No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


14. Shopping Buddies, Hipster Twinnies

I slowly opened my eyes feeling so dizzy, my head hurt  like I drank a whole bar and it felt like I had a killing hangover.... Wait I didn’t even go to the club last night. I tried to get up but my head ache won't let me move, I glanced at the clock and it was 4:47 PM. Wow I slept for that long?

"Liam!" I shouted causing my headache to get worse; I held my head as a shirtless Liam showed in the bathroom door.

"You're up already?" He questioned with a tooth brush filling his mouth.

"What do you mean I'm up already Liam? It’s almost five how could I sleep for that long & why didn’t you wake me?" I attempted to shout at him but I couldn’t thanks to my headache. So I just showed him that I was mad by my hand gestures.

"Harry knocked you out" He informed in a complete rush that  I could barely make up what he was saying, but just as her said 'Harry' Last night came flooding back to me.

"Oh... Now I remember."How could I forget the huge fight yesterday? I hope they're both okay though.

"Are they okay?" I asked calmly

"Uhh yes they're both fine.... You're the one who got hurt" But I totally deserved that punch, for even entering their life in the first place.

Whispers could be heard outside of the door, and I figured it belonged to the boys minus Harry and Liam, so that leaves the Irish one, the loud one, and the Bad Boy that’s really not so bad after all.

"Shh what if she's still sleeping?" That was Niall who shushed them.

"Niall shut up you’re going to wake her!" Louis’ loud voice became one of my daily to-hear list’s achievement, if he doesn’t yell in my ear then I don’t even consider that a day.

"Louis I think you're the one who's going to wake her with your shouting." Zayn's voice got louder in the last part.

"Just open the door already!" I shouted laughing, quickly regretting it as I felt a pounding in my head. They opened the door widely running to where I was lying.

"Ashley bear are you okay?" Louis asked picking my hand.

"Well, besides the fact that my head hurts and my heart is broken. Then yeah, I guess I’m okay" I attempted to joke but failed like everyone else I fail at, they smiled getting the message.

"Melody is getting you an Aspirin, hope you'll get better soon" Niall informed smiling while resting his hand on my forehead before placing a cute little soft peck on it.

"Thanks Niall. Louis, are you and Harry okay? Please tell me I didn’t cause a fight between Larry Stylinson" Again my attempt to joke failed, I think it’s my cue to stop joking and just stick with making up awesome articles’ titles for now…

"Don't worry love. I warned him but he didn't listen"

"Sorry for causing all of these problems" I apologized dropping my gaze, because I knew if I looked into their eyes I wouldn’t be able to look back anywhere else, and they’ll suck me in like a black hole and nobody will ever find me.

"I told you Ashley, it's not your fault. You're not the one who cheated." Zayn reassured softly & I smiled at his beautiful smooth side before the door went open revealing Melody who immediately embraced me in a hug.

"Oh my god, Ashley are you okay? I brought you these" She asked worried handing me an Aspirin and a cup of water.

"As soon as I get rid of this headache & all this drama, I'll be fine. Don't worry Mel" I smiled at her hoping she'll just believe it and stop worrying. See, Mel has always being the caring one, calm and wise, Shay is the crazy, sassy one, who loves to party. And me? Well… I’m kind of both of them, except I’m a desperate romantic who believes everything, and these are the consequences.

"Guys, I'm fine really. I feel better now & I'm also hungry so I'll just go and eat something" I said sitting up and waiting until the dizziness went away, before I stepped into the wooden as  Zayn & Louis helped me even if I didn’t ask or their help. I walked outside of the room & just to my luck I met Harry, our eyes shared a look, & I looked away leading my own way to the kitchen.

"Zayn, Louis I love you guys but I really think I can walk by my own" I chuckled getting tired of feeling like cactus because Zayn was tall and Louis was short so my hands were abnormally hanging everywhere.

"Right sorry." They chorused letting go of me. I decided to act all fun, like I didn’t have a care in the world; that’s how I used to be anyways, always hiding my feelings and acting as if nothing bad had ever happened to me.  Maybe then they'll stop worrying about me. Besides, I need to be strong, and not disappoint Zayn or the rest of the boys.

"Niall, I'm making pancakes for everyone" I announced to Niall knowing that'll make him happy and that his excitement will do a great job at informing the others. And I was right.

"Yay! Guys Ashley's making pancakes! I love her so much, can I keep her forever in my pockets?" I giggled quietly as he ran out of the kitchen. Keep me forever in his pockets? I don’t think so…

I started by putting the flour, sugar, salt & baking powder in a bowl, then mixing them. I took another bowl putting some milk, oil & egg. I felt someone's presence so I turned to see who it was. My gaze met his green eyes, I quickly looked back at my pancake mix.

