Safe in Your Arms

I run I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do I just run. When I get away I don't know where I am. I see a figure coming towards me. With the sun in my eyes all I can make out are soft curls and gorgeous green eyes.


3. Adoption?

Darcy's POV

"Let's go get those cuts cleaned up, why don't we" Harry said, breaking the silence. I nodded and followed him to his kitchen he sat me down on the counter and started cleaning my cuts. He asked me where I live "I'm not sure, I wasn't allowed to leave the house. Not even for school." I responded. "Well right now you're in Holmes Chapel." I simply nodded. Harry took back to Gemma's room and gave me some clean clothes to change into. Harry showed me to the bathroom and I changed and pulled my hair back. back to the kitchen an Harry offered me something to eat "I'm not hungry" I insisted. "You need to eat something, you're so thin" he said. I ate a sandwich and that made him happy. He always seemed to be smiling, I like that about him.


Harry's POV

I like her. I'm thinking of adopting her she she seems sweet and shy. I'm hoping she will warm up to me more. ----------- The next day--------- Darcy slept in Gemma's room and I slept on the floor next to her. I wanted to protect her. I watched as her eyes fluttered open. I smiled she is such a beautiful young girl. She smiled back and I told her I would take her shopping for some new clothes. " Would you like me to adopt you." I said. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck. She started crying " Y-yes please a-adopt m-me." She said in between sobs. "Why are you crying sweetheart." I asked. "I'm so happy to be away, away from him." She cried.


Heyyyy guys so I have a lot of homework most days. I update as much as I can but I'm sorry if I don't update some days :( sorry about the short chapt.

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