This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


4. Scene 4

(Lights up on CHARLIE’S bedroom. It is an ordinary teenager’s room, with an unmade bed on SR, and a messy desk on lower SL. CHARLIE is sitting at the desk, doing homework, before picking up the phone. The classic iPhone unlocking sound is played, and what is on her screen comes up as a projection on the backdrop, SL. She selects the contact TOM, and the ringing sound is played, and the projection reads CALLING-TOM with a picture of him next to it.)

TOM (V.O): Hey, you’ve reached my voicemail. I can't answer the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll call you back. (Beep)

CHARLIE: Hey Tom, its Charlie. Call me, I want to chat.  

(She puts the phone down and carries on writing, but a second later the phone rings, projection TOM-CALLING. She answers.)


TOM (V.O): So? How'd it go?

CHARLIE: With James? (Slightly uncomfortably) Yeah, it went well. (Very faint defibrillator. CHARLIE shakes her head, and shuts her eyes tightly, rubbing her hand against her temple, as if to make the sound go away.) 

TOM (V.O): What does that mean? Are you seeing him again?

CHARLIE (opening her eyes, noise stops instantly): What? Oh, yeah, I think so. (Pauses) he just seemed a bit... protective, you know? A bit controlling, at least for a first date.

(She bites her nails anxiously, waiting for an answer. She stands, and walks around her room.)

TOM (V.O) (Dismissive): I’m sure you’re just over-analysing it. Besides, who wouldn't want to be protective over you? James is very lucky to have a girl like you, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Thanks, Tom. (Smiles) You're a great friend, and I know you'll make an even better boyfriend someday.

TOM (V.O, almost a hint of sadness that CHARLIE doesn't pick up on.): Thanks.

(Lights down.) 

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