"I'm sorry..." He apologized & I didn’t even turn to look at him, I kept focusing on making my pancakes. "Ashley, please just say something" I still ignored him, then I heard his footsteps going away. I sighed in relief; sorry is not going to work this time. We've been dating for a week but it still hurts knowing your boyfriend cheated on you, like you're not good enough. Great now I lost my cheerful mood again.

I kept flipping the pancakes until they got ready, there were only six plates. Sigh, I guess I'm not eating my pancakes. I put the pancakes in the plates & added some honey on top of them drooling as the honey drops fell from the top to the clean white plate.

"Guys, pancakes are ready" I shouted. Niall flew to the table with a big smile on his face. Melody walked after him followed by Zayn, Liam, Harry & Louis.

"Marry me please" Louis joked, I felt like he was trying to make me forget about what happened... Or make it less awkward since Harry was here, but I smiled widely letting him know that everything is alright.

"Well I belong to Liam, I'm sorry" I joked back as I took the milk out of the fridge and poured in seven glasses.

"Ash why is there only six plates? Where is yours?" Zayn asked raising an eyebrow once I put his glass beside him, and stood sipping from mine as they ate.

"Well there are only six plates in the kitchen and I’m not really hungry" I shrugged feeling the white liquid make it’s way to my empty stomach.

"But you were hungry earlier" Niall pointed out shoving the pancake in his mouth.

"Uh.... Not anymore" I put a fake smile on my face feeling uncomfortable with it.

"Ash..... Are you starving yourself?" Liam carefully questioned, it’s not starving, it’s a diet! People do it all the time.

"No! what are you talking about Liam? I- I can never do such a thing" I nervously replied avoiding everyone’s eyes and looking at the milk in my hand.

"Are you sure?"


"Well prove it. Here you can eat mine" Louis pushed his place my way and I furrowed my eyebrow.

"No! I don't want to eat pancakes okay? Just.... just leave me alone" I shouted before speed walking to my room. Now what? They probably know what I'm doing, but I have to be skinny enough.  

I went to my bathroom to take a shower, since Liam was there earlier. I took a quick ten minutes shower & wore my clothes. I had nothing else to do so I lied on my bed & picked my phone.

To: Ryan Good

'Hey Ryan, how are you doing? You never text me :(

I waited for a moment, since I don't have any social media account, I had nothing to do but wait for his text. Then shortly after, he texted me back.

From: Ryan Good

'Aww you miss me? I'm sorry I guess I’m too busy lately. Hey wanna meet Bieber tomorrow at 2PM at the Hard Rock Cafe? 

To: Ryan Good

'HELL TO THE YES! But can I bring my friends please? Pretty pretty please with sugar on top of it *puppy dog eyes*? 

From: Ryan Good

'Course you can bring your friends (i know its 1D;)) gtg now, see you tomorrow at 2 xoxoxxo'

I quickly ran to where I left the boys eating completely forgetting about our argument only minutes ago, and stood in front of them in the weirdest position with a childish grin in my face.

"Niall, guess what!" I asked him about to jump from my place.

"What?" He looked up swallowing his food.

"We're going to me…. The Justin Bieber!" I screamed on top of my lungs jumping in my place, he jumped at me & hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t breathe anymore.

"I'm meeting Justin fucking Bieber holy shit!" He screamed in my ear.

"Uh Niall, I think you're killing her..." Louis observed & Niall pulled away blushing madly.

"Oh sorry..."

"So when are we seeing him?" Liam asked seeming excited but only hiding it.

"Who said you're all coming?" I teased.

"Well you're not going anywhere without me" He joked back.

"Just kidding, we're all going tomorrow at 2pm to Hard Rock Cafe" I informed reading the text out loud.

"How did you manage to get us to meet him?" Zayn asked not seeming to really care much.

"Probably Ryan, he's his stylist so.." Mel answered in my place.

"Mel, we have to go shopping tomorrow morning" I winked.

"Sorry I have a boyfriend, I won't try to impress him"

"Aw you're no fun, & your boyfriend might even leave you for Justin si" I mocked making everyone laugh except for Harry, he just finished his pancakes & went up to his room.

It was 7:37 anyway so I might just go to sleep as well; I'm waking up early tomorrow.

"Guys, I need a shopping buddy tomorrow" I pleaded & Louis, Niall & Zayn raised their hands. "I'm not taking you Niall, you're just using me to buy food" I said & he looked down murmuring 'you know me too well' "So Zayn, are you sure you can wake up tomorrow at eight?" I asked him knowing that his sleep is the most precious thing in his life.

"Positive" then he turned to face Louis "Lou, wake me when you get up" I smiled at my own shopping team.

