Mystery boy (one direction) 1

Zayn is an outcast that no one trust or will give a change to. Olivia is a popular who will only associte with Louis, Naill, Liam and Harry in the dojo. When the Black Dragons attack Olivia, some one saves her. She will stop at nothing to find her savior and protector. When she does, will there be romance between her and the mystery boy? Or will her knowing him, put her in danger?


1. 1

Meet 15 year old, Zayn Mlik. He is the outcast of Easton High, yet he has only been here for 3 months. He is one of the hottest boy in school, but no one will give him a change. He is a skater, so every one thinks. Really, he is a 10th degree black in martial Arts. He specializes in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Ju Jitsu, Kobundo, Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, Kendo and Hwa Rang Do. He has never lost a match in his life. He was raised with discipline and respect for everyone, but no one gave him a change when he defended himself from the Black Dragons in the start of the year. From then on, he was considered dangerous, and unapproachable. He sits alone at lunch and has no freinds. Well, he doesn´t really make an effort to get freinds. To him, freinds might back stab you. In his opinion, once you give someone your trust they break it and hurt you. He wasn´t always like this, he trusted people once, but through experience, he has learned not to trust. His farther, mother, step-farther, three older brothers, two of his three uncles, one of his two grandfarthers, one of his two grandmorthers, every freind he has ever had, were murdered by his uncle. Since then, he has lived by himself. His grandfarther trained him to be the best man he could be.


Now meet 15 year old, Olivia Green. She is the complete opposite. If you were to look up ´popular´ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of her. She has perfect grade and perfect freinds. But her ´perfect freinds´ are just a bunch of jerks. The jocks follow her around like a bunch of lust puppies, the other girls follow her just to be popular, and the teachers love her! She is a cheerleader, the valedictorian, the head of the newspaper, and the head of the prom committee. To everyone else, her life is perfect, but to her, no one knows the real her. She is actually a 2nd degree black belt. She usually can take care of herself.


Next up on this meeting list is 15 years old, Louis Tomlinson. He is a dancer. He is sorta in the middle class. Not popular, not an outcast, an not a nerd. He dances better than everyone combined. He can bust a move to any beat. He can also rap. He hangs out with 15 year old, Naill Horan. Naill is a eating machine. He can eat 23 hotdogs and still be hungry, and skinny. He and Louis are literally like brothers. They are alwas at each other´s houses and eating each other´s food. They are both in karate at the Wuduka Dojo as yellow belts. 15 year old, Liam, goes there also. He is a yellow belt to. He is dateing the, 15 year old, Danielle Peazer. And meet the 15 year old Harry Style. He is also in the dojo. He is sort of af player, he is popular but not as much as Olivia. His big pasion is to sing and he also goes at the dojo but at a orange belt. The four of them aren´t the only students. Olivia Green, who you meet earlier, also attends. She is good freinds with them in the dojo, but she refuses to know them in school. Their sensei is 23 year old, Poul. He teachers them in discinpline and respect. Under the Wuduka Code. A code that Zayn´s grandfarther made when he trained Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, Jackie Chan, and more of the world´s greatest martal artist.


Last on the list are the black Dragons. They are the school bullies. They pick on any one they can get their hands on. They are all 1st or 2nd degree black belts. They will use that to intimidate people. No one has beat them in a sparring match exept Zayn. The leader, 17 year old, ken, used to have a cruch on Olivia. She quit the Black Dragons when they cheated in a match and joined the Wuduka Dojo, Ever since she quit, they have been out to get her. They wont stop until they get their revenge agaist the blonde.


One day, Olivia decided to take a short cut through an alley to get home. She was half way through the alley when Ken and the Black Dragons surrounded her. She dropped her bag and assumed fighting position. They cam at her. Soon, she was on the ground clutching her stomach. She waited for another blow to the head but it never came. She looked uo and saw a black haired boy standing over her protecting her. Ken smirked and threw a punch at the boy "you probably sholdn´t have done that." The boy said before twisting Ken´s arm. He jumped up and did a flying kick to another member over Ken and knocked him out. Next was the other 15 guys. Within 15 minutes, the mustery boy had knocked out everyone but Ken, useing moves unimaginable. He loocked at Ken who now had a knife pointed at the boy. The boy smiled and kicked the knife from Ken´s hand. "there, now the playing field is a little more even." The boy said. He leapt in the air and kicked the side of Ken´s head. Ken fell back wards, unconscious. The mystery boy picked up Olivia and ran to the hospital. He left her in their care and ran away. She sat there thinking, ´Mystery boy, i will find you. No matter how long it takes. Thank you for saving me.

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