This is a play that I wrote for an English assessment in school. It is about a girl who is in an abusive relationship. Feedback/likes greatly appreciated


1. Scene 1

(Blank white canvas on stage. Projections of shakily made, fuzzy homemade videos on to it, none which have any sound, last around two minutes. The videos begin with a woman in hospital after having a child. The videos follow seamlessly, one after the other, of the child getting older. First steps, then first day of school, school assemblies, secondary school, university, having her own children. Each video gets progressively faster than the last, so the university graduation is double the speed of at the start. By the time the videos show the girl with grandchildren, it is little less than a blur. The last the audience sees is the now old woman, in a hospital bed, for a brief second, before a sudden black out.)

(Lights up on a street. CHORUS is assembled with backs to the audience, as a crowd. The backdrop is a building, projected as if falling, moving fast. CHARLIE is suspended in front of the building, falling. CHORUS point, stare and whisper.)

CHARLIE (V.O): I don't want to hit ground. (Louder) I don’t want to die.

(Backdrop and crowds freeze. The CHORUS has split into two groups, on SL and SR, still away from the audience. JAMES emerges from the crowd, unfrozen, into the gap, wearing trademark jeans and checkered shirt, which he wears throughout the whole play, with back to the audience, looking up at CHARLIE, frozen. His face is not shown to the audience in this scene.)

JAMES: I- I never wanted this. I could have prevented this. This is all my fault. If I had just-

(Silence as JAMES, breathing heavily, clenches his fists, back still to audience.)

CHARLIE (V.O) and JAMES: How did it get to this?

(As the lights go down, the sound of a defibrillator, heart monitor, hospital machines etc is played, defibrillator most prominent. The beeping drones on, fading out as the lights of the next scene come up.)

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