4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


17. Revenge(Sunday)


Serah POV 

My time table has changed,now I have training on Sunday's as well as the other days,great,just great.

Lyla POV 

"Rosetta,clean you're room,the state of it!"I ordered,making her clean up the horrendous smell of her dirty clothes,all pilled up on top of each other like a stack of bricks.

Rosetta POV 

I tidyed up my room,Lyla was watching every move I make and Scott was in stitches laughing,teasing me is what he was doing so I threw..........something not dangerous at him,ha ha! And finally Lyla smiled and was happy,my bedroom was spotless.

"Eh,your welcome"I said,walking out of my room.shutting the door behind me. She watched me then looked at Scott who was kind of scarred.

George POV 

"Matthew,you can't kill my king by using a pawn,god you don't know how to play future chess,do you?"


"Then why did you play with then?"

"'Cause none of us wanted to play because you're always winning and sometimes cheating"Leanna said from the balcony,gazing into the clear air and watching some demons charge towards the entrance of the city,then realized her eyes were playing tricks on her,again.

Jason POV 

"Yo,I'm back"I shouted coming in through the front door. Serah came in too. We went to the chipper downstairs and found a huge Que so we went to get Chinese instead.

"Lunatics are similar to designated hitters,Derick. Often an entire family is crazy,but since an entire family can't go into the hospital,one person is designed as crazy and goes inside. Then,depending on how the rest of the family is feeling that person is kept inside or snatched out,to prove something aboutthe family's mental health,so in all fairness,I'm no way near that!" Dead said,on the house phone,giving out to someone named Derick. "This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philopher"

"And how about you're taxes,you nitwit?" I heard Derick say back.

"The way taxes are,you might as well marry for love"

"That isn't even a proper answer,you shit of brains

"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes"

"You stupid mashed potato head"




He hung up and Dead just put the phone away. Lyla came in and helped Rosetta set the table,who wasn't in the mood to talk to now.

The dinner was so delicious,spring rolls,noodles,rice and a curry sauce,just divine.

And the!

Almond cookies,Coconut balls,Chinese steamed sponge cake,almond float,my mouth dropped,it was so good.

And then when everything was spotless,we had to go to training,yay. Rosetta went a head of us to the entrance of the building and saw that it was raining.

"Eh,lad's,it's kind of raining outside"she,putting her hand out into the rain,feeling wet drops land on her hand.

"So,we can just use umbrellas,stupid"Scott teased,hugging her and sharing an umbrella with her,I had to take a photo to upload on Facebook. My human life might be finished but I am still keeping my Facebook and Twitter forever until I die.

"Hey,Jason,do Element's live forever?"I asked,holding on arm and curious.

"I'm afraid not,it's the same with immortals,die of old age,born as baby"he explained,holding onto the umbrella tightly so it doesn't blow off on us."So,say if you die,there will be another Element in line,but you can heal yourself from damage"

"So,what are the Element's,I mean what powers are they?"

"Well,there's Water,Fire,Earth,Air and The Heart"Rosetta said,smiling and jumping...well,trying to jump into puddles but Lyla said no. She's like her older sister...maybe she is.

We finally arrived and I smiled at Jason.

Leanna POV

"When love at first sight is seen,it's cured by the second look"Dead whispered in my ear,making me laugh.

Rosetta and I smiled at each other and slipped a head together

Serah POV 

"Best Friends don't let you do stupid things...alone"Dead said,walking a head and smoking the pipe again,eh hello,no smoking inside.

 "Dead,if you seriously don't shut the fuck up,I'm going to snap that neck of yours in half!!!"Lyla shouted,throwing tennis ball at his hand.

"Eh hello,already dead here??"He said,saying goodbye,jumping onto his tank that appeared out of no where and drove away from us.

"Well he seams pissed off by someone"George said,looking at Lyla. She shrugged and we walked onto the training place.

"Don't blame me,you guys except for Serah were being mean to him too"she cried,very annoyed and ran a head of us.

"She's got a point there"Matthew said,feeling guilty."And no offence you guys but....ha ha ha ha ha,in you're faces!"

I skipped happily away with Lyla.

And now,training.

In training

Jumping over stacks of hay....hey,that rhymes,ha ha. Anyway,Jason and I decided to skip training and go to the cinema instead instead,shhhh. We went to see...House of The Dead. I was holding the popcorn box when I got a fright,jumped out of my seat and some popcorn fell out.Jason just laughed,then spilled his coke all over his jumper. Gladly he had his shirt under it. And when we arrived back to the training place,everyone was doing what they wanted to do,just not violent stuff. Our team were by the pool,Jason went to get changed and Rosetta running over to me.

"Guys,you missed all the fun"she said,taking my hand and going into the girls changing room. We came out and dived into the pool,coming back up to the surface.

"Where's watch you call it?"I asked,trying to think of what the boss's name was..feck it.

"First of all,he's not an object,he's immortal,second,his real name is Kyle,third his nickname is Hunter,don't know why but,understand now?"Scott explained."Oh and forth,he's gone on holidays with his family,don't know where though but don't ask"

He dived into the water and dragging Rosetta underwater. I went underwater and Rosetta came back underwater after she...hurt Scott. And for some strange reason...I could breathe under the water!!!She beamed and we both swam to the top of the water.

