Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


3. Chapter 2

I walk in to the house and put down the things from my car."Mummy,who was that?"Georgia Rose asks.

"A old friend of Mummies!"I smile."Now go and get changed you are drenched"I order.

"So are you!"

"Diana ,don't talk back"I watch the girls walk up the stairs.Slowly I walk in to the front room and find my dad asleep on the sofa.My sofa is an old 2nd hand one but it's in good condition."Dad"I whisper shaking him gently.

"Kathy?What time is it?"Dad look's at my before rubbing his brown eyes.

"10:00PM,and the girls aren't in bed"Dad looked shocked at me.He has a 5 o'clock shadow on his chin and his hair's stuck up in all directions.

"I sent them to bed at 8:30!"I turn to the door and both girls are stood in dry PJ's, awkwardly shuffling their feet."We waited for you!"Diana says sadly.I smile at her sweetness."Come here!"they run at me and hug me tightly."I love you two!"

"We love you too!"

"Good now bed!"I laugh patted their backs.

"Night!"Both girls run out the room.I turn back to my dad who was smiling at me."You are a great mum!"

"Thanks Daddy!"I kiss him and hold him tightly.

"I could by them a new bed"Dad offered.The girls are sharing a double bed with safety bars on,they have their own blankets though.Me,well I sleep on a single mattress.I sold my solid oak bed to get the girls new clothes."No Dad!"I say"I can handle this."He smiles sympathetically at me and grabs his old brown coat off the end of the sofa."It's time to admit you need help!"With that my dad left.I don't need help.I coped this far and I can cope further.A knock sounded from the door.I walk over and pull it open."Liam?"

"Kathy,we need to talk!"I stand to the side and let Liam in.


"I know who their dad is!"He announces.

"SHH!"I hush him"The can't know!"

"I'm right though aren't I!"I nod slowly and Liam smiles smugly.He takes in his surroundings."Woo"

"I know it's bare"I say.

"I can help,I have loads of money...NOT BRAGGING!"

"Liam I don't need charity.!"

"LIAM!"Diana and Georgia Rose scream.

"Girls,now what?"

"It's Liam Payne!"Diana says

"From One Direction!"Georgia Rose finishes.I roll my eyes.

"You're a celebrity?"I laugh annoyed."So not only is your mate 'involved' in my life he's famous?I struggle to pay rent and he could pay it a thousand times over!"I say getting annoyed.

"Mummy?"I look over at the girls who look scared.

"Girls I'm sorry ,go to bed now please and stay there!"They walk off looking confused.

"Kathy I'm going to sort this out,OK?He will take care of you and the girls.Him and Eleanor will help."


"I should go..."

"Who is she?"I ask hurt.

"His.....girlfriend"I felt my heart be riped out.

"OH, so he can ignore every letter I have sent him about his kids,not ring me but he's fine getting a girlfriend when can't take responsibility for his family!"Liam was shocked."Just leave!" I say.Liam walks to the door.

"Sorry"He says and leaves.I hate him.He changed my life and he doesn't care!?

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