Daddies A....

It had been 4 years since I had seen him,and in those 4 years they were born.
Life is hard for Kathy and her 2 twin girls.A one night stand leads her to become a mother of the girls ,she loves them and does anything to give them a good life she holds up 2 jobs and can only just afford the rent,then an old friend helps her one night.


11. Chapter 10

I pull back my new covers ,the cold air rushes to me leaving tiny goosebumps behind.I reach for the ring phone on the bedside table and answer."Hello?"I ask.I never checked the caller ID before I answer the phone."He's home Kathy!"I hear a shaky voice say.Nicki.

"What?Who?"I ask a little worried.I wipe the slip from my eyes and sit up.What time is it?I check the clock by the lamp.9:00AM."Josh,he's home!"

"What?But he shouldn't be for another 3 days!"I smile,more to my self then Nicki.

"I know ,he want's to see you ,Phil and Mari"She says excitedly.Phil and Mari is my Dad and Mum."We are having a family barbeque,bring Louis.Josh wants to thank him"

"Thank him?For what?"

"He help give you his 2 beautiful nieces,so invite him.Come to the farm round 11:00AM"With that the line went dead.I am so proud of Josh.He's not in the Army or the RAF. He goes round the UK helping out kids in foster homes.he gives them clothes and teaches them games.Mostly,thought,he treats them like their his own.Nicki is a foster kid.She did live in Wolverhampton but got Foster where she moved to Doncaster.Josh and I were heartbroken so we moved there.We had my Uncle,Aunt and cousins who lived their to so we all won in the end.Pushing myself to my feet to my feet I walk to the girls room."Babies,Get up!"I say,Diana turns to face me and opens one eye."Uncle Josh is home"I smile.Georgia Rose shots up and stares at me."What?"She asks.Josh and Georgia Rose get on like a house on fire."He came home early.Get dressed"Diana runs to the wardrobe and pulls out a dark green skater skirt and a black T-shirt.Georgia Rose pulls out a red skater skirt and black T-shirt."He brought you new close?"I ask ,stunned at the clothing the girls Selected."You too!"Diana smiles.I turn on my heel and run to my wardrobe.Not use to doors on though.I slide them across and in side sat new clothes.My old ones shoved to the side.I pull out each new item and admire it.I pull the new black dress on and put on a thick,black belt with grey leopard print on.I look at the shoe rack and new heels,flats and trainers line it.I pull on flat,black gladiator sandals.Nicki and Josh own a farm as well as owning the Gym and book shop.They came in to a bit of money a while back.Nicki's real grandmother put her in her will leaving everything to Nick.It was a shock really.She cried for weeks.The old women was the only living relative of Nicki's then she died.

I pull my phone out my pocket and phone Louis.It rings once,twice and then he picks up."Hey Lou boo, I need you at the house now!"I say down the phone."What?"I hear a loud bang on the other end of the phone"I'm coming now OK?"

"Louis wear something nice"I say as I hang up.I can just imagine him stood there all confused.I leave my room and walk down to the living room."Mummy We on T.V"Diana says.I look at the screen and sure as sure,there on the screen was Diana,Georgia Rose and Louis.He had Diana on his left leg and Georgia Rose on his right The photo was taken on Thursday I guess when he had them.This must be the interview he went to after I got home.The picture left the screen and the lady started to talk again."Louis you and those girls look so close,and so similar!"She says with a thick Scottish accent."Any relation?"She asks.Louis don't say it not yet.

"They are a friends kids I'm helping,she works two jobs and really needed a babysitter"He smiles.

"That's a LIE!"Diana says.

"Didi he's protecting you,from bad people who might hurt you"I say.She gives me a small nod to say she understands."Really,well a source told us their more then that"She smirks at Louis and puts up another picture.This time they were sat on a bench eating mint ice-cream.All sat the same way as if rehearsed."Look at this.It's adorable,Are you sure their not your kids Louis?"She poked him in the arm."Look at those stripy shirts.More similarities"She laughed."Did you and Eleanor have some fun?Or are they someone else?"I could see Louis tense up.

"So what if their my kids,I love them even if their not"Louis stands and takes of his mike.

"This interview is over"Liam says.

"Sorry guys but some people push all the wrong buttons"Zayn says straight in to the camera.

I hear the front door creak open."Kathy?"

"Louis,you're here!"I smile hugging him.I feel my insides dance at his touch.Stop it."Girls get in Daddy's car."I say turning off the T.V."Louis my brother wants to meet you.Today!"

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