Sometimes, I turn off the computer...

A collection of poems from a geek. Not always tech related, but attempts at humour at times as well...


1. Dentistry

Sitting in the dentist chair

The smell of mouthwash in the air

The whizzing sound of the drill

The X-ray of my tooth to fill

No anaesthetic to soothe the pain

All that Listerine was in vain

Open mouthed and dribbling blood

Drill gripped in hand with medical gloves

The sudden pain, the burning smell

My tooth enamel's gone to hell

A few more stabs, a few more scrapes

My tooth in filling now is caked

"Do not eat for an hour or two

Else your tooth we must redo"

Bloodied, bruised, but no more pain

No chance I'm going back there again!

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