on a coat, slings her bag over her arm and grabs her phone, finishing the video. On her way out, she flicks an imaginary light switch, and the lights and sound blackout.) 

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