The Singer

Melanie is a singer with a huge dream what will she do if she wins the X-Factor and meets One Direction? Will the boys fall for her? Will she fall in love?


1. Wining the X-Factor


"The last finalist is... Melanie Ryder!!!" Melanie went in tears. Shocked she hugged the other group.


Melanie's P.O.V

Its been four months since I won the X-Factor and im about to release my album and go on Tour. But the worst part is that I have to leave my family and boyfriend, Ross Lynch also I have to open the concert for... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... One Direction.

How rude of me let me explain myself! My name is Melanie Ryder I have Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes. As you know im dating the wonderful, Ross Lynch. We are both 20 years old.


Okay lovelies its time for a contest im looking for,

-Melanie's Best friend

-Melanie's Celebrity Best Friend

-Ross's Ex

-Ross's Best Friend

And thats all thank you for reading!!


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