Lost In Confusion

Justin is now 19, he's been thinking lately of how lonely he is, he's broken from his break up with Selena. He thinks about flashbacks with her when they were dating. He started getting thoughts about another relationship that nobody knew about, him and Miley. He's on the believe tour and Scooter notices how he hasn't been acting himself lately, what happens when Scooter and the crew try to fix Justin's broken heart?


1. We noticed.

*Justin's POV*

 I woke up and fluttered my eyes open, blinking to adjust to the lighting in my room. I checked my phone to see that it was 10:33 am. I was on my tour bus, the Believe tour bus. I wondered for a second as to why I was not awaken by Scooter as usual, then realizing that he had given me a week off, he said something about wanting to talk to me and have a meeting with the crew, and others. I forgot completely about that, because last night when I was basically drowned in my thoughts about my love life and how- *BUZZ BUZZ* I checked my phone to see Scooters name come up. The text read "Morning Biebs don't forget meeting is at 2pm, see you then."


  I forced my self out of bed, drowning in my thoughts once again. I had been thinking about what I was seeing on TMZ about Selena. Selena... Just thinking about her made me want to collapse with my face in my hands and break down, but I quickly shook my head and tried to shake it off. I wiped a tear from under my eye, a tear. Why does she have this effect on me? I walked out of the room and checked both ways of the hallway to see if anyone was out. I just saw most of the people on my bus in the kitchen chit chatting. I took a deep breath and cleared my head so that they wouldn't notice the depression deep down in me.


  Walking out of the room into the hallway that connected everyone's rooms , this being the boy's bus and all. I reached the kitchen to find Scooter, My mom Pattie, Kenny, Ryan Good, Alfredo, and Dan. I crept up behind a corner to hear Scooter and Pattie's conversation. 


Scooter: "Pattie I'm just saying, Justin isn't acting like himself lately and I think its because of his broken heart."

Pattie: "Okay Scooter, you might be right BUT regardless I will not let you mess with Justin's love life. So don't try ANYTHING. Please Scooter, for me?"

Scooter: "Okay Pattie, but I really want to talk about how we can fix this Justin's obviously heart broken from-"


*AHEEEEEM* Someone cleared their throat. 


  I look over to see that Kenny noticed me eavesdropping in on their conversation giving me an "Are-You-Serious look". Scooter and my mom turned around and both looked at me with confusion, probably wondering how much of their little convo I just heard, judging by the look on their faces. They both looked at each other then greeted me warmly. 

 My mom was just looking at me, examining me. She looked a bit worried. Scooter noticed so he nudged Kenny and they walked out from the bus. 

 "Kenny and I are going on a coffee run, let us know if you need anything, I'm just a call away!" Scooter bellowed.


Now back to my mom and I. Now it was just me and her, the only others on the bus being Ryan good, Alfredo, Dan but they were in the living room (the next room over). Chaz and Ryan were also on the bus, just in their rooms sleeping still. 

 Patty: "Justin, how are you doing? You've been looking really down lately and I want to know if my boy is okay. Its okay for you to talk to me, I'll always be here to support you."

Justin: *looks down at the floor*




Justin held Selena's hand as they walked the beach, it was a beautiful day. They held each other hand in hand, looking into each other's eyes. These two were mad in love at the time. 

Selena: "God, Justin I love you so much.."

Justin: "I love you too." he was smiling from ear to ear

Selena: "How did I get so lucky?" she said not breaking eye contact with him

Justin looked a bit confused.

Justin: "With what?" he managed to mumble, getting too lost in her eyes.

Selena: "With meeting you silly!" she chuckled as she lightly smacked his arm

Justin's facial expression changed from confused to blushing and happy.

Justin: "Crazy, I was just gonna ask the same thing." he said as he put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her lightly.

This made Selena blush like crazy.

Selena: *Smiling wide* "Justin you're amazing, you know that?" 

Justin: "And you're mine you know that?" he chuckled 

Selena: "Forever and Always baby." she let out a face of happiness 

Justin: "Aww my baby is blushing" he said teasingly 

Selena: "Ohh hush Justin!" she chuckled sticking her tongue out

Justin : "Oh you're gonna get it now!" he gently brought her down to the flow in the sand and was pinned on top of her. 

Justin: "Told you you were gonna get it." he chuckled

Selena: "whatever" she giggled

*Justin moved a piece of hair to behind her ear*

Justin: "I love you, Selena. I can't express my love for you in words. You make my heart skip a beat. You're the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. My love for you will never end." I let out, gazing into her eyes.