"Serah can breathe underwater everyone!"she shouted as loud as she could so everyone in the room could hear her. I went red of embarrassment,I had to dived back under and Jason smiling at me. I swam over to him and kissed him on the lips,feeling are lips touched together,it's like heaven just landed on our lips.

We came to the top of the water and got out. Jason bought me to the small hot tubs and gladly,there one no one in it.

Five hours later,Rosetta gave up on doing a race where you have to do 20 laps but being chased by the catcher.Would you me to describe it?............No thank you,I'm fibe thanks.I decided to go back home.

"I'm going home"I shouted,going into the changing room,trying to put my boots on and falling of te bench,not a good day for me...*sigh*...I hate my life.

I left the training place and came outside the building,started to skip with happiness and finally,the rain stopped.

I walked alone as I headed to the building where our apartment was. As I entered the main door,tripped over the carpet,face flat on the floor and now I was really mad. Then I could hear the sound of water droplets splashing against the ground outside. And then,it started lashing rain again.....

"It lashes rain when...........I'm angry?"I asked myself. I continued walking."This future world is so big,it's so hard to imagine. There are so many unusual things,like me and animals.and no humans are about the place,makes me wonder,like me able to control Water,be able to breathe underwater and it lashes when I'm angry...ha ha,what's next,able to heal the hurt and the dead?"

Puss appeared.

"Yes Serah,you can also heal the hurt but not the dead"he said,making me jump and accidentally sprayed him with Water..oops.

"Eh,sorry about that"I said,carrying him to the apartment,trying to find a towel to dry him."And don't ever scare me like that"

"Thank you,it'

"It's ok"I said,dragging the towel over his hair,over and over and over again. And then Dead came through the open window and sort off snapped a bone.

"G'day chaps ,life is tough,ain't it but it's tougher when you're really stupid"he said,taking off his coat and throwing it..out the window. I betcha if the others were here,Rosetta would probably say "for example,you" but they aren't here so alright. "Fear is stupid. So are regrets"

And if Molly were here,she'd probably say "Oh for goodness sake"

"Nice to know that,Dead"Puss said,jumping off my lap and about to disappear."My work is done"

Then he disappeared and smiled,that sort of creepy but friendly smile. Then Dead just..left me. So I just made myself some popcorn and watched a movie about two couples who broke up when they were 14 and then broke up but found each other after 7 years. It was good, glad it wasn't boring. And then I heard swords being slammed,gun shots and lots and lots of screaming people. I thought it was in the movie I paused it to make sure and it was coming from outside the glass window.

Suddenly the front door blew open,someone dressed in black came in and walked over to me.


"Well,well,well,look who we've got here"he said,sitting beside me as other demons came in and held their weapons.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"I asked,backing away from him. I got up but he stood up,grabbed my wrists and turned me around,facing the broken glass window that some of the others broke. He held me tightly,I tried to budge but it didn't work. I stood on his toe hard and he howled in pain. He let go,I brought my leg around to punch him in the face but he stopped it.

"Ah,ah,ah,I wouldn't do that if I were you"he teased,twisting it slightly. The pain came so I through a book at him then a couple of more. He finally let go and I ran down the hall to my bedroom. I locked myself in there and thought what should I do next.

"Dammit,I left my phone in my bag"I said to myself,looking for something. 3 hours later,the city was nearly devoured by a monster the size of Big Ben,the clock in wait,much bigger then that,actually it was as tall as Big Ben. I opened the door slightly,guards standing everywhere. I came into the kitchen and sitting on the couch was the demon leader of all demons,well,maybe not all but the one who is 'causing the damage to places.

I picked my phone and sent a text to Jason. I walked away but was stopped by Reese,who wouldn't let me through.

"Sit down beside him or I'll make you"he said,giving me a push. I sighed in anger and flopped myself onto the couch. I looked at him.

Arthur Matthews 

"Nice place you've got"I heard him say,moving closer and looking at me.

"What do you want Arthur?"I asked,completely ignoring what he just said.

"You dead and both world's destroyed"he answered,place his hand on my wrist.

"No!"I shouted,standing up,walked over to the window and turned my back on him,looking out,wondering where everyone else is. He came over,stood right behind me and me leaning into his chest. I grabbed my knife and stabbed it then jumping off the building,taking my knife with me. I landed in a fountain,swimming up to the surface and jumping off the ring,landing on both two feet and running. I was now being chased by darkness,who had Arthur standing on it,and then finally,I found everyone else,fighting smaller monsters. They destroyed them and I ran over to them.

Reese appeared and Arthur left.

Now it's my chance to take my revenge.

I took out my sword and started attacking Reese,with help with Dead,Rosetta and Jason and everyone else,including other immortals.

Rosetta POV 

Now it's revenge

Scott POV 


George POV 

My revenge

Matthew POV 

Revenge is the word

Jacob POV 

Revenge on Reece

Lyla POV 


Leanna POV 

Revenge on Reece forever 

Dead POV 

Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad.

Puss POV 

Meow,I'm just a helper,no killing until now

Jason POV 

Revenge is on Reece for betraying me,my lost best friend.

Serah POV 

We attacked him and other demons that arrived,lots and lots of them. I punched his jaw,stabbed a my sword into his bloody heart.He howled in pain but then he grabbed me and held onto me tightly so I won't exacpe his grasp. The other demons were destracting everyone from getting to us. We disappeared,then I got knocked out and everything went black. At least I've gotten my revenge on him.

Jason POV 


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