4 elements,1 heart..but who is the first element?
Meet Anna,a girl who is a normal mortal..until she meets a boy. Meet Jason Macro;Warrior,Magician,Sorcerer....oh yes and half dead. He changes her life forever,showing her the world above,a water city called Paradise..Two worlds,one magic..the other normal.

But the darkness spreads and the shadows have been released out of prison....including the shadow leader,Arthur Matthews. Jason needs teach Anna to train and kill the shadows and Arthur...before both worlds are gone forever.


13. Die another day(Wednesday)

Serah POV We decided to go back em,my water get more food and all healed up from the wounds.For some reason,when I fight,my broken wrist end up punching the demons and monsters .in the face. "What's the difference between monsters and demons,Jason?"I asked Jason after ten hours of cleaning the massive apartment,we had to do it and were forced,no fair. "Well demon's may look human,well some of them have a different skin tone and they have their true form inside them.If you want get it out is to really piss them off.And then there's monsters..which are monsters,big,massive monsters. Demon's appear immortal but monsters will always remain as themselves..unless of course they get taken over by demon dragon fly's"he explained,smiling and making me blush. And then Dead just came back with a demon',brain..I think,yuck. We got to a restaurant and sat down..inside,'cause it was pouring with rain. When we sat down,our food was already ordered. I had broccoli and mushroom soup....Dead had a walnut and a bananana? "Serah,I have a joke.The broccoli says 'I look like a small tree',the mushroom says 'I look like an umbrella',the walnut says 'I look like a brain',and the banana says 'Can we please change the subject?'" Dead said before even allowing me to answer. "Dead,please grow up"I thought to myself. "So who is the boss of the teams?"I asked,telling the waiter that I didn't order the food they gave me "When my boss asked me who is the stupid one,I presumed it was either him,the guy who is rich or me.I told him everyone knows he doesn't hire stupid people"Dead randomly said. "We all know who the stupid one is"Jacob teased,everyone laughing and Dead hasn't the slightest clue what we were laughing at. We had training all day and were now late because Dead was robbing stuff..again. Training had just begun the minute we got inside the gym.Fighting with magic was today,where you practise it,each day has it's own training timetable. Today was magic,tomorrow was racing,the next day was....wrestling "Rosetta,you didn't tell me that we were doing wrestling"I said,poking her. "That's not our team's time table you idiot,that's ours"she said,poking me back and pointing at the right time table. Dead was getting chased by an angry dog and fell splat onto the floor. The dog transformed into...Jason. "You're,a dog"I said slowly,beaming. "Not a dog,Serah,a wolf,just like in twilight but better and real"Rosetta corrected. "How did I get down here?"Dead suddenly randomly said,looking at Jason. "You tripped and fell over Dead,on you're own two feet"Lyla explained,helping him up. "Lyla,I did not trip and fall.I attacked the floor and I believe I am winning" he corrected,stomping the floor,thinking it's evil....or maybe it is *winks* Later we went home and I asked the girl's would they like to go to a disco named the crystal night club,back in the normal world. They each thought about it and said they would go. And then the boys ended up coming too. Before we go,we answered some questions for the craic from the people in my city,remember I'm princess. "These question's are so stupid"Leanna complained,kicking me by accident. "Tell me about"I said,standing up and streching like a cat. "Guy's,there are no stupid questions,just stupid people" Dead said,opening the window. "Dead no ofence but I swear to god,if you don't shut the fuck up,I'm getting you're father's chainsaw"I shouted,fist's held tight. He yelped and ran away,we know we'll see him again,he's always around. We were all ready,no make-up,hair done up and the boys just wore there normal old clothes from when they first came from the normal world. We went throught the portal. In the normal world We were standing on a roof,where no one could see where were. We got down and arrived at the crystal nightclub. It was 5 euro to get in and when we handed in the money to the two people at the main entrance,they kind of stared at us. It wasn't what we were wearing,it was our faces. Before we went in,Lyla needed to tell everyone something. "Ok,guys,if anyone recognises any of you,ends up calling the guards and the government,we throw one of these potions right at our feet and it'll take us to our swimming pool,at 12:00"Lyla whispered,handing a potion each and putting it into