4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


8. Rosetta's story

2012,august 30,starting secondary school

Rosetta POV

"Cathy,you're dinner is ready"Mum shouted. I lay on the bed,eyes closed and asleep.I fluttered my eyes open.I realised where I was.

"Where am I,is this a dream or my story?"

I sat up and looked around.I was in bedroom,the bratz t.v. was in it's normal place,the curtains were just right and their was a cat standing by the door but was wearing a waist coat and a top,black hat. I went over to it but it jumped right through me and disappeared. I opened the door and ran to the kitchen. Mum and Dad were at the table. 

"Can I have my dinner in my bedroom"I asked,taking my plate,fork,knife and glass,filled with orange juice.

"As long as you don't spill anything"Mum said,watching me open the door and walked out. When I got to my room,the cat was looking at me and somehow,smiling. I frowned and sat at me desk and ate away. 

"Not mad about cats,are you?"a voice spoke,I jumped looking around.

"Who said that?"I asked,watching the cat come over and jump onto my lap. It looked at me and I watched it's mouth move.

"I did"

I stared at it,mouth wide open and didn't scream.

"How come you can talk and no other cat can?"I asked,rubbing the cat."And know,I'm not mad about cats but I know someone who is"

"Well,I'm from the magic world and in the magic world,cats and all sorts of animals can talk,including unicorns"

"Awesome..wait,the magic world?"I said,confused.He smiled even more and disappeared.I didn't bother looking for him, so I brought back my place and stuff to the kitchen and went to back to my room. I was on my laptop,checking all my facebook stuff and I even went on Wattpad to write some  of my book. I turned off the laptop and fell asleep.

Next day,gone missing 

I woke up early and got dressed in my new school uniform.When I was all ready,I had my breakfast,brushed my teeth and hair then got in the car with Mum.She dropped me to school and I walked in,alone. School was grand,I did make new friends and met my old friends. But at lunch time,I just sat on my own.Then the cat appeared and got some huge fright,I fell off the chair.I got up,dragged the cat outside into an empty site,

"Are you trying to freak me out?"I asked,crossing my arms. 

"The humans can't see me,only you can Cathy,the immortal is inside you"

"What the hell are you on about,Cat?"

"My name isn't Cat,it's Puss,bitch"he teases and disappears. I sigh,shake my head and go to class. After school,well..I had to walk home,which sucks 'cause my parents are working. I walked,then Tim appeared and showed me a short court.We actually weren't heading in the right direction but it was defiantly a adventure I really wanted to explore,so I did. We went higher and higher,I don't know where but it seamed exciting.I saw a light sort of portal,the cat went through it. I looked around,we were standing on a hotel and people were looking at me and the portal,awkward. I ran through,closing my eyes and the portal disappeared.

"As you can see,this world is different because it's the future"he said,sitting peacefully on a rock. I opened my eyes and looked around.

"What an odd little place this is"I muttered,hoping he didn't hear me.

"Oh,this place is far more bigger then you've just said"he said,smiling even more."Now before you begin you're journey,you must decide what name you're going to be called instead of you're given name,which is Cathy O'neil"he explained,looking around and jumped onto me,making me land on my back,with him on my chest."So,have you decided yet?"

"Rosetta Malcaina"I blured out,sneezing all over him.He shook himself like a dog and smiled.

"Good,now you must remember,when you're in this world,you're name is Rosetta,when you're in the normal world,you are known as Cathy,understood?"

"Alright,I got it,will you be my guide?"

"Ha ha,of course I will,that is what the king asked me to do"

"Alright,shut up and let me through"

"Hey,hey,don't be so rude,you should be gladI bought  you this far"

I stuck my tongue at him and followed him to show me my weapons.I had a knife,an odd looking kettle and a pistol,sweet.I began my journey until I bumped into demons,all hot,boiled and about to squirt lave,which they did.I dodged it ran straight through one and another another.

"What the hell am I wearing??!!"I said,looking at my outfit.My uniform was the same just the skirt and all of it was a different colour. It was red,with white polka dots all over it with red socks and white boots."Puss!"

Puss appeared in front of me.

"I just had to change the clothes slightly"he said,smiling.I had red and white ribons in my hair too.


"Your welcome my dear"he said,in a deep voice and disappeared.

I continued walking until I found a village,surrounded by hundreds of people.I found a cloak with a hood,put it on and put up the hood. I walked into the town as people were selling stuff. I felt money in my pocket and beamed. It was a lot so I used it to buy stuff. Thanks Puss.

After a couple of hours,I started to get tired so I headed to the inn down the road.When I came in,it was filled with drunk men and women.There were some teenagers their too. I went up to the main desk,thinking that no one was able to serve me.

