4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


1. School(Monday)

Hi,my name is Anna and I go to a school called the Mercy in Waterford city. I am 15 years old,I have blue eyes and blonde hair. Boyfriend????Have none but had one,more then one..I know,so sad..I think a couple of boys were checking me out last weekend.

OH SHIT!I thought it was still christmas holidays,here comes Mum bursting in...

"Anna,get out of bed.First day,back to school,your the one who want's to be there early!"she shouts,opening the curtains.Ok you win (Mrs.Doubt fire)Mother of the house but next time,I'm not getting up!I got up and went downstairs to find my baby sister throwing food at me on the way down..but missing me.

"Adi,don't do that"my Dad said,telling Ian(my brother) to clean the floor and feed her while he reads the bloody newspaper...boring. I just went for a shower,got dressed and quickly had my breakfast but when I was walking back up I realised I was going to be late for the bus.I quickly got my bits and bobs and ran out the door with my schoolbag,p.e.bag and coat. My lunch was already packed away in my bag and quickly got to my bus stop that I get. My friend was sneaking up behind me and pushed me over into the wet,slippery,grass.I was soaked from head to feet.

"Arther,you fucking bastard"I shouted.I through a small rock at him.The bus finally came and we raced ourselves in,shoving each other. The bus driver didn't really care.

We sat separated from each other,he had his gang..I had myself. None of my friends get the same bus with me.I finally got to my stop,a bus stop on the key and walked up a nearby road across the road.Arther had already left.He went to a boy school called De La Salle.His school is just boys and mine is a girls school.

When I saw the building of the school,I thought of all the fun we had before we came back before we got our Christmas holidays.I go to the Mercy Secondary and I'm proud I went there. I went into the school building and headed upstairs,trying to avoid Miss.Fitzgerald....SHE DOES NOT KNOW HER ENGLISH! Class was about to start in 10 minutes so I walked fast to my classroom.I put my stuff by desk until I heard a knock on the classroom door. I went to see who was standing outside.It was Molly,one of my good friends.

Name:Molly Cronin

Age:16 ,17 next month

Class:TY room(transition year,it's Irish)


Talent:Drawing anime,singing,acting and TALKING!

"Can I borrow your p.e. gear before Mr.Brennen burns me!"

She's also LOUD,funny,clumsy and especially,dramatic...Oh and..CAN NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP!..But I still adore her.

"Sure,come in and I will give it to you"

She can lose her temper so always be carefull what you do,say around her 'cause she can lose her anger!Just a warning. She walked in,memorizing the classroom and trips over the teachers chair.

"Always look where your going,Molly"I thought to myself. My desk was by a window,a big long shelf beside it and my schoolbag on my chair. My p.e bag was on the shelf and Molly went ahead of me and took it.

"Thank you"she called,running out the door and nearly crashing into Miss.Norris. I had English first,just beautiful.My teacher,Miss.Mannix,isn't she amazing.....I HAVE A FUCKING TEST TODAY and I didn't even study!My parents are going to stab me...Unless...Oh yeah,I won't tell them it got cancelled....Wahahaha,I'm so evil!

She comes in and we DON'T have to stand up. In Molly's English class,she had her for fours fours years in a half. Oh yeah,you want to know about me...well;




Year:3rd year

Talent:Swimming,diving and fishing

"Can we start?"someone asked,after Miss.Mannix gave out the test to the class. She said yes and all heads were down. I did my best and the next class appeared.After listened to crap,Molly came rushing in and handed me my gear. I thanked her and she ran off. Everyone from class were already down in the gym so I headed down myself to find everyone playing football. Molly loves that sport but I think it's boring.. I went to get dressed but when I came out,everyone was playing rounders.I frowned in confusion there and my best friend,Eva came over.

"You alright there,Anna?"she asked,snapping her fingers in front of my eyes. I snapped out of it and looked at her.

"I don't know,first I walk in,everyone is playing football then after I got changed and came out,you were all playing rounders!I think my  eyes are playing tricks on me"

"Or maybe it's just Magic"Eva said,smiling and her eyes sparkling as normal.

Name:Eva Lynch


Class:Same class

Year:Same as me

Talent + believe:Hair,making fire out of anything and loves the colour of fire. Believes that Magic is real.Herself and I have a bet on that.

Oh Eva,you 'Magic'thinker,you remind me so much of Molly.We played a game of rounders then it was break.When I got back to my classroom,I found Molly waiting for me.

"Can I borrow you're maths book?I left mine at home" she asked,looking guilty.

"You could of gotten it yourself and left a note like you did last time"I said.I got the book and gave it to her. She smiled and skipped back to the TY room.What a happy girl she is.

Lunch time finally arrived after a double class of art.I ate my lunch fast  and went for a stroll outside and up the hill.

On my way up I saw a teenager boy go into the gym entrance and remembered that the mercy primary next door to my school were having a basketball match against st John of Gods(it's a primary school) on inside. I went in and paid for a ticket The person looked at me oddly as I went in and I sat down on the very top of the seats. 

I fell asleep and find the place empty,like there wasn't even a match on. I checked the time,lunch was nearly over so I ran down the stairs and walked over to another entrance that led into the school. The boy was still sitting and stood up,looking at me. He jumped and landed in front of me. He smiled at me then there was a big crash and five men dressed in weird looking suits came in the entrance I came in.

"Shit,they found you"he said in a British accent

"What do you mean 'They found you'?Am I in some kind of trouble?"I panicked.

"Eh..I meant me,sorry"he apologised.

" there after you"I said,talking his sword."What can I do to help?" He glared at me.

"Anna,you shouldn't help me,your not a...never mind..Go,leave..escape while you can" he said.

"But what about you"I asked,looking so frightened,ever since I nearly drowned in th sea,it's saved me then this random(but cute)comes to rescue me but when I got on shore he was no where to be found,so I forgot about him and moved on in live. That was four years ago and none of friends remember it harpening.

"I'll be fine,don't worry about me"he said."I'll take care of these bastards for you. But Anna,you need to worry about yourself,you don't know what lurks through the night out there.Now hurry and get to home,I mean,your classroom"

He shut the door on my face and I heard screams. I ran for it,up the stairs and barging into the classroom,finding another teacher teaching. I quickly grabbed my equipment,including the shit(the home economics books) and ran out down the stairs without my pencil case and homework journal,ah fuck that,I'm not turning around. I finally got to the sowing room to find Miss,Fitzgerald not there. It was a fucking double and I wasn't allowed to get other books 'cause we had a double free. Stupid teacher..I don't even fucking know the women or I haven't seen her ever.

During the free,I thought to myself...Was I actually there?Like was that boy actually talking to me?

And thoughs men,were they really there?Honestly,I haven't a clue why..It's not fair....I just don't know! 

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