"Okay I’m going to sleep, night guys" I waved heading to my room, I noticed Louis & Harry's door was wide open, I had to talk with Harry sooner or later so I entered the messy room to see him lying on his bed looking deep in thoughts.

"Uh.... You can come with us tomorrow, if you want..." I offered awkwardly, he turned to look at me surprised to my presence.

"I'm really sorry Ash" I could see guilt and regret in his eyes, but who cares?

"Save it, I just came to invite you. Goodnight" I shrugged in a rush going back to my room.



*Next Morning*

"Wake up sleeping beauty" a voice said in my ear, I didn’t move.

"Come on wakey wakey" Ugh this is definitely Louis, I still didn’t move.

"GET YOUR ASS UP RIGHT NOW OR ELS-" I threw a pillow at his face & sat up.

"You are worse than my mom" I groaned rubbing my eyes.

"We have some shopping to do girlfriend, now get ready & let's go" He mocked using his ghetto accent.

"Alright Louise, don’t forget to bring your Gucci bag" I teased running to my bathroom so he couldn't catch me. I quickly got ready & went to Zayn's room.

"Zayn!" I shouted in his ear but he didn’t move, isn’t this Louis’ job to wake him?

"Zayn, Zayn wake up, Megan Fox is talking about you in an interview!" He immediately stood up running to the TV room, I followed him to find him flipping through the channels I tried to hold in laughter when he turned to look at me with disappointment.

"You lied to me" He cried putting his hand on his chest dramatically.

"Good morning" I greeted smiling at him.

"I can't believe you lied to me" & I thought Louis was the dramatic one.

"Yeah yeah now go get ready so we can shop, that's if you want to come of course" I smirked making his eyes grow wide before he ran past me to the bathroom.



We've been waiting for 30 minutes, Zayn is still in his bedroom getting ready, more like giving birth.... If he had a vagina.

"Louis, are you sure he's not dead?" I sighed getting tired of just staring at the wall.

"No he's probably checking himself out" I laughed at Louis’ careless response.

"Hey Louis where's your Gucci bag though?" I was bored, so might as well make fun of Louis a little bit.

"Ha ha ha real funny Ash, you need to learn from the master" I rolled my eyes, then Malik came out. Praise the lord!

"Finally! We thought you were dead!" I exclaimed observing his ‘Cool Kids Don’t Dance’ shirt with a jeans jacket and black pants. I have a feeling this shopping spree will be successful.

"No you thought he was dead, I told you he was checking himself out" Louis corrected.

"Whatever Louis, now let's go"

"To the mall it is" Louis shouted pointing to the door.



Shopping is always fun with the girls, but with the boys, it’s a whole new level of fun. Louis’ clothes were elegant, bright, and girly. Zayn’s clothes were hipster, sexy, and funky. And I loved each one of my oh so many outfits, that I couldn’t even choose the right one to meet Justin. 

"Oh my gosh show me!" Melody attacked me once we stepped into the tour bus, I shook my head before turning it to the boys as a smile spread across my face.

"Thanks guys, I really had so much fun" I thanked them for being the best shopping buddies a female can ever ask for, they smiled back gratefully.

"I'm always here if you need a shopping buddy" Louis winked at me & Zayn' just laughed. I went back to my room & there was Melody opening the bags.

"Oh my god these are so cute" She exclaimed picking up the half pink summer dress, the red high heels and the orange ones, the blue tight pants and the cute orange bag that Louis chose, forgetting about the rest or maybe just her arms couldn’t carry more. She then opened the three other bags, and giggled picking up the Nirvana shirt, black high heels, leather boots, and black British top and bright blue skinny jeans that Zayn chose. "Oh let me guess, Zayn chose these?" She raised an eyebrow with a smile on her face and I laughed nodding.

"Yes" I confirmed watching as she checked them

"I like it, they make you seem kind of hipster with a great taste in music." She winked seductively covering her chest with m clothes, I laughed blushing madly, when I remembered how Zayn was examining the clothes on my body and nervously chewing on his lips.

"I really had fun with Zayn and Louis, it made me forget about... you know" I let her know sadly.

"Ashley, you really need to get over him, he cheated on you for god's sake. You two can be friends, that's if you both get over the awkward state" She acknowledged shoving the clothes back into their boxes and bags.

"It's not like I love him, I just.... I don’t know. It feels so bad knowing that your boyfriend cheated on you. It's like... You're not good enough for him"

"Don't ever think you're not good enough. You're beyond good or great or amazing. Any guy is lucky to have you. Keep that in mind" She reassured holding my hands & getting up.

"Melody!" She turned around to my voice. “It's so good to talk to you about this again" She smiled nodding & went out.