"Hello?"I called.I smiled as a man came over and asked me for my name. A voice was in my head,stupid cat,trying to get me confused,my best friend Molly calls is confuzled,weird right?"My name is Rosetta Malcaina"

"Great,how long are you staying?"he asked,writing down my name. Puss's voice was still in my head and told me to say..

"5 nights"

"Is that cat with you too?"he asked,pointing at Puss,who was watching him.

"Yes,I am indeed sir,my name is Puss the cat"Tim answered,before I was about to answer.

"My god,we finally have a famous known cat.welcome,stay as long as you like,here is you're key,you're staying in number 17,just up the stairs over there"The bartender explained,pointing at the stairs. I climbed the stairs until I found the number 17.On the door,it had my name written on it,all in gold colours,including Puss's name,lol.

When I got inside,the bedroom was all so cute looking and cosy. I even got my own balcony and bathroom of course. I flopped myself onto the bed then magically clothes appeared out of no where,including a suitcase and all went into the wardrope. The glass doors that went onto the balcony,just opened.

"Still not freaking out?"Puss asked from outside,sitting on the edge."If I fall,I won't die but if you try and catch me"

"Not a chance"I answered,looking at the clothes.

Hours later I went to get dinner. After I went back upstairs and in a new pair of pyjammes. It was getting late and I wanted to travel on until I find this Water City Puss keeps going on about. Breakfast was grand,just the food was a bit strange but tasteful.Puss told me that everyone knew the minute I came in,they knew I was from the magic world and he wouldn't tell me why,so unfair.

"You must stay a bit longer until you're new team mates arrive,they know about you and know that you're joining their team"

"Who said anything about me joining a team?"


"Why couldn't I work on my own?"

"Because Maxine said so"

I glared at him and dropped my stuff.

"MAXINE IS COMING!Holy shit,fucking hell Puss,why didn't you tell me earlier,you idiot!"

"Now calm down Rosetta,don't behave like that here,everyone would think you're just a kid"

"Fine,I'll calm down...I'm going to bed"

I got under the covers,turned off the lights and went to sleep.

"Can I come under too,it is a double bed after all"he said,jumping onto the bed and went straight under the covers,and leaned against me,aw. I fell asleep deeply.

Next day 

Next day,woken up by a knock at the door.I opened my eyes and realised I was at the end of the bed.

"That must be Scott."Puss said,appearing at the door."Oh before you meet the group,all of the boys you would regocnise from you're world,they have diferent names,just like you so don't scream when you see 'em,alright?"

"OK?"I muttered in question. The door opened and standing there was Cole Sprouse from Suite life of Zac and Cody on deck and the other one,but on deck is so much better.

"Hi,my name is Matthrew Soundre.You must be Rosetta Malcaina"He said waiting at the door then just randomly sat beside me on the bed. Then Cameron boyce from Jessie on disney channel came in,leaning against the door. "And that's Scott Reo,he's a bit of an idiot"

"Shut up before I crack you're head open"he shouted,arms crossed and tapped his foot."Leave her alone and let her get dress,will you"

  "Will you two quit it,hello Cathy"someone familer spoke by door.I got up and she leaped into my arms."It's me,don't worry,I know you have questions,ask me later when we're alone"

"That's Leanna Rosetta who finally found someone she knew from the normal world"Scott said,looking at Matthrew who just shugged and stood up.I got dressed and was about to head for the door when Puss stood in my way. 

"Hey,always have you're weapons on you before going anywhere,who knows who can some crashing in and start attacking you" he said,smiling and waiting for me to put on weapons around me."Perfect"

"Do I have any powers?"

"Yes,yes you do"


We both left and went downstairs to join the others.After a couple of days we left,said goodbye and travelled in Matthrew's had no weels. It began to rain and we were setting up a tent,kind of difficult but we got it up eventually. Then we left,Leanna taught me how to fight demons and mosnters..we even made a youtube video,we used to do it all the time with someone else, Molly,I miss her teribly,so does Leanna.

We finally arrived at the Water City,where we now were living.However,Puss didn't visit anymore 'cause he had to go and help another person like me. Mum,Dad,I'm sorry I left but I wanted to be more then a normal human so I wished that a black cat would take me to the magic world 'cause I wanted to know why I and immortals in the normal world saw floating islands in the sky.

But one night,I had a nightmare,where my real parents and not my adoptive ones were actually murdered and their house was burnt onn fire from someone evil,someone who killed my grandparents,my baby brother I dreamed about.....The Vampire Leader.

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