Isnt it fun living in the real world

I'm Lily Styles...Yes as in Harry styles sister -.- Our mum died, Harry was taken away but I was forced to stay with my dad. He abuses me. What happened when I leave, find Harry. Fall in love? What happens when everything goes wrong? Read isn't it fun living in the real world to find out.


10. 5 Years later

Lily's pov:

"Come one Darcy, we're leaving now" I signed to Darcy. "Ok Mummy"She signed back. It's been 5 years. Since I left Niall. I haven't been in contact with any of them. Not even Harry. There 2 reasons for that. 1. 5 years ago today I left, 2 moths after I left I fell pregnant with my daughter Darcy. Yes. She's Niall's. But he doesn't no that. 2. While I was pregnant with Darcy, I had a car accident. Darcy was fine but I found out half my brain shut down, so I became def and couldn't hear. So I have to talk sigh language to Darcy but she doesn't mind. Darcy is 5 years old, she has Niall's blue eyes, blond hair. She looked like Niall. Everything about her. When I look at her all I see is him. His eyes. His face. His everything. Don't get me wrong I miss them more then you would ever think of. But I have a new life now. We live in Ireland. Darcy would have the cutest little Irish accent but I can't hear it. Yay more of Niall haha. I was shacked out of my thoughts by a little poke by Darcy. "Can we go now?" She signed to me. I nodded. I grabbed my cote and walked out. Don't get me wrong. It's hard being def. I would never hear my daughters voice. Music. Everything. I feel so lonely. We soon arrived to the park after about 10 mins. We walked in and I sat down on the bench while Darcy ran of playing. The village here is beautiful. Everyone's so nice. I don't have to worry about Darcy because everyone knows everyone an there so nice. I grabbed my phone and started playing with it. I looked up and saw Darcy playing with a little boy. She was laughing. I imagine it would be the cutest little Irish laugh. It makes me sad sometimes. I look again and saw Darcy fall over. I instantly get up and run over. What can I say. Motherly instincts. I grabbed her and picked her up. "Are you okay?" I signed I her. She nodded. I put her down and se goes and plays again. "Mummy. A mans trying to talk to you" she signed pointing behind me. I turned around and saw him. Liam Payne. I watched his lips move and handed me my keys witch I think I dropped. I couldn't understand what he's saying. I put my hand up yelling him to wait. I turned around to Darcy. "Darcy, tell him to talk really slow so I can understand". I signed. I saw her lips move to him so I'm guessing she's talking to him. I look back at Liam. "Lily. Is. That. You?" He asked slowly. I nodded and he Hugs me. " I. Missed. You. Why. Aren't. You. Speeding." He asked slowly. Tears steaming down my face." Tell him. I can't hear" I signed to Darcy. Her lips moved, I looked back and Liam and he had tears down his face too. "What. Happens" he asked. "Car accident " I signed to Darcy and she talked. He hugged me again. "I. Love. You. I. Missed. You" he talked slowly. I nodded to agree. Then saw Harry Zayn Louis. Run towards up. "Don't. Tell then" I spoke. I didn't no how I sounded so I might be shouting. Oh we'll he nodded and I picked up Darcy in my arms. I saw Harry say something and hugged me. I hugged back. His lips were moving expecting me to speak back but I didn't no what he was saying. I saw Liam whisper something I. His ear. "I'm. Sorry" he mouthed. Harry had tears down his face and so did I and Zayn and Lou. Harry hugged me. "I. Loved. You" he said. I nodded. "Who's this?" Harry asked looking at Darcy. "Say hello uncle. Harry. Zayn. Liam. Louis" I signed to Darcy, I watched her little lips move. I looked up at the boys. They were in shock. "Really?" Liam asked. I nodded. "Dad?" Harry asked. I looked down. I looked up at them. "Niall isn't it?" Louis asked. I nodded. I looked at there moths move but I couldn't work out what they were saying. They stained behind me I looked to see a blond haired boy walking towards us. I shacked my head "no". I felt Darcy hold my leg, she was scared. I picked her up and as I did my gaze meet Niall's. He said something but it was to fast. I looked at Harry. His eyes filled with sorrow. He knew I couldn't hear what he was saying. He keeled speeking. I saw Harry's lips move. "Stop Niall she can't hear you!!!" He shouted. Niall looked at me. "What?" He asked slow enough for me to hear. "I can't hear you" I signed to Darcy. Her lips moved: "mummy can't hear. She's def" she said to him. Instantly his face dropped. "I'm sorry" he said slowly. "Waite..mummy?" He said slowly. I nodded. "She's mine isn't she?" He asked studding her face. I nodded. Tears running down my face. "Tell them to follow me and I'll explain" I signed to Darcy. Niall looked stunned. Her lips moved and I started walking. I looked back, the boys were following. Harry held Darcy in his arms. I started walking back to my house. One we got there I opened the door and graters the boys to go in. They walked in and sat down. Darcy went up stairs. I sat down next to them and they all looked at me waiting for me to explain. "Dose she have a accent?" I signed. They looked confused. But not Liam and looke at me and nodded. "You no sign?" I signed to him. He nodded. "What is shesaying" Harry asked. Liam's lips move and they all looked at me again. "When I left, 2 moths after I found out I was pregnant with Darcy. It was Niall's. While I was pregnant with her. I was in a car accident. Half my brain shut down and I lost my hearing. Darcy was fine but I wasn't." I signed to Liam. He nodded and his lips started moving. Explain to them what I just said. They all looked at me. "I'm so sorry. I should never of let you go" Niall said. I just satires at him. "Can I talk to you. Alone?" Niall said. I nodded and we walked up stairs. "Look I no u can't talk back but I want to explain" I nodded. "That day, I got a call saying if I didn't kiss her. She would-kill you..." He said. Tears forming in my eyes. "I meet with the person. And she jumped on me! She said if I didn't kiss her she would kill you. That's when you came in!" He explained. I'm beloved him because of that phone ca I has that day to. "I'm sorry" I spoke. He seemed surprised that I spoke. " I. Love. You" he said slowly. He leaned in and kissed me. After he backed away I was shocked. "You do?" I asked. He nodded. "And that beautiful girl is a nother resin I'm not letting you go." He said. "I can't do this again" I spoke quietly. "look you can't run away again. I love you. We have a daughter. I lost 5 years of her life. I'm not losing more" he said slowly. I didn't say anything. I just kissed him. "What does she sound like?" I asked him. "Beautiful. Like you" he said kissing me again. I smiles. We walked back down stairs hand in hand to see all the boys playing with Darcy making her laugh they stopped and looked at our hands together. "Awe the groups back together! Plus and nother member!" Louis said. I think. I smiled. "Darcy" I signed walking to her. "Yes?" She signed back. "You no your dad?"I signed. "Yes, the one that died?" She asked. "No. He's alive" I signed. She looked shocked. "Who?" She signed. I looked at Niall. She shouted something and ran over. He picked her up in his eyes and kissed her cheek. "That's amazing" Liam signed. "What is?" I signed back. "Your bond with her. Teaching her to sign just to underhand" he signed. "Yeah I guess. Can u teach the boys?" I asked. He nodded. "Go pack!" Harry said slowly. I looked at him confused. "Your coming back home" he said. I smiled.

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