No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


25. To Forgive Or Not?

Selena and Justin came back at midnight yesterday, I was going to ask her about everything but she went straight to sleep. We'll see if she can avoid me in the morning.


The absolute worst thing you can do to me is wake me up from my precious sleep, I forgot to turn my phone on silence before sleeping, and it made it's annoying tone signaling a new notification. I opened my eyes praying fir the sake of the person waking me up that its not just Twitter, it turned out to be a new text.

From: Husbo aka Liam

'Ashley, please stop ignoring me, you're killing me ): I'll do whatever it takes to get you back, please."

I didn't know what to do, so I just locked my phone & went back to sleep. A couple of minutes later my phone started ringing, and I was thinking of a thousand different ways to kill the person calling me at such a time, I picked it up annoyed because I've been bothered twice tonight.

"Whoever you are, couldn't you wait till the morning to call?" I hissed through the phone making it clear that if they were next to me I'd rip off their head.

"Ashley please hear me out, I am so sorry please forgive me, I know you probably won't just give me another chance-"

"Louis?" I guessed raising my eyebrow.

"Yes it's me, please don't hang up, I'm begging you Ashley."

"What do you want?" I asked straight ahead because I had no interest in hearing his apology.

"Listen, first of all I am so sorry, I can't believe I acted that way, I guess it's just because I witnessed Harry crying for the first time ever. Liam & I are feeling so horrid, he's right next to me-"

"Yeah Ashley, I'm right here, please forgive us, we'll do whatever it takes-" Liam started as I interrupted their desperate moment.

"You guys do realize that sorry is not going to fix things, right? I do forgive you guys, I just don't want anything to do with you. It's so much harder than you think" Shay's head shot next up to me, since we were sleeping next to each other. I guess my voice woke her up.

''Who's that?" She whispered rubbing her eyes.

"Liam & Louis" I mouthed. She snatched the phone from my hand in half a second.

"She will not forgive you assholes! You made it so much harder for her! As her best friend I will never let her forgive you jerks! She cried every fuckin-" I snatched the phone back from her hand and quickly hung up.

"What the hell was that? Who do you think you are to get in my shit!" I shouted regretting it the moment the words left my mouth.

"Um... Your best friend, or at least... that's what I thought" She mumbled looking down. I sighed embracing her in a hug.

"I'm sorry Shay, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't yell at you like that" I apologized.

"It's okay, I'm sorry I yelled at the boys like that" She apologized. "They deserve it thought" she then added & I started laughing along with her. Someone opened the door & I turned to see Zayn standing by the door in worry.

"Why were you two shouting?" He asked half asleep. At least this time he bothered to put a shirt on.

"Louis & Liam called me then Shay snapped at them" I summed up what happened & he suddenly looked full awake. He walked over to the bed and high fived Shay saying 'badass', something they always call each other lately...

"Just go back to sleep Zayn" I sent him somehow feeling jealous of the fact that he's gotten close to Shannon.

"You don't want me here anymore?" He faked hurt putting a hand on his chest.

"No, I just love you so much that I want you to get your full rest" I smiled innocently; he kissed my cheek then walked outside.

"Why did he kiss your cheek & not mine?" Shay protested crossing her arms. While I was smiling at the feeling of his lips on my cheek.

"I don't know, ask him in the morning. Now let me get my beauty sleep" I shrugged tuning the lamp off and pulling the covers on me again.


*At The Morning*

"Let's throw her into the pool"

"No, I did it once & she went lunatic on me"

"Then let's throw a pool at her"

"What the hell are you talking about Ryan?"

"Nothing, Justin. Nothing"

"Zayn you wake her up"

"What? No! why me?"

"Because you kissed her cheek yesterday, not mine"

"Aw she looks so cute"

"I know right Selly" I opened my eyes hearing voices, scary voices of scary people I know; Justin, Ryan, Zayn, Selena & Shay. Justin wouldn't do anything crazy, and Selena would actually defend me, Zayn would just chill back and watch as Shay and Ryan play a prank on me, that my every day fear.

"Wake up sunshine"

"Wakey wakey"

"Come on Ashley get up"

"You guys are worse than my alarm clock." I mumbled turning to face the wall again.

"Just get up, we have some filming to do" Justin informed pulling the covers off me.

"I didn't sleep well last night, I don't think I can run around with a full sized baby in my arm & watermelon in my belly" I defended pulling the covers on me again as they had a good laugh.

"Come on, get up babe" Zayn begged pulling off the covers again. I sighed.

"Fine" I turned to face them

"Good morning!" I shouted cheerfully kissing the closest one's cheeks, it was Zayn. I walked to my bathroom, showered, did my hair and makeup, and didn't even bother putting some cute clothes on, I just wore a a black hoodie with some shorts and grey Supra & I

"Wow Ash, you have some pretty long legs" Zayn exclaimed eyeing me up and down. I looked at him weirdly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I raised an eyebrow.

"N-nothing, you just look gorgeous when you don't try to" I blushed looking around for Shay. I spotted her playing with her phone.

"Twitter?" I asked kissing her cheek.