It was 1 PM. everyone was eating dinner & I just refused even though they wouldn’t stop telling me to eat. I had to get ready. So I had a hard time deciding what to wear, but I finally went with Louis’ style. [The 6th outfit in the picture]. I had no idea what to do with my hair, so I just left it down wavy. I put some eyeliner & makeup. Before getting out of the room I took one last glance in the mirror when I realized that I really do look good.

"Ta daa!" I dramatically announced putting one hand in the air and the other one rested on my hip. They were all smiling at me. Liam had to go to talk to Danielle so he's not coming, I hope things will work for him.

"Can we go? Please? Anytime soon... Now!" I joked as they all shook their heads & blinked a few times. I think they're pretty good actors... trying to make me feel good about myself.

"I'm going to ask you this question one more time, marry me Ashley?" Louis obviously joked or maybe that was because I chose his outfit not Zayn’s.

"I thought you were gay" I joked back. Calling Louis gay had became a hobby of mine, and he doesn’t seem to refuse that title, he’s definitely straight, I know that. But it’s just fun the way he always jokes back with something a thousand times funnier.

"I can turn back straight for you" See what I’m talking about.

"She needs a real man Louis, she's going to need me" Zayn stepped in smirking at his partner in crime.

"Bradford bad boy wins" I finished, pointing at him, who smiled cheekily. Louis just sighed & leaded the way. We got in the van, Louis in my right & Zayn in my left. Harry in front of me & Niall & Melody next to him. I just sat there in silence. My phone went off & I unlocked it to see a text.

From: Crazy Shay

'Omg Ryan Good just called me, he said something about being Justin Bieber's stylist & that you're going to meet him. Holy fricking gosh why are you so lucky?! I hate you girlfriend, i'm always stuck here alone :('

I smiled sadly, she’s right, we promised each other to stay best friends forever, and do everything together, but here I am alone with Melody going through all of this amazing things, while she’s alone in California, babysitting her cousins and walking old lady Olivia’s numerous dogs.

"That Ryan guy again?" Harry asked rolling his eyes, um what? Since when did Harry talk to me.... I looked at him in disbelieve.

"No...." I answered him then texted her back.

To: Crazy Shay

'So he called you? yeah i'm on my way to meet the Biebs, with Niall, Mel, Zayn, Lou & Harry. & I love you to. Don’t worry you won’t be stuck there for too long'

"We're here" The driver announced and that was the first time I realized it was Paul who always drove us, it seemed as if I always did something in the ride that I never noticed who it was, no wonder he always shows up from nowhere. Niall started squealing like a fan girl.

"It's better if he fan girls here instead of fangirling in front of Justin" I said getting out of the car, they all were laughing at my last comment. I spotted Ryan probably waiting for us. His mouth hang wide open when he spotted me, did I really change that much?

"Ashley?" He asked in disbelieve while hugging me "I missed you! Look at you all beautiful and lady like" He observed making me blush "Thanks" someone cleared his throat. "Umm... This is Harry, my-"

"Her boyfriend, & you're Ryan I guess, nice to meet you" He interrupted shaking Ryan's hand, what the actual hell is going on here?

"Hey Melody!" He exclaimed hugging her as well, they started talking & I took advantage of that time pulling Harry to talk in private.

"Harry, what the hell are you doing?"

"We can't tell the press we're not dating anymore, for god's sake Ash. Why are you so selfish?!" He shouted angrily

"Me? Selfish? What the hell are you talking about & why are you so mad! I'm not your girlfriend anymore; you have that slut Emily or whatever he name was, so leave me alone." I shouted at him before going back to the group.

"Alright now that I know all of you, can we head inside?" He asked once I showed up, as we were walking in, he whispered in my ear "I know you're not dating Harry, & Justin really wants to meet you" I just nodded playing it cool, whilst I was over the moon knowing that Justin Drew Bieber wants to meet me.

"Hey man" Justin greeting doing that bro handshake with Ryan.

"Aye this is Ashley, told you she's beautiful" I blushed while Justin smiled at me, he kissed my hand just the way Harry kissed Emily's hand. Why I'm I thinking about Harry now? Justin Bieber is kissing my hand, enjoy the moment.

"These are Niall, Harry, Zayn & Louis you know them already" Ryan introduced the boys & Justin shook the boys’ hands. "Where’s Liam? He didn’t want to see me or what?" Justin joked as Niall didn’t let go of his hand.

"He had to see a... friend" I couldn’t tell anyone about Danielle, because I was the only one who knew.

"This is Melody, one of my old friends & also Ashley's bestie & Niall's girlfriend" Wow looks like Melody have a lot of roles in our lives.

"Come on guys, I have something to show you" Justin suggested pulling his hand out for me to hold it and so I did. Harry was just cursing under his breath. Revenge time!





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