Never Gonna Let You Go

Jesy Nicole a good girl with all the good grades, life suddenly changes around once she meets Harry the bad boy who hates everything she does, constantly making her get in trouble for something his friends did. Once Jesy Nicole finds out what Harry is behind she confronts him, but what she didn't know was that that confession was gonna change her life forever


1. The Party

 Do I have to go?" I asked joylessly

"Yes you have to go Emma" my friend Emely said while hitting my on the arm. "All you do all day is stay at home, studying!" 

"Well we are here for a project' I remarked, Isabel rolled her eyes at me and said " stop being such a buzz kill come on maybe youll met someone cute"

I looked in the mirror one last time, a pair of jeans and a blue shirt, not that fancy but i just knew i still didnt want to go, my hair in loose curls with a thick coat of mascara which I was forced to put on by my other friend Isabel and my black high heels which hurt my feet really bad.

We got in the car as I offered to drive cause I knew that Emely and Isabel were obviously going to get wasted but they didn’t let me Isabel was driving.

We pulled up at the party which was weird because it was on a boat, but I knew I had a bad feeling about this.



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