Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


2. Finding you.

Harry's pov:

"Harrrryyyyy" Niall said asking a little Irish puppy dog face to me. what did he want?

"what Niall?" I asked him back bout sitting on the sofa watching toy story with liam.

" Can you get me some food?" He said jumping up and sitting on my lap making a puppy dog face.

"What about the fridge?" I asked him pointing at the kitchen that's joined with the large living room.

"I ate all of it..." He said while the others laughing at us.

"Fine" i said pushing Niall of my lap, grabbing me cote,keys and wallet and heading out the door. The walk to the she is only 15 mins away and seems fast when your listening to music as well. I got to the shop, grabbed some food for Niall and the boys and went to get a drink for me and saw a girl with long brown curly hair, wearing a pink ripped up hoodie and black skinny jeans near the beer bottles and sliding one up her sleeve. She turned and around and he saw me looking, we didn't say anything...we just stared?. Then suddenly she ran past me, i didn't think twice but my feet rushed after her without even thinking about it.

"WAIT" I shouted after her but he didn't seem to here me until he ran into a car and glass shattered everywhere, she looked behind her and saw me running after her, i shouted again but he got up and ran away. i lost her. after i went back to the shop and buyed the food and walked back, I couldn't get her out my mind. I felt like i needed her...but not in a love way.

Lilly's pov:

I woke up to a knock on my door. "Hello?" I asked, my dad walked in with a box.

"This" He said through a white box on my bed, i sat up and opened it. it was a white iPhone 5c.

"Happy Birthday Slut" He said going to walk out my room again.

"Thanks" i said getting it out the box.

"Yeah whatever" He said walking out my room and slamming the door behind him. He might hate me, abuse me, rape me, hurt me, but he's still my dad and he loves me.

After 1 hour i sorted all my contacts, apps, photos and everything. I was downloading twitter and made the silly mistake for following my brother @Harry_Styles. I was looking though hi photos, tweets..until i stumbled across a tweet saying; @Harry_styles: We looked. We touched. You Stole. I watched. You run. I chased. You Feel. I Watched. You Ran. I lost. Who are you?'

I read it 1000 times over and over. It was me. I decide to tweet back.

@ItsLilyStyles_wbu (made up): .It was found me. Pfft you dont even no who i am anymore. I miss you

i knew he wouldn't reply.But i knew it was time. I had to go. I put my hand under my bed feeling for my bag witch I hide from my dad. I opening my window, placed one leg on the window and jumped. I landed on my feet but the impacted hurt but that didn't stop me, I keeped running, I ran faster then I ever have, I ran past the shop and park for 15 mins until I decide to stop on a bench facing a beautiful large house. Pfft they must be rich. i sat down and the cold bench went though my small body. I placed my bag next to me and tock my phone out. I had a mention and opened my phone up onto twitter, and looked at my tweet; @Harry_Styles: @ItsLilyStyles_wbu What? Who are you' See I knew he wouldn't no me. I was looking at my phone until I heard screaming and i got scared and looked up at the large beautiful house in front of me and saw 4 loud boys chasing each other round a car screaming. I smiled because they were cute haha. 2 Of the boys went into the car when the other 2 stayed out seeming like they were waiting for someone, until a tall curly haired boy walked out the door and shut it and jumped on the blond hair boys back, I laughed so loud the blond one looked at me form the other side of the road, i went so red and pretended to look at me phone. But i looked up when i heard shouting again, this time it not the boys across the my dad walking toward me. I gabbed my bag and ran across the road to the side the boys were on, dad ran behind me, grabbed my whist and pushed me on the road and started kicking and punching me in front of the boys, i was so embarrassed and in pain. i was screaming in pain while he was kicking me everywhere repeatedly.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE SLUT FAT CUNT FACE GO DIE IN A HOLE, HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY FROM ME" He shouted still kicking me, blood was on the road and dripping for my mouth.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" I herd a Irish accent say, i looked up and he pushed him away, all 5 boys ran towards us, 3 were shouting at my dad and pushing him( i didn't care what they did to him) and 2 ran to me and keeled down on ether side of me.

"darling what's your name?" A Irish accent aid, i couldn't move my head much i was so dizzy and in pain.

"L...Li" I said trying but to dizzy to speak.

" Its ok baby dont talk" The Irish one said, i felt someone lift me up and walking somewhere.

"" I said slowly falling alseep.

"Harry, get her bags" heard a Irish one say still moving.

I felt some one put me down on what seemed like a soft sofa.

"Have some rest darlin, dont worry" a Irish one said to me, i felt some worm soft lips on my forehead witch made my tummy had butterfly. soon it went all dark and i was asleep.

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