"Yeah, did you see what Liam, Harry & Louis tweeted?" She asked, I shook my head taking my iPhone out of my pocket.

Real_liam_Payne: I know I lost her forever, I feel so horrid & I just want to sleep and never wake up again ):

Louis_Tomlinson: Losing a really close friend because of YOUR best friend's fault is the worst thing ever. Should've never believed.

Harry_Styles: So, @Emily_Styles made that photoshoped picture of @AshleyMalik & @JustinBieber. I finally caught her. I'm really sorry Ashley, I should've listened to you...


My mouth was wide open along with my eyes, so that thing caused all of my problems? What did I ever do to her to deserve this? I just can't believe how a random stranger can ruin your life just like that.

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked, I sighed showing the tweets on my phone. "Are you planning on forgiving them?"

"No, especially Harry, I'll never get back to him or even be his friend. I'm not sure about Liam & Louis, my heart wants to forgive them but my mind wants me to make them suffer as I did" I was literally panicking, why did my parents ever divorce and turn my whole life upside down. Sure so many amazing things happened to me, and I know that at the end I'll be happy, but why can't it all be easy instead of confusing? Suddenly, after my train of thoughts I felt two strong arms wrap around me, I knew it was Zayn's.

"You'll know the right thing to do, just take it easy, alright?" I nodded sighing in his arms. "Okay now let's go, this is the first time you & Shay are being in the same scene" I smiled.



Funniest thing I've ever seen! Shay is being the ice cream lady! Laughing for five hundred bazillion years! She looks so ridiculous with that ice cream outfit.

"Yeah while you're laughing like that, take a look at your belly" She defended bursting into laughter.

"At least I'm not wearing a stupid ice cream head." She rolled her eyes at my words.

"Okay, everyone in their places!" Jay, the director demanded. Shay walked to her ice cream truck. Oh my gosh this is going to be hilarious. I sat on the bench, all I had to do is spot Justin & run after him again, easy.

"Action" the music started playing, Justin was walking slowly checking if someone was there, my eyes went huge as I surpassingly spotted him then I ran after him, he did pulled on the funny face again, I was making funny faces too & dropping that baby doll every now & then. Then I tripped over Shay, it was all apart of the video. Justin's part was to feel bad for me then help me to get up. He did it & I wrapped my arms around him refusing to let go, then he tried to run away again but failed. Then the scene ended with his terrified face my scary face.

"Cut" Jay announced & I let go of Justin.

"That was fun again" I admitted unwrapping the fake belly from my tummy and putting the doll on the table.

"I know, it probably wouldn't be that fun if it wasn't you I'm working with" I chuckled shaking my head at his statement. Then Selena walked in giving him a kiss. I smirked & she looked at me then I winked as if saying 'tell me everything' she nodded pulling away. I took a water bottle sitting at a table with Shay.

"Umm.... Is there chocolate ice cream?" Ryan asked before laughing so hard with Zayn.

"Not that I don't find her costume funny, it's just the joke is lame" I announced seriously, they stopped laughing. We stared at each other for a while. "Can you guys go? I want to talk to her alone" I shot them away & they walked away facing the floor "Walk of shame" I mumbled then I started laughing with Shay. Selena came running with a smile on her face.

"Okay don't ask anything, I'll tell you the whole story. So like you already know we went to get some ice cream, he was holding my hand & I'd blush every time he looks at me, he probably noticed because he'd smirk looking away. There was this ice cream lady" Selena stopped to eye Shay, then I laughed along with her "Anyway, there was this ice cream lady-"

"Oh wait wait.... Now I get why you two were laughing" Shay interrupted as we both rolled our eyes trying not to laugh.

"She gave us ice cream & said that we were a cute couple, I was going to tell her that we weren't but Justin just thanked her, then I asked him about the reason he didn't explain it to her, & he played dumb then I pointed that we weren't dating & he was like 'yet', then I said what do you mean & he asked me out!" She explained in a rush then took a long breath before continuing. "And well I approved of course then he kissed me & took me in our first date to the beach" She finally finished & I wiped fake tears a long with Shay.

"That is so romantic" Shay commented.

"Touching" I let out.

"Girls, let's go now, we're having lunch at Nando's" Ryan announced taking me off guards.

"Wait... we have Nando's in America?" I asked in shock.

"No, we're flying all the way to great England just to get Nando's" Ryan replied sarcastically using his British accent, I rolled my eyes getting up.

"Okay, hold on guys, I'll just go change with Shay" I picked Shay's arm & we quickly went to the wardrobe, changed to our clothes & walked out.

"We're ready" I announced smiling.

"It took you five minutes, how did you do that?" Zayn asked in disbelieve.

"Well some of us don't love checking their face & butt in front of the mirror" I joked & he sent me a playful glare while everyone laughed.

"Let's just get going already" He said walking away, I never knew there was Nando's in America, I'm sure if Niall knew about it he'd be so happy, I miss him so much, I miss Melody too, & to be honest I also miss Louis, Liam & Harry but that doesn't mean I'm forgiving them, not now.




Okay I couldn't make any romance between her & Zayn nor make her forgive Liam. I still need your votes guys, please. If none of them win I won't update a new chapter :/

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