Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


5. Holiday and beach house

Lily's pov:

As the plane started, I grabbed Niall's hand, I've never been on a plane and I'm scared of heights. This isn't going to end well.

"what's wrong baby?" Niall asked me with worry in his eyes

"N-nothing, I just don't like planes very much" I confessed to Niall as he intwined our differs together, I looked at him and meet his gaze and smiled.

"Fans are going to find mad about the cute Irish one having a girl friend" He said rubbing my hand with his thumb.

"Whoa who's your girlfriend" I said looking in his amazayn blue eyes.

"You..?" He said looking at me confused.

"Since when was I your girlfriend?!" I asked laughing. "Since when we made out on your floor and I told you I loved you..?" He said looking abut sad. "Gosh Ni I'm joking, but you never asked me officially" I asked meeting his gaze. "We'll would you. Lily Marie Styles like to me be Niall James Horna's girlfriend?" He asked. "You didn't have to ask Niall! Yes!" He sighed "Gr I hate you" he said laughing. "Oi keep it down love birds" we heard Louis shout across the plane. "People are trying to sleep!" He said. "Love birds?!" Harry shouted. "Calm it hazza you got me!" Louis said, we all laughed. "Good night Niall" I said making myself comfy in my set as it was going to be a long ride. "Good night baby" he said leaning over and kissing my for head. "Night boys" I shouted to the boys. "Night lil" they all shouted back, I shut my eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

Niall's pov:

I watched lily sleep, I could sleep but she looked so peaceful. How could anyone hurt her?! But I found the great idea to take a photo and post it on twitter. MWAHAHA. I got out my black iPhone 5 and opened the camera app and toke a photos of my sleeping girlfriend and poster it on twitter: @NiallOffical: someone's sleepy. Love you! @LilyStyles_wbu xox:*"

She's going to kill me. I started thinking. I've only known her for less then a week and I love her. I started thinking. I barely know anything about her...once we get to the beach house. I'm going to find out everything and bring us closer.

Lily's pov:

"Lily...Lily..lils..wake up baby...LILLLYYY!!" I heard and amazayn accent say into my ear. I slowly opened my eyes to see all re boys around me. I let out a groan. "We're here!" Liam said. After 5 mins we all got off the plane, got in the car for a 1 hour drive to the beach house.

After a hour we ended up on a lonely beach with no one to be seen for miles, there were a beautiful beach house witch we would be staying in and also a bright blue ocean. This is going tone amazayn. We walked in the sand tithe beach house and Harry opened up the French doors into a beautiful living room an kitchen joined, I could see a large Wooden staircase Witch I would guess leads up to the bed rooms. Niall took both our bags and went up stairs to our room. I had to share a room with one of them because there not use to a nother person with them, and if they were it was one of the bod girlfriends witch would stay in the same room. Harry wanted me to go with him but It would be awkward in the same room as my brother so I decided to go with Niall. We finished unpacking and we decided to chill out and chat about things

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