Lost In Confusion

Justin is now 19, he's been thinking lately of how lonely he is, he's broken from his break up with Selena. He thinks about flashbacks with her when they were dating. He started getting thoughts about another relationship that nobody knew about, him and Miley. He's on the believe tour and Scooter notices how he hasn't been acting himself lately, what happens when Scooter and the crew try to fix Justin's broken heart?


2. British Voice...?

*Justin's POV*

  I couldn't think of a reason of why I wasn't supposed to know what the meeting was about, but at least now I know that its something serious... Whatever I'll think about it over a nice hot shower.


When I got in the shower I was over thinking everything... I turned the water really hot and just stood there and let it hit me...I was too deep in my thoughts to even feel the pain.. a memory came back to me.


*Justin's POV*

I stood there, a wave of different emotions washed over me. Right in front of my eyes I sit here watching Selena kiss him. It's not just a kiss. Its a rough passionate one. I was supposed to surprise her with gifts, today being our 1 year anniversary. That would explain why I have a box of her favorite chocolates, a bouquet of fresh roses that were seemingly flawless, and a really expensive Tiffany and CO. necklace with a locket, the locket had a photo of me and her kissing with at the beach, with the sun setting. Remember that perfect scene? Turns our paparazzi got a picture of it. On the back of the locket the words "JG, I love you Forever and Always baby. -Justin"  (JG= Justin's girl)

But still, I sit here like an idiot with these gifts sitting in my hands. Can I just go back to 5 minutes ago and not have come visit her after her rehearsal? I had watched her walk off stage and I followed, trying to be cute and surprise her. I waited til she got into her room and I prepared myself before going in, fixing my hair and my shirt. I went to go knock but the door was cracked.. I wanted to open the door but I hear something, before I opened the door I listened closely to emphasize the sound. Selena was talking to someone.. with a British accent? 

I listened to the sound of her giggle.

Selena: "Aww what are you doing here? I told you not to come around me today, its Justin and I's 1 year anniversary or something like that.." she giggled

British boy: "How sad that you're not even sure if its your 1 year anniversary!" he chuckled mockingly 

Selena: "Oh stop! It doesn't matter anyways, I have you." she laughed

British Boy: "One last kiss before I have to leave? I don't want Justin to catch you and take you off tour..." he mumbled as if thinking about it made him feel bad

I heard lips smacking together as I pushed the door open with a face of no emotion on. Even though behind it I was far beyond ready to break down. They were hard core making out and once they finally pulled apart she said "I love you, do you know that?
" and he said "I love you too, my beautiful princess." I still stood there, frozen, memorized at what I just saw and what was still happening! He turned around and I saw who it was, of coarse it was him. It had to be. Harry FUCKING Styles. Harry said "Uh... hey mate...It's not what it looks like." Selena then turned around with a shocked, hurt, and scared expression. I dropped the roses and the chocolates, but I couldn't make myself drop the jewelry. I ran out to my bus and she followed me the whole way not far behind. "JUSTIN STOP! I'M SORRY! IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" I reached my bus but stopped before opening the door. I turned around and looked her in the eyes with the most hurt expression I've ever had. "Selena, just don't. Don't you ever talk to me again. Don't even fucking come near me. I saw everything. Do you feel the slightest bit bad? I had gifts and I followed you to surprise you with them after I watched your rehearsal.  It turns out you're into Harry Styles... HARRY FUCKING STYLES, SELENA. You disgust me, you hurt me, you used me. I don't know if any of your feelings were real but mine were. You just broke my heart into a million pieces and I don't know if you care. Whatever, don't contact me. Oh and here," I pulled the Tiffany and Co box out of my pocket. "Take this." I tossed the box carelessly at her and she caught it. "Goodbye Selena." I said after I walked onto the bus and closed the door behind me. 

                                           ******END OF FLASHBACK******

My eyes are blurry now, I guess I've been crying. I finished up scrubbing and scrubbing my hair with this shampoo, it was selena's favorite she loved the way it- justin NO, she hurt you. you don't miss her. I rinsed out my hair, grabbed a towel and headed back to my room, I checked my phone at it was 1:45 pm. "Shit" I murmured as I put the towel on my hair and dryed it. Then I threw on some grey chachi momma sweat pants, black supras, and a black V neck. I brushed my teeth, blew dried my hair and wore a Brooklyn Nets black snapback. One of my signature looks. I looked pretty good. I checked my phone and I checked where the meeting would be and its at the Starbucks across the street. I got on my Segway and rode there, by the time I got there it was 2:01 pm. haha just about on time and still lookin' flyy. I walked in and I wasn't surprised. At the table there was my whole crew from earlier today. I walked over and Scooter and my mom greeted me warmly with hugs. I just kind of fiddled with my thumbs because we weren't doing anything. "Scooter what did you guys want to talk about?" I asked impatiently. Scooter looked up from his phone and said "We still have some more people coming." I wondered who it was when I see people coming through the door. I spotted,, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lavato, Taylor Swift, and... oh no. There is a feeling in my throat. I feel like my throats closing up. Its Selena. I quickly got up to walk out as they all took their seats. As I walked out the door Kenny picked me up and sat my back down, damn you Kenny... I gave Scooter the death stare because he knew exactly what he was doing. Why were they all here though?

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