This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


2. Scene 2

(Lights up on a classroom. The teacher is writing on an invisible fourth wall, with the class behind him. The desks are in rows, and the children are not wearing school uniform.)

MR ADAMS (Turning to the class): Can you get the date and title down, please, then complete the starter activity in the back of your books.

(The class begins work in silence. MR ADAMS walks up and down the rows.)

MR ADAMS: Can anyone tell me what they got for question-

(A boy walks in SL and the class turn to look. It is JAMES, wearing the same checkered shirt and jeans from before. Very faintly, the defibrillator sound is played. CHARLIE looks around, but dismisses the sound.)

MR ADAMS: And you are..?

JAMES: James, sir. James Macmillan.

MR ADAMS: Ah, yes. The new boy, in Miss Jeffries form. Let’s see... (He looks round the room for an empty seat, eyes falling on the only empty seat in the classroom, at the back.) Sit down there, next to Charlie.

(JAMES takes his rucksack to the seat, while MR ADAMS continues with the lesson.)

MR ADAMS: So... Emily. What did you get for the first question?

EMILY: X is 4, and Y is-

(JAMES has his hand up. MR ADAMS waves his for EMILY to stop.

MR ADAMS: What is it, James?

JAMES: Can I have a book please, sir?

MR ADAMS: Charlie, show James where the new books are.

(They get up and walk off, SL, CHARLIE gesturing the way and JAMES leading. As they exit, the defibrillator sound is played louder. this time, CHARLIE stops and looks around, yet nobody else reacts. She walks off after JAMES, slightly confused.) 

MR ADAMS: Emily?

EMILY: X is 4, and Y is 10, because...

(Lights down) 

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