Lost In Confusion

Justin is now 19, he's been thinking lately of how lonely he is, he's broken from his break up with Selena. He thinks about flashbacks with her when they were dating. He started getting thoughts about another relationship that nobody knew about, him and Miley. He's on the believe tour and Scooter notices how he hasn't been acting himself lately, what happens when Scooter and the crew try to fix Justin's broken heart?


4. She needs me.

 *Justin's POV*

When Ryan, Chaz, and I walked through the door after our short silent walk back to the bus after that hell of a scene that just went on, we all collapsed on the cough sighing. I was still thinking what I should do to be completely honest. My heart by now was divided by more than a million pieces by now, it was by a trillion. It sounds stupid but it’s how I feel... I mean, how am I supposed to feel? It's basically battle of the ex's back there! Selena just makes me so happy and to see her cry, was just painful to me and it broke my heart over again. And seeing Miley hurt her hurt me. But then again, everything that Miley said to her was true...except for the part of me moving on; never in a million years would I be able to move on. I found my one true love, Selena, and I just let her slip through my finger tips, like sand at the beach. Maybe I once did have feelings for Miley, but it’s nothing compared to the aching love I feel for Selena.

I stood up knowing what to do. "Hey guys I'll be back in a bit. She needs me...” is all I mumbled out as I walked out the door without looking back. I walked across the parking lot to the girl's bus only to be stopped outside of the door by the one and only, Mom. 

Pattie: "Justin. Drew. Bieber." she whispered harshly glaring at me

Justin: "Y-yes m-mom..?" I managed to escape my lips, honestly scared... she never uses my full name unless she is completely pissed off passed her breaking point.

Pattie: "What did you do to Selena?! She's in there CRYING HER EYES OUT, AND NONE OF THE GIRLS WILL SAY WHY.!" she whisper yelled.

Justin: "Mom, listen that's because Miley went off on Selena after Selena accused Miley of liking me, as more than just a friend. Miley said some hurtful things to her and I realized how much I love Selena, and how I miss her. So I need to go talk to her and tell her how much I mean to her because I don't want to let her slip through my fingers when I still have a chance to get her back to me, in my arms.. Where she belongs. So please Mom, will you excuse me?" 

My mom just stood there speechless and taken back by what I had just said, she stepped aside and let me walked in and I swear I heard her say "He's a keeper."

I walked inside the bus and to my surprise I walked in on Demi and Taylor giving Miley a rather harsh lecture about earlier's incident. They all turned their heads and looked at me. Miley shot her head back down to her lap after a quick eye contact moment between her and me... Taylor and Demi gave me rather harsh glares. I put my hands up in mocking surrender and said "I need to talk to Selena...” then all 3 of them looked up, Miley looking hurt, Demi & Taylor raising their eyebrows at me. Then Demi said "Down that hallway second door on your left." and I felt all eyes on me as I walked down the hallway carefully.

I had heard sobbing and I knew who it was. I reached the door and it was cracked so I peered in t check before walking in. I saw Selena with a box of tissues next to her as she lay on her belly with her face in her pillow, almost looking like she was trying to suffocate herself, to take away the pain. I heard her stop sobbing and her breathing got slower and longer, I was kind of worried not knowing whether she was sleeping or slowly dying from lack of air. I quietly walked over to her and sat beside her, she didn't notice. I walked to the other side of her and her face was slightly out of the pillow. Her face was red, puffy, and swollen. Her eyes were red and so was her nose. She looked like she was broken beyond repair, but I was going to fix her, even if it was the last thing I did.

Studying her face just broke my heart, I felt bad. I blamed myself for her feelings. I knew I should have been here to comfort her when she needed comforting. I just wanted to lie beside her and have her in my arms. I kicked off my shoes and I laid next to her wrapping my arms around her, she put her head into my chest and I put my face into the crook of her neck and I felt like I had no worries. I didn't want to leave this spot, ever. 