*Selena sits there tearing up*

*Justin gets a worried expression on his face* 

Justin: "Sel are you okay?" he said worried

Selena: She sniffled "Yes, Justin I've never had anyone care for me as much as you do and you're amazing, I'm so happy. I love you so much Justin. Forever and always, I will love you forever and always..." she said sniffling and smiling, never breaking eye contact with Justin.

*Selena and Justin then kissed gently but passionately as the sunset was setting, it was a perfect scene.*

******END OF FLASHBACK******


*Justin's POV*

  Pattie: "Oh my god, Justin...Come here" she mumbled tearing up and walked over and comforted me. 

   I couldn't see very well, my eyes were puffy and I had been balling. I barely noticed... I was too caught up in the thoughts about me and Selena. Selena.. I tried to shake my head of thoughts but everything came rushing at me all at once, and I couldn't hold it back. A wave of tears and sobs had come over me, and there was nothing I could do about it. 

 Justin: "T-thanks mom." Justin mumbled sobbing quietly not making eye contact or even looking up from the ground. "Mom I love you. Is it okay if I go to my room.. I need time to myself to think. My hearts broken into a million pieces and I cant think straight." he murmered.. tears rushing down his cheeks.

  Pattie gave a concerned look and took a second to think about it.

  Pattie: "Okay Justin, if you need anything call me. Seriously. Don't make a permanent decision for temporary feelings. I love you." she said firmly but concern dripping in her voice.

  Justin: "Okay I won't, love you too mom." he managed to whisper out, just glaring at the ground.

  Pattie walked out and got on her phone and called someone, I guess it was scooter because I heard "Hey Scooter, so we need to talk about-" then the door closed as she walked out. 

   I walked down the narrow hallway, opened the door to my room thinking. What was she talking about when she said don't make a permanent decision for temporary feelings?... suicide? But I-



 I jumped and fell back against the closed door to my room as I was scared shitless for a second there. I look up finally to see Chaz and Ryan laughing their asses off crying with masks in their hands. I felt anger pumping in my veins and my blood was boiling. 


  Justin: "Why the fuck would you guys do that? NOW IS OBVIOUSLY NOT  THE FUCKING TIME!" I spat at them, clenching my fists.

  Ryan and Chaz bothed exchanged looks of fear and looked back at me. They examined my face and finally noticed the condition I was in, tear stained cheeks and all.  

  Chaz: "Look Justin, we saw that you were looking down so we wanted to try and cheer you up." ryan not making eye contact, nudging Ryan

  Ryan: "It obviously didn't work, sorry bro... thats our bad"

 I didn't notice what I jerk I was until I saw how scared they looked...

   Justin: "Look guys I didn't mean to yell, sorry. I'm just not in the best mood right now." I mumbled looking down exhaling and releasing my stress and anger with a big exhale.

Ryan and Chaz both stared at Justin who now just looked like a broken and depressed teenager, it breaks their heart to see him like this. 

Ryan: "Look man, if this is about Selena. You deserve way better, she broke your heart, she broke her promises, she cheated-"

 I cringed at the thought of it. I clenched my fist and tears escaped my eye once again.

 Justin: "OKAY. I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" I managed to yell out. "Thank you guys for supporting me and I'm sorry about the yelling. Can we talk abut this later?" I asked flately

 Chaz: "Yeah we'll talk about that at the meeti-" chaz got slapped by Ryan.

 Ryan: "He doesn't know you fucking idiot!" he gritted through his teeth.

 Ryan: "Okay Justin see you later" he smiled fakely as they both waved and walked out of the room and closing the door behind them. 

 I ran my hands through my hair. I was tired, I was emotionally done, I can't take this anymore. I miss Selena... Selena.. the thoughts about how she cheated came rushing in. I started crying when i hear my phone buzzing. I picked it up and it was a text that read "Hey biebz meetings in an hour and a half, don't forget, see you there." I didn't reply. I noticed that Selena tweeted something and I look to see that its a picture of her and Harry Styles, labeled "@SelenaGomez 'Great to have a guy like him in my life @harrystyles'. Harry Styles... a chill went down my spine as the memories came flooding back. My blood then began to boil, I cringed and put my pillow into my head and screamed. What does he have that I don't? My thouhgts are killing me. I was angry, I thought to myself "2 can play at this game Selena..."  I then pulled out my phone and tweeted '@mileycyrus I'm thankful to have a woman like you in my life, we go way back, xoxo' and it was a picture of us as kids compared to how we are now.. This should make Selena jealous.... 

  I then thought about the meeting, now its an hour away, whats that meeting about anyways, what were chaz and ryan talking about? 

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