4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


5. Meeting the lord(Thursday)

Rosetta POV

"Scott!" I screamed,chasing him with a razor and a toothbrush(don't ask why!).He shrieked,dropped everything and climbed the window to the very top. I gave up and just flopped onto the couch.I was in the kitchen waiting to go.Jacob laughed at me and through a pillow at him. Scott came in and just sat beside me.I didn't say a word.Nor did I.I was about to say I'm sorry when he spoke first....

"I'm sorry"he said,looking at the carpet and holding on his hands.

"Huh?"I said,falling back words off the couch.He stood up and helped me to get up."Thanks,oh and I'm sorry too"

"I forgive you but do you forgive me?"he asked,holding on my hands and never let go.

"Always"I said,smiling.

"Ok now,enough with the kissing scene,we got to go now!"Lyla interrupted,standing between us and looking serious."Get going you two"

"Yes mam"we both said,running out the front door and waiting with everyone else until Lyla locks the door.Then we headed outside,towards the castle,where the Lord of the water paradise city lives and is waiting for us,especially someone.

Serah POV

"It feel's like it's summer everyday here,sweet,sweet paradise.Hey that's what this place should be called,sweet,sweet paradise.Anyone agree with me?"I asked,buzzing with excitement.

"Let's just stick with Water Paradise City"Lyla corrected,smiling and standing between Scott and Rosetta(thought they would stop playing) just in case they go hyper crazy.

"Fine"I muttered,running up the white steps that head up the entrance to the castle.It's not really a castle,just a tall building made out of water and magic,that's all really.If Molly joined our team,she'd never want to leave here,maybe just to visit her family but she would love it,it would be her dream to be magic...I better not say so much,it'll ruin it so don't go asking me about it,alright.

So ok,we were climbing the steps when I noticed that the doors opened and Rosetta and Scott ran in. Lyla and Jacob ran after them so they won't make a  huge mess. Leanna walked in too and waved to Matthew who was practically off in the clouds.

Jason POV

Matthew punched me in the shoulder and winked,smirking and ran inside.It was just myself and Serah..finally. 

"So..'em Serah"I said slowly.

"Yes Jason?"she said,sitting down on the step and tapping the step beside her,meaning to ask me sit here."Are you ok?"

"Yes,yes.I'm perfectly fine"

"You don't look it though"

"I don't..I mean,I'm fine"

"Oh really"


"Why you blushing then?"

"I'm not blushing"I shouted,standing up and then realising I've frightened her."I'm sorry"

She laughed then hugged me.

"Thanks for showing me this world"

I was surprised and hugged her back. We both ran inside and met everyone else.

Serah POV

"This place is too big,no offence"I whispered to Rosetta who was waiting for someone to come over to ask what's our business here. Finally someone spotted us.

"Who are you,what are you doing here?"they asked,weapons at us and other guards coming over and doing the same.

"Dude,you know who we are"Matthew said,pushing the weapons away from his face. The soldier glared at him then looked at me.

"You're right,I'll go tell The Lord you're here"he said,running up the stairs and turning right. Finally the lord came down to us.

"Ah,Jason,I thought you'd come.And everyone else came too"he said,shaking hands with nearly everyone. Then he finally noticed me."I don't believe it,Jason"

"Huh?"I said,looking at him and looked confused.

"Don't believe what my lord?"Jason asked,standing closer to me.

"You've found the first element"he said,shaking hands with me and glad that he finally met me.

"Eh,hi.Not to be rude you're highness but I'd rather be called my name and not what I am,'cause I'm not an it"I said,letting go of his hands and crossing my arms.

"What's you're name dear element?"he said,sitting on an invisible chair.

"Serah"I answered,tapping my foot. Rosetta told me to stop,it got annoying somehow. I sighed and we all went to watch a race.

Rosetta POV

Well she looks happy when The Lord speaks to her about royalty and the city.

"I'm not happy Rosetta,not one bit"Serah complained after Lyla ran in a race and won it with no cheating.

We walked into town.I looked at her and smiled...

"SERAH,SERAH,SERAH,SERAH!"I shouted,jumping all around her and getting excited.

"What?"she asked,when we were walking,trying to avoid flashing cameras everywhere.

"Shopping! You promised me"

"Ok Rosetta,lets go shopping"she said,smiling at me,trying to look in a good mood.

"First you need to go to the bank to get you're own card and money don't worry,I'll come with you"

"Yay"she said,smiling and all us girls said goodbye to the lads while they go to see a match.

Serah POV

The bank was huge,I mean tall as the theatre royal.Eian would of loved to see this,he's be so jealous right now,he wouldn't want to leave...unless there is something bigger then the bank,which is probally our building because that's where most of the training is held,just saying. I got my money and credit card and we went straight away to store like pennys then boots then were full of bags the time when we came to a restaurant like Super macs back at home.

Lyla POV

I don't want to tell her yet about or what happened to me,not yet,just not yet.I'm going to wait until I can trust her,since everyone knows my story,hope they haven't gave her clues or the whole story,strange though,I know she's an element and all but she's still an outsider,a person from the outside world,from the normal world next door.Sometimes at night you can hear the wars going on down there. We're the future,their the past,just can't find the middle,the present. I have a feeling that we have to just kick off our heals and take out our weapons to defeat the enemy,that's all I can think of. I once had a dream about all the elements and everyone raising up and going to war. Wasn't to sure was it real or dream,I can't recall on anything though. And I've no idea who won in the dream,so I searched for it,trying to find out who won,who took the good side and restored everything. But someone saved everyone and I've no idea who is is or what it was and how. No one can answer my questions so I just keep them to myself.

Leanna POV

Don't even want to start with my life,I kind of ran away because I didn't want to be taken by the adoption people.My parents told me to run,pack my suitcase and off I go,do the magic world,the future,freedom.

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