Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


3. Harry.

Lily' pov:

"Niall you dont understand!" One of the boys said. I was awake but still had my eyes closed so t seemed that i was asleep because it would be awkward if i woke up in there conversation.

"Dont shout harry you'll wake her up!" Niall the Irish one said, beause i remember form yesterday that name.

"But Niall i know here! It Lily I swear, she's my sister i mean look!" Harry said, i also know he's my brother but how did he know me.

I slowly opened my eyes to see 2 Green eye, and 2 Blue eyes staring at me.

" Good morning, um I'm Niall and he's um Harry. The doctors come to see you but you were out cold so he put a cast on your left arm and right leg, they were broken" He said, i looked down and saw a bright pink cast, my fav colour!

"Um..Thank you" I said I smiled and tried to get up, i stood up and got my bag and went to the door.

"Where are you going?" Harry asks

" Um thanks for helping but I better go, you dont need me here"

"No wait!" Niall rushed up and tock my hand, I flinched and moved it away.

"I'm sorry.." he said looking down.

"Don't go, your not well, sit down Lily Please" He said guiding me to the sofa.

"what. How do you know my name?" I asked sitting down.

"Um..Harry said-" Niall said but stopped as Harry cut it.

" Lily come on, drop it, i know its you. I'm sorry I left you" he said looking down at his legs.

"I Missed you Harry" I looked up we were both crying as he sat up and walked to me and wrapped his large arms around me, i dug my head into his neck.

" I love you so much Lilly-Bear, I'll never let you go" He said kissing my forehead.

" Aw Love you to guys!" Niall said running and jumping on us. I flinched and they got of me and said sorry because they knew I was still shaken up.

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