The Daughter Of A Killer

Amanda Kane. The daughter of a killer. The killer whose last victim was her own mother. No one knows. Except her brother, and Kian. Kian's like her older brother. She lives with him, Jc, Ricky, and Connor. She doesn't want them to know. She just says her she could care less if her dad was dead, her brothers an asshole so their not friends, and her mom's dead. But one day they ask. And they don't want that for an answer. They want a real one. The true one. But hey, everyone has secrets.


5. Five



The doorbell rang just as Amanda finished curling her hair. She slipped on her heels and walked downstairs, along with the other boys. Except Kian who was skipping stairs as he ran down them. Connor and Amanda set out dinner in the dining room as Kian, Ricky, Jc and Kian's parents entered the dining room. 


"Dinner was amazing, guys." Kian's mom said as everyone finished. Amanda gathered the dishes and headed toward the kitchen.


"Thank Amanda and Connor. They're the house chefs." Jc smiled.


"Well, thanks for the lovely dinner. Hope to see you guys soon." Kian's dad said and they all hugged them goodbye. When they saw the car leave, everyone went different directions. But Kian followed Amanda into the kitchen.


"Hey, you okay?" Kian asked.


"Yeah, fine. Why?" Amanda asked, putting the dishes in the dishwasher.


"You were pretty quiet at dinner." Kian said.


"I don't know, guess I was to busy eating." Amanda shrugged. Before Kian could say anything the doorbell rang and he skipped off to get it.


"Amandaaaa!" Kian yelled. She closed the dishwasher, grabbed her glass of water, and went to see what he needed. At the door stood a police officer. Her eyes widened and she dropped the glass onto the wood floor, causing it to shatter and water to puddle around her heels. The other boys immediately came to see what had happened.


"Amanda, are you okay?" Jc asked, leading her to the couch so she could sit. She was shocked. The last time she saw an officer was when they took her dad away for sucking the life out of her mom. But that was fourteen years ago.


"Miss.Kane, you're father has requested your presence to his parole hearing." The officer told her.


"W-what?!" Amanda shrieked, "Why is he having a parole hearing?!"


"He's convinced us that he's been good, that he hasn't killed anyone-"


"I'm not going." Amanda shook her head.


"Killing?" Connor gulped.


"Amanda, what's he talking about?" Ricky asked.


"I don't want to go." Amanda refused, "I don't want to see him. Never. No."


"You don't have to go if you don't want to." Kian reassured her.


"Is there anything you would like me to tell him?" The officer asked.


"Tell him he needs to stay behind bars." Amanda said and walked upstairs.



Uh oh!

Amanda's dad is gonna get out!

Now she's gonna have to tell the others!

Except Kian, cause he knows already.

Hope you like it, I know the chapters a bit short

and we haven't updated in a while!



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