No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


2. Staying With Larry

I headed inside just to get amazed by the mess that was in there. Socks, clothes, food bags... Is that a dildo? Oh no it's a hot dog.... That's great, I'm a messy person myself so I’m not complaining.

"Well Ashley, tell us about yourself. How did you end up knowing Zayn since you're not related?"

"When my parents divorced, mom sent me from California to here where my dad currently lives, as soon as the plane landed, I spotted a man holding a sign that says "Ms Malik' so I thought dad sent him, but apparently he's Zayn's driver."

I looked over at the two boys in front of me who looked kind of confused. But then Louis spoke up "I bet it was really awkward ending up in Zayn Malik's house"

"The only awkward thing was when his girlfriend refused to let me in" I laughed shaking my head while they had a good laugh.

"She can easily get jealous, you should be glad she didn't pull your hair or something" I chuckled at Harry's reply.

"I'm so glad really. Now are you guys really okay with this?" I questioned, placing my iPad and purse on a couch and lifting up my sunglasses.

"Okay with what?" Harry asked.

"Me staying here..... I didn't want to, I swear his girlfriend forced me to. I'm so sor-" As always, I was cut off by Louis. I swear I can never finish my words.

"No no love. We're very happy you're here. It's great having a female around us sometimes, isn't it Harry?" He teased winking at Harry.

"Oh yeah yeah. Especially a beautiful female like you" Harry agreed seductively winking at me and licking his lips.

I blushed a bit but still looked at them confidently saying 'Thank you'

Obviously Harry is a big flirt. & he's kind of full of himself, I don't blame him though I mean look at those curls, & beautiful green eyes & his cheesy smile with those dimpl- ugh he's perfect.

"So... ehm where can I put my suitcases?" I wondered quickly taking my iPad and bag again.

"Oh I'll show you your room, you're gonna love it. It's right next to mine"

I laughed at him as I went to get my suitcases, but Harry & Louis were faster than me so they took my suitcases & headed upstairs running after each other like they were having a race.

I just shook my head at their silliness & followed them calmly.

"Ta-daa here is your room princess! It's actually the only clean room in the house"

"Oh how I appreciate it" I sarcastically mocked while rolling my eyes.


*3 Hours Later*


"So what are we doing now?" I asked while walking in the kitchen where Harry was cooking. Louis was sitting in front of the TV dancing like a fool to Call Me Maybe. I changed to a big sweater and skinny jeans, and left my hair down not taking off the beanie I was already wearing.

"I'm making pancakes, you want some?" Harry offered too focused on not bumping floor all over his shirt.

"Course! I love pancakes" I replied excitedly. I literally eat pancakes everyday, it's probably the reason why i'm fat... I just can't give up pancakes.

"So how was your life back in California?" Harry asked sounding interested, but international pop stars like him can't give a damn about a random regular girl like me, this is just like charity for them. But I appreciate how he's at least trying to make a conversation with me.

"Good actually, I had two best friends that I miss already, I finished college pretty early. But the funny thing is, everybody thought I was Zayn's sister, so the past two years have been a bit of a struggle for me." Harry smiled widely showing off his dimples.

"That must've been annoying"

"Extremely" He rolled his eyes continuing on mixing the pancake mix, I had enough with watching him doing it all wrong.

"That's not how you mix it" I tried  to reach for the bowl but he walked across the kitchen sending me glares.

"Shut up you don't know better!" He hissed playfully.


"Get out of my kitchen!" He joked, I laughed making my way to the living room where Louis was sitting.

"So......" I started, sitting next to him. I'm a very talkative person, very social as well. I can't just share a room with someone without talking about nothing and everything.


"You need to say something so we can start a proper conversation, you know..." I watched as he thought about it for a minute.

"I'm really so into carrots" He randomly said & I just stared at him weirdly before I started laughing.

"You're kind of strange, you know that?"

"Girl you did not just call me weird! I am the swag masta of Doncasta. All girls are dying to breathe the same air as me" he protested dramatically adding the ratchet-girl voice tone.

"Looks like I’m not a 'girl' then.." I joked adding the air quotes.

"First of all. That hurts" He sassed "Second don't tell me you don't want some of this" He seductively pointed at his body.

"No thanks" I joked making him pout for a moment.

"But I have an accent!" He whined.

"I like Australians better"

"Harry! Ashley's picking on me!" Louis shouted as he fake cried.

"Louis are you sure you're not five year old?"

"Hey guys I made pancakes!" Harry yelled excitedly from the kitchen.

