4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


10. Hello world(Sunday)

Rosetta POV 

"Everyone,Lyla got stabbed in the hip"I shouted,running into the living room where everyone was. We all rushed to her bedroom.

"I'm fine guys,I'm totally fine"she said,trying to stop Jacob and Matthew from helping her help.

"Lyla,quit moving around or you'll be made to go with us even though you are coming with us to the hospital"I shouted in her face,looking worried as shit.

"Ok,take me to the hospital" she suggested and we all agreed. We rushed to the hospital,showed our ids and went straight to the doctor. Then Dead arrived to see if Lyla was alright.

"Hey what's that smell?"he asked,being stupid as usual,no offence Dead. We all started sniffing the air."Never mind the smell,I can't smell but I can spell the smell"

"Oh my god"I muttered,face palming and shaking my head. No wonder he's crazy. 

"Now Lyla,don't go looking to vomit, we''ll bring you back safely and then we go swimming in the ponds and fountains,alright?"

She just nodded slowly and tried not to laugh. After the nurse sewed it back together(I left 'cause Rosetta and I were bored and didn't want to see it being sown up so we just stood outside by the vending machine,stealing stuff with our magic and blocking the cameras,Rosetta's idea,not mine.

We left the hospital and went straight back to our apartment and had a race in the pool,except for Lyla who just sun bathed. Dead didn't swim,he just...smoked,in the smoking area.

"Isn't having a skeleton smoking in a smoking section on a building like having a pee section in a swimming pool?"he asked,doing what men do best and just smoke and smoke. No one answered him so he said."Well only if the smoke is seeping into the rest of the building where everyone is relaxing"

I just shook my head again and continued swimming. The winner was Serah,even though Leanna is a mermaid,she still beat all of us. I dived off the high diving board and made a big splash

Serah POV

Sunday was our day off,so we could do what ever we want.

"Anybody up for travelling the world?"Jason suggested,taking a sip of coke and smiling at me.

"Yeah,I'll defiantly want to travel"I agreed,smiling at Rosetta and Leanna.

"I'll go"Scott said.

"Me too"Lyla and Matthew said at the same time.

"Me three"Rosetta,Jacob and George said at the same time as well.

"So when will we go?"I asked,getting onto the blow up donut then putting my sun glasses on too. Dead wanted to come to,he'd be bored on his own,that's what he said,not me. Dead even invited his dog...who hates him.

"What a dog I got,his favourite bone are mine but he can't have it 'cause I wouldn't be able to handle stuff"he said,scratching his head and thinking what he was going to say next."Nobody can get the truth out of me Serah,because even I don't know what it it is.I keep myself in a constant state of utter confusion"

"Eh Rosetta,is he actually talking to me?"I whispered to Rosetta so Dead wouldn't hear me.

"Don't ask me,he's just losing it"she whispered back.

"Eh Dead,you shouldn't really smoke to too much,you're spine will get blocked up,you should just give up"Jacob suggested,trying to be funny.

"You're not funny Jacob"Lyla said,high fiving Leanna.

"Giving up smoking is easy...I've done it hundreds of times"Dead said,jumping onto to the pool ladder. He's mad,so mad,you'd want to be away from him if he's get extremely mad. I sighed and it got hotter so we decided to go the amusements,wooo hooo!

Ok,the rides were super fantastic.

"I'm not going on something stupid,ok Rosetta?"I said,paying to go on a ride that went upside down.

"Oh my god,Serah,quick,hide me"she panicked,hiding behind Leanna and I.Three girls and three boys passed us,one boy winked at me."Promise me you won't go out with that bastard and promise you'll go out with Jason?"

"I promise,now can we go on the ride?"I asked,pointing at it.

"Oh yeah,sure" she said,handing the money to the person who is in charge of the ride. The girls and I went on loads of rides and the boys..they ended up at a counter,Dead ordered about god knows how many beers. We sat with them and had lunch.

"Everyone needs to believe in something.I believe I'll have another beer"Dead sang,handing thee money to the bartender,who just rolled his eyes.

"Are you mad?"the bartender asked.


"He's a nut brain,Mr.Brown"Jacob teased,high fiving Matthew,the two of them are best friends,hope their not soul mates....wouldn't really like that.I'mm not saying it's a problem

"Serah,I used to be a watchmaker.It was a great job,I can tell you that mucha and I even made my own hours"

"Yup,totally mental"I said,laughing.

"I'm afraid of three things Lyla: Women, snakes, and the police. They all have the ability to hurt me and make it look like it was my fault"

"Yes,he's totally mad"I said to myself.

The next day 

The next day we packed our belongings at set out of the city. Everyone said goodbye to us. Lyla got spirits to mind the place. We got to a forest,took 7 hours to find a good spot.

"Here!" Rosetta shouted,waving her hands at us then realised she was in quick sand. She used her magic and was out in no time. When we found the best camping area,we all set up one massive tent. When I looked inside,IT WAS HUGE! Bigger then the one in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire,when they found their tent,it was all magic inside. Harry loves magic,and so does Scott and Jacob.

We lay down by the fire and gased up at the stars. We could even see Lyla home planet,where her real parents are,except she never actually so them 'cause she's not sure if their dead or gone to the dark side,get it?

Rosetta POV 

I was walking to the others after I checked my phone,Scott tripped me over. He laughed and laughed,pointing at me and laughing so much. He turned his back to me,I got up,he started walking away and litually leaped onto him. I bit one of his fingers and he kicked me,less painful I guess. And for some reason everyone just watched,probally until it got more vilent..

"Hey,hey,stop it you too or you're going straight to bed"Jacob shouted,standing between us to stop us."Say you're sorry Rosetta"

"But he started-"

"I know he started it,just say sorry for attacking him"

"OK,I'm sorry Scott"

"That's better.Scott,have you something to say to Rosetta?"He asked,turning around to Scott.

"I'm sorry Rosetta"he said,hugging me tightly.

"That was a little unspected"George whispered to the others. Serah agreed. Jacob sat back down and enjoyed some marsh mellows.

"Can I just say one more thing to Scott?"I asked,looking at Jacob. He nodded and I turned to Scott."You're so a big idiot and I love you"

He blinked twice,weird but....oh maybe I'll stick with weird. Dead called me then.

"Rosetta,do not argue with an idiot.He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience"he said,smiling...I think.

"Oh for goodness sake,Dead do us all a favour and don't be really stupid"Matthew teased smiling. And then Dead went wondering to do crazy stuff,like get chased by a rhino for the craic. 

The next day 

"Dead,do you know any men emotions?"I asked,smiling.

"Well,me have two emotions:Hungry and Horny.If you see him without an erection,make him a sandwich"

"She ment how to empress a boy"Lyla said,walking passed us and going for a swim in the nearby waterfall.

"Oh,I don't know,sorry"he said,walking away and into his room in the tent. Ok,Matthew was right about not asking Dead for advice 'cause he'll come out with something stupid,but we still love his company..except when he's very very annoying,that can be tuff to egnore him.

So what do you think of Dead,is he funny enough,if you can think of anything stupid or funny or both he can say,please comment below or message me,'cause I'm kinda stuck :/

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