Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


4. Chapter 3

"I'm hungry!"Georgia Rose cried.I open my purse and I only have £5.

"Let's go to the cash point and I'll get some money!"I smile before heading to the bank on the corner of the street.I pull out my bank card and feed it in to the machine."Liam!"Diana calls.

"Be quite!"I say,I turn so I can just see the girls in my eyes."Stand against the way and don't move!"I turn back and enter my pin.

"Mummy"Diana says.



"Diana!"I finally get my money and place in my purse.

"But Mummy Georgia Rose is gone!"I look at Diana and all around but she is right.Georgia Rose is no where to be found."Georgia?"I say as I look around again."GEORGIA ROSE!" I shout.My phone rings and I answer.


"Liam I can't talk Georgia Rose is missing!"I say fighting back my tears.

"She's with me!"


"She called my name,our record building is round the corner from where she says you are.Go to the Syco Records building and I let you in"


"Georgia Rose!" I say as I pull her in to a hug.

"I'm sorry Mummy,I show Liam and called him but he didn't hear me,So I followed him in to here!"

"You got past security?" I ask her.

"Yeah and I made a friend called Harry!"

I laugh and stand up.Diana runs and hugs her twin.I smile before turning to Liam.

"Thank you!"I say wrapping my arms around him.I pull my head back and smile at him."Liam?"I let go and spin round.

"Kathy Williams meet Harry Styles,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson"Harry has curly brown hair and green eye's.Niall has blonde hair with brown roots and bright blue eyes.Zayn has brown hair and eyes and Louis has changed a lot.His once long hair is now short and spiked up.

"Boys this is...."

"Kathy"Louis finished.All the boys look at him.So he does remember me.I look at the girls who are still hugging."This is Diana and Georgia Rose!"I smile as I gesture at the girls.All the boys look at them the same way Liam had when he first met them."So Georgia Rose, What does your Daddy do?"Harry asks picking her up.I fill myself fill with anger.How dare he!

"My Daddy?Mummy says he's what ever I want him to be.He's a dentist"She smiles.

"No he's a knight"Diana says.Harry smirks and looks at me playfully.

"So,Mummy.Which is it?"The girls look at me with hope.

"Girls ,not know"I sigh with annoyance.Liam waves at the boys to follow him as he leaves the room.Harry holding Georgia Rose and Niall holding Diana."Kathy, there's a name I thought I would never hear again"I look up at the last remaining boy.Louis

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