"He always burns them, that's why he's excited" Louis whispered to me and I nodded giggling. "Oh great Hazza I knew you could do it someday."

The doorbell rang & Louis literally flied to open the door, then a brown-haired with brown eyes hugged Louis, he had a muscled body. While a blonde-haired guy with blue eyes and braces headed directly to the fridge smiling widely.

"Guys! we have a new friend!" Louis announced excitedly, obviously talking about me.

"Liam, Niall- NIALL PUT THE FOOD BACK IN THE FRIDGE!" The Niall guy put it back sighing and pouting, then he came to where we were all standing playfully glaring at Louis.

"As I was saying, Liam, Niall this is Ashley Malik. She's staying with me & Harry for a while I guess. Ashley this is Liam Payne, & Niall Horan" I greeted them shaking their hands. I hate shaking hands, I prefer either hugging or cheek-kissing.

"So Ashley, are you Zayn's cousin or..?" Liam asked with his deep voice.

"Oh no, I'm not related to him at all, we just have the same last names"

"Weird....I talked with Louis before we came & he told me everything, he just didn't say anything about that 'same last name as Zayn' thingy"

"Well I guess he didn't tell you everything after all" I said gaining an adorable laugh from him.

"So.... Ashley, do you by any chance have some food in your pockets?" Asked Niall, I slid my hand down my pockets looking for the M&M's I had earlier at the plane.

"Not everyone is like you Niall" Harry teased & Niall just rolled his eyes.

"In fact, I do have some M&M's if you want" I said looking at Harry then Niall who nodded excitedly.

"Yes! lads I like her already" I blushed. These boys are so nice & friendly, I just met them for about five hours & I feel like I know them forever.

"Hey! Harry made pancakes!" Louis shouted -as always- at Liam & Niall who looked shocked.

"Yeah buddy that's what I'm talking about!" Niall exclaimed high fiving Harry "Now where are the pancakes?"

"I'm proud of you Harry, you didn't start a food fight while cooking. That is by far the greatest accomplishment in your life!" Liam, obviously joked. But everyone took him so seriously until I started laughing cause I knew it was a joke.

Everyone turned towards me then Harry asked "Why are you laughing Ash?" Ash? He made me a nickname already?

Liam winked at me "You guys Liam was just joking! You should have seen your faces; priceless" I said & continued to laugh.

"Whatever, now let's eat some pancakes" Harry said going to the kitchen.

"Food!" Niall yelled excitedly.

"Did you by any chance make a carrot pancake Hazza?" Louis asked

"Of course LouBear." Harry said smiling at Louis.

"Lou why do you call him Hazza?" I asked raising a brow.

"Because he hazza big dick" I laughed at that response, I was not expecting this.

"Oh & you saw it?" I teased smirking.

"Of course I did, he always walks around naked, you might even see it sometime soon" My eyes widened as he said that. How embarrassing would that be?

"Ehm...... I'll just stick with eating pancakes for now." I said while blushing, why was I blushing? It's not like I saw him naked, it's just the thought that embarrassed me. At that time Harry was back with his pancakes in a plate.

"Lady & gentlemen, I'd like to present to you, the one & only Harry Styles with his ridiculously delicious pancakes." Louis dramatically announced as Liam Niall & I were clapping like fools.

"Okay guys tell me what you think" Harry said taking a seat in front of me.

I glanced at the pancake on my plate and it didn't look like the one he was making. Maybe he made new ones since it took an hour. I took a small bite and- oh god how delicious it was!

"Harry this is heaven in a plate!" I yelled with excitement shoving more in my mouth not caring how unattractive I looked.

"Thank you my lady" These were literally the best pancakes I've ever ate in my entire life. It's for sure an A+ for Harry now.

"Harold are you sure you're the one who made these?" Liam asked in a serious tone suspecting something.

"Of course!" Harry replied nervously.

"Yeah Hazza you didn't make any mess while making them. Which is weird" Louis said raising an eyebrow.

"Come on lads just eat & shut up. Appreciate mates, appreciate."

Just then Niall jumped after he ate his pancakes saying "Is there anymore?"

"Niall stop eating you're getting fat" Louis teased.

"I'm not getting fat, you're getting old" Niall defended himself "Liam tell him I'm not fat"

"Louis stop saying he's fat, he's fit okay? & Niall stop eating, seriously. You don't know if those pancakes are not poisoned"

"Hey!" Harry protested. Suddenly everyone was shouting, including me. What? I wanna have fun too

Oh god this is definitely going to be an interesting experience in my life.


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