Mystery boy (one direction) 1

Zayn is an outcast that no one trust or will give a change to. Olivia is a popular who will only associte with Louis, Naill, Liam and Harry in the dojo. When the Black Dragons attack Olivia, some one saves her. She will stop at nothing to find her savior and protector. When she does, will there be romance between her and the mystery boy? Or will her knowing him, put her in danger?


2. 2

Alle tankerne will værre´imellem´


Over the week and a half, she thought of different ways to flush out the Mystery Boy. Usually boys couldn´t stay away from her, yet this boy made sure to steer clear of her. She had already gotten to plan F. Nothing had worked. She tried identifying him by his look. She tried asking every boy in school if they were her Mystery Boy. She tried hosting free karate lessons. She tried getting all her best freinds to ask around. She even tried going to the nerds for help. Some how he seemede to disappear off the face of the Earth. The only person she didn´t think to try was Zayn Malik. He was not her guy... so she convinced herself. 

One day she was watching Louis and Naill spar when a lightbulb off. She thought to herself, ´If i want to find a savior, all i need to do is need to be saved again!´ She squealed, earning looks from the guys. "Okay, if y´all help me with something, i will let you sit at the cool table for a week." She said. The four of them ran over and nodded to her plan. It would be in place tomorrow after shcool.

She went over the plen a hundred times in her head that night. Hopefully this would finally draw out the person that had been on her mind, non- stop for 3 weeks already. If he didn´t come, she was in trouble, but she was willing to risk that. ´He was so muscular for a 15 year old! He could be so strong, dangerous, and scary one minte, the be sweet, gentle, caring the next. It was like he wanted to be careful with her. And did i mention how HOT he was! He was hotter than Taylor Lautner on the beach! When he lifted me, he did it with little effort, but his muscles rippled beneath his shirt. Even with the shirt, you could see every muscle in his body. And his eyes! They were like dimples were the cutest thing i have ever seen. His smirk when he beat Ken was so full of sarcasm, but so cute at the same time. I really hope he gets here on time, if not, i might not make it out of this plan. I usually wouldn´t do this kind of thing for a guy, but he was so different. He wasn´t flirting with me or trying to kiss me, he was just trying to save me and go home. He didn´t even stay so i could thank him. That´s so amazing in itself. He did a hero´s job and didn´t exept anything in return. We need more people like him in this world.´ She thought to herself.

Little did she know, her savior was the boy who she deemed unapproachable in school. The boy who no one would give a change to. The boy who bacame an outcast for protecting himself and others. The boy who, when no one else would, stood up for the nerds and outcasts. The boy who lived tragedy and still found time to save someone he didn´t know, when he couldn´t even save himself. The body who had not one person to lean on, but would let others lean on him if they wanted. The boy who couldn´t and wouldn´t trust a single soul.  

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