Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


6. Chapter 5

Slowly , I set up the last part of the table,placing cutlery,plates and glasses on every place mat.I check the food and turn back to the doorway."We pretty?" Diana asks from the door."Beautiful!"I smile.Diana twirls and her purple dress floats out to her side,stopping to face me she pushes a strand of hair out her face.Georgia rose does the same and her blue dress floats out."Didi come here,let me fix you hair!" I smile, she walks to me, I push a booby pin in to her hair to hold it in place."Gorgeous"I hug the girls, taking a deep breath,"Go and pack up the dolls in the living room,Please don't mess up your out fits"I smile gently pushing them towards the door.I dish out the pasta and keep the sauce on the heat."Hello?"I hear the door front creak open.

"DIANA!"I say loudly."What have I told you about opening the door?"Diana shuffles her feet slowly."Gee said too!"I smirk at this.

"Don't open the door again!" I say as she smirks at me."Go back to the to the living."I turn back to the open door,standing there looking at me amused is Louis."Come on in!" I say moving aside and gesturing towards the kitchen."This lovely home you have here"Louis says with hesitation.I scoff at his comment.

"Louis I'm not house proud,I can't be with this shit hole"I laugh.

"DIRTY MOUTH!"I hear Georgia Rose shout.I giggle and hear Louis do the same.I gesture for Louis to sit at the table as I fetch the girls.I watch Diana Jump straight on her chair and sits there proudly."Didi, Help!"Georgia Rose cries.I look at Louis who looks at me strangely for not helping her.I direct his attention back to the girls.Diana pulls Georgia Rose on to her lap and helps her jump to the other chair."They hate it when people help"I say shrugging.I pure the sauce on to the pasta and hand out the plates."Enjoy!"I say taking my seat at the head of the table.We quietly for a while"Whys he hear?" I hear Georgia Rose whisper to Diana,breaking the silence.

"I..We have something to tell you"I say stopping to make sure I can handle this.Breath Kathy breath.About your dad"The girls look at me with complete shock on their faces."What?"They say together.

"Is he a dentist or knight?"Diana asks.Georgia Rose has always been the quietest of the two.I laugh as I feel the tension in the room build up."Neither,Louis is your dad"Pure joy soon appears on their faces.

"So he's our daddy?"Georgia Rose asks.I nod and the joy turns to complete happiness."Can he babysit on Friday instead of Grandad?"I look at Louis for an answer."Sure, I have nothing to do on Friday,Can I have them tomorrow too?"He smiles at me and the girls give me puppy dog eye.

"Fine"I laugh.Their smiles growing bigger.

"YAY"They scream.I pull them off their chairs.They out their plates on the side."Louis, come with me"I smile at him.He smiles at me and follows me and the girls up to their room."Brace yourself!" I say to Louis.I push the door open as I turn my head to face my feet.Not wanting to see the look of horror on Louis face or the shambles of the girls room.The girls run and pull on their nighties."Kathy.."I hear Louis breath.I walk over to my chair as the girls pull them self's in to bed."OK,we were where?"I ask them.

"Princess May meets the common man!" Georgia Rose smiles.

"Yes,OK so Princess May was just about to shout at the man who had knocked her drink down her dress but when she caught his eye's all her anger washed away,she and him feel in love"Diana yawns and rubs her eyes,"OK night girls"I kiss them on the forehead,tuck them in and tighten the safety bars.Switching the lights of as I leave,I finally turn to Louis."Go on, tell me how bad it is"I wait but no answer comes.

"I'll help Kathy,I promise!"He says wrapping me in a hug.

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