*Selena's POV*

I opened my eyes after what seemed like the best sleep I've had in a month...I had to blink 10 times to make sure that I was seeing right. Is this Justin I'm laying on? Are we cuddling? Wait when did this happen? I didn't care, it felt great and my massive headache went away...The things this boy could do to me. I knew it was wrong and I knew we had to talk things out before we jumped into this again. I didn't want to be the one to purposely end this comfort so I moved a little and let out a slight groan and I saw Justin open his eyes and look at me. I was pretending to be asleep again. Justin sighed and moved hair behind my ear. I missed that so much... I miss him more than anything. Nobody understands how much I regret doing what I did, honestly. There was a reason why I did it though. I could never love Harry as much as I love Justin, I'd take a bullet for Justin. I looked like the bad person to everyone who found out when Justin walked in. Little does everyone know Harry's deep dark secret, he used it against me. I was forced I swear... I could never tell Justin because Harry had my m-.

Justin: "Sel... wake up...” 

I heard him but I pretended to be unconscious because I wasn't ready to face him yet. Justin then shook me a little. "Sel wake up!"

I still sat there unresponsive.

Justin: "Selena please wake up..." He sounded like he was on the verge of tears

I fluttered my eyes open and then it happened. I was face to face with those beautiful caramel brown eyes that were so easy to get lost in, they made me melt like butter...

Justin: "Thank god you woke up, I was starting to get scared that you wouldn't wake up..." he had glossy eyes when he said that

Selena: "Sorry Justin, I would never leave you like that...” I looked down and a tear left my eye.

Justin put his hand under my chin and lifted my face, he looked me in the eyes and said "It’s okay Princess. No matter how much we fight I will never stop loving you. I heard you say some harsh things about me that day on our anniversary and I'm not going to lie, it hurt. I even debated suicide because I couldn't have you in my arms. My love for you never died and I don't think it ever will...I love you Selena." 

I felt tears streaming down my cheeks because he was just so perfect and I knew for a fact that he deserved better than me... 

Selena: "I love you too Justin." I said sobbing

Justin:"Hey Sel, its okay I'm here... I'm here." as he let me cry into his chest not caring about his tear soaked shirt.

I felt Justin sniffle and I looked up to see him shedding a few tears as well. 

Selena: "Justin, you came back to me, now I know that you love me... and care for me. Thank you." 

Justin: "I do love you. More than you'll ever know. I loved you from the first day I saw you. I love you from here." he looked at me and chuckled a bit, but then kissed my forehead.

I was kind of confused... I love you from here? What's that supposed to mean? He didn't even finish the sentence...

Justin: "Look I don't want to bring up what happened a month ago... please. I forgive you and that's the end of this. Because I die of the thought of you being in another man's arms, you were made for my arms only. I love you more than anyone else will ever love you. I never stopped loving you and I never will." He said kissing my forehead once again.

I started crying even more, taken back by his words.

Justin: “Sel, are you wearing that locket I got you last month?” he looked astonished

Selena: “Yeah…It’s all I had to remember you by when I was feeling lonely. I had a feeling deep down that I would never get to be in your arms again and it crushed me. I knew I messed up and I didn’t know if you’d ever forgive me. I felt like I was with you when I had this on, like we were together again…” she said with tears streaming down her cheek.

Justin: “Wow. I didn’t think you’d want it after what happened… I-I just love you so much… you mean the world to me. I love you Selena.”

Selena: "Justin I-I can't thank you enough, I don't deserve you. You deserve better than me...I-"

Justin cut me off. "No I'm thankful I found you. Never would I have thought love to be so painful for me, but never have I been so happy either. Don't ever say that. You deserve anything that makes you happy." 

Selena: "I love you Justin."

Justin: "I love you more Selena." we then touched our foreheads to each other and had a comfortable silence.

I checked my phone to see that it was 9:56 pm. 

Justin: "I'm still kind of tired... are you?"

Selena: "Justin you read my mind... Haha lets go to bed...”

Justin then cupped my face and kissed my lips then we cuddled and fell asleep. The happiest we've been in a while.


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