our pockets. We went inside,ordered some drinks from the bar and sitting down together. Rosetta and Leanna told me that they have never been here. Molly and Eva have been here,but not together. Molly has only been her once and want's to come again. By the way,she told me on facebook that she's moving to another school called the ursuline(it's in ireland)and skipping ty(transition year.It's is an optional one-year school programme that can be taken in the year after the Junior Cert and is intended to make the senior cycle a three year programme encompassing both Transition Year and Leaving Cert) Rosetta POV We walked into the upstairs room, a dusky, dingy, dank little nightclub off the beaten path. From around the corner, Serah could hear the somnolent buzz of the eponymous neon marlin fish out front, providing a backdrop for the clinking of glasses and drone-like chatter of hundred best friends and ex lovers. As she entered the place, the intermingled smells of smoke and sweat and too many people instantly assaulted her nostrils as she inhaled deeply. Serah POV "Ahhh, it's good to be home" I thought and pushed my body through the pulsating throng. Finally finding my way to an empty barstoll in the corner, I caught eye a boy around my age, shook my head and smiled downward. Laughing to herself at the nonsurprise of running into him here, I motioned to the bartender..."Coke and a Kit Kat" I mouthed, and he nodded and melted away into the cries of a hundred other thirtsy patrons. Rosetta POV By now, my eyes were adjusting to the imminenet darkness, tomblike and womblike at the same time. Bright spots of water element signs on the wall stood out, illuminating the faces and cleavage and mohawks of the crowd, while others disappeared into the contrasting blackness. "How many of these people had she met before? How many would make love tonight? How many would die tonight?" I wondered,holding onto my hands and smirking at scott. The rest of us found each other and sat down. Lyla POV A good few people stared at our faces,making eye contact with others,even the DJ noticed us. Then the DJ carryied on playing mixed music and everyone started dancing....and meeting,jesus,havn't been to one in this world ever since I left. I smiled at Rosetta and Leanna and we stood up and went to dance. Serah POV I noticed a group wandered through the crowd all head's drooped down and straight black hair draped over the leaders head,the look of someone trying to blend in but actually it just made him look...well the only word I can think of is mysterious. I saw his eyes shift slightly.For a split second her blue eyes pierced me with a agonized glare. you could see fear in those cruel eyes you could see many things; things I don't want to describe. things words cant describe. Then I saw a bit of his face. The girls came over to us. "They aren't human"I whispered,pointing at them as they started to mingle with girls,weird. "You possitive,Serah?"Jason whispered,putting a hand on my shoulder.I nodded. "She's right guys,they aren't human"Lyla whispered,squeezing onto Rosetta,who was shaking from fear. "What seames to be the problem Immortals?"a sly voice spoke behind us and turned around to see the face of a....demon!!!!He was smiling and looking at Jacob.AND the people who were here before the freaks arrived were also staring at us,ready to eat us,including the DJ. I took my sword and summening a water ball in my hand.The leader stopped smiling at turned sharply to me."You,you're an Element!" "Yup and I'm going to kick you're ass"I answered,getting ready for his attack.He ran into me,threw a punch and I dodged and retaliated with a kick.He tried again and this time got me in the head.Pain exploded against the side of my head and I staggered, seeing Jacob face; blinking blood out of my eyes. I sat up and clenched my wrists."What the fuck was that for" Then I realised everyone was fighting,except him. I swung my sword and didn't realise that the police were after arriving and were all taping the fight all the time,including the magic and were now posting in onto facebook,youtube,tv,everything. The demons disappeared and looked at the police. I ran into them and broke the camera with my power. "Leave!"I shouted,shoving one of them."Now!!" They both ran for it then loads of people with cameras and the people that ask famous people questions but we had all disappeared,using the magic potions Lyla gave us. ************ Oh no!!!!Now the magic world know that the missing people have returned and with a new person,Serah. Can Serah save the future from the past from casting a spell or something,she doesn't don't forget to vote,comment,share,read bla bla bla,I gotta go,sleepover and party but I will write next chapter,don't worry ;).
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