No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


26. React To The Moment, Guilt Will Eat You

Nando's in the states is a whole lot different than the one in England, this one wasn't fancy looking, but it was nice. I spotted a car that looked just like Harry's, but he was in Encino so that's impossible, we entered the restaurant laughing at the parody song we made on our way over of Drake's Motto. There were only four seats a table, so I sat with Selena, Zayn and Shay. Justin, Ryan & Jay were sitting in the table right next to us. A pretty blonde lady came over.

"So, what can I get you?" She asked smiling as her notebook showed how nervous she was feeling. When I was living a normal life style in Los Angeles, I would easily spot the new waitresses in restaurants, but now I can't tell if they're nervous to see celebrities or because it’s their first day.

"Um... I'll have chicken breast fillet strips, with a Pepsi" I ordered while looking at the menu. I passed it to Shay.

"Um... I'll just take peri peri chicken with coke too" Shay said passing the menu to Selena who didn't bother looking at it.

"Same as her" Selena pointed at me then the boys all agreed with her. The waitress walked back to the kitchen.

"I just realized how hard it is to order without saying um" I mumbled & we all burst into laughter, even the boys. We were pretty much in the same table.

"Niall would love to eat here" I sighed remembering how he went psycho on me for never trying Nando's.

"I bet if he knew there was Nando's in New York he'd fly all the way from Encino" Zayn acknowledged laughing.

"I think they're back to New York for an interview, which reminds me why aren't you doing your job Zayn?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"Someone needs to be with you" He shrugged as if I was alone.

"Yeah, well I have Shay, Selena, Justin & Ryan so just go back & do your work"

"You don't want me here anymore?" He pouted doing the famous fake crying face he does all the time.

"No, not like that. I just don't want your fans to hate me for keeping you to myself" He chuckled pinching my cheek.

"I'll go back tomorrow then" I kissed his cheek; I really don't want to be the reason One Direction split out.

We waited for thirteen minutes but our orders never came. And even worse, we had nothing to talk about.

"Where is our food?" Ryan groaned taking his sunglasses off.

"I'll check what's wrong" I offered getting up & walking towards the door that the waitress entered earlier, I was looking at my phone till I bumped into someone, my phone fell on the ground, & thank god nothing happened to it. I looked up to see a blonde figure with blue eyes, I know him so damn well.

"Oh my god! Ashley!" He exclaimed pulling me in his famous Horan hug.

"What are you doing here? I missed you Niall" I said pulling away, he was smiling but his smile fade away when he looked behind me.

"What's wrong?" I asked turning around to see the curly haired boy who I used to call my boyfriend. He looked a mix of shocked, surprised and nervous; I didn't know what to do so I excused myself trying to get away.

"Excuse me!" I muttered walking so fast when a pair of strong arms caught me, those arms that used to cuddle me every night and protect me from cold, those arms that belong to one person that hurt me.

"Please let me go, I don't want to talk. Leave me alone!" I begged but he hugged me so tight I couldn't get away, not going to lie, I really missed his hugs so much, I missed everything about him, but I didn't hug back.

"I'm not letting you go until you forgive me" he protested pulling away but still wrapping his hands around my waist, we were looking to each other's eyes & for the first time ever, I noticed how beautiful the color of his eyes are, I would say they're the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, but Zayn beats him to that title. I noticed how sad his eyes looked & I felt so horrible knowing I was the reason why he's sad, I noticed how he looks at me with care in his eyes & I couldn't stay mad at him anymore.

"I- I forgive you" I mumbled breaking the silence around us.

"Thank you" He hugged me again & for the first time again, It felt so wrong being in his arms. Like I should be in someone else's arms. But we stayed there for a good ten seconds. When he pulled away he took my face in his hands looking at my eyes then at my lips. Someone cleared their throat & I turned around to see Harry.

"Ashley, can I.... talk to you?" He requested but I didn't respond, I turned my heels & walked back to our table where everyone knew that something went wrong, by the way they looked at me.

"They're here" I announced sitting in my place.

"Who?" Justin asked eagerly.

"The rest of One Direction..." Their eyes went wide & their mouths formed an o.

"Did... did they talk to you?" Zayn asked protectively.

"I bumped into Niall, then Harry showed up & I tried to escape but Liam held me & well... I forgave him... Then Harry tried to talk to me but I ran back here" I explained as Shay shook her head.

"You're a failure. You shouldn't forgive them yet"

"You didn't see his eyes, he looked obviously desperate & sad. I can't let him be like that"

"Alright, you know what's good for you" She shrugged as the waitress finally came holding our plates.

"Sorry for being late, we had some issues with a stubborn client" She apologized, and the first person that came into my mind was Niall, I bet he was that stubborn client. We simply nodded smiling.

"It's okay" I smiled.

"No it's not, I nearly died from hunger" Ryan replied sassily gaining a hit from Zayn.

"He's just joking" She smiled going away. I took a bite of my food and like always, it was amazing.

"Heaven in a plate" Selena voiced my thoughts shoving food in her mouth.

"That's not attractive Selena" Shay teased.

"I think she's always attractive, no matter what" Justin defended kissing Selena, they both had food in their mouths.

"Eww gross" I shut my eyes hiding behind Zayn's back.

"It's okay babe, they finished being disgusting" Zayn reassured patting my back, I laughed.

"Hey if you keep doing disgusting things, I'm going to sing that Motto parody we made in the car" Selena hated our little song, she said it was disrespectful & disgusting. She never approves of our parodies, and we hold that against her.

"No! Sorry, I'll just eat" I laughed at her, as we all continued eating our food, Ryan would say 'yum' every time he takes a bite.

My phone buzzed, I unlocked it finding a text.

From: Husbo aka Liam

'Can I meet you later? Louis wants to apologize. Thank you again for forgiving me. all though i still feel terrible xx'

I immediately texted him back feeling Zayn's eyes on me.

To: Husbo aka Liam

'you guys can all come to our table, except for Harry. Or else it'd be very awkward :/ it’s ok Liam, you don't need to feel bad anymore, just forget about it ok?

From: Husbo aka Liam

'no I'd rather meet you alone, then we can go to Lou's room, Harry has his own room, he won’t even know you're there, I’m still going to hate myself for hurting you'

To: Husbo aka Liam

'Ok we'll meet in Northside Park at 2 maybe? Please stop blaming yourself'

"Is everyone done?" Justin asked.

"Yeah" I replied looking at my watch, it was 1:30. It'll be better if I just go to the park.

"Okay then, let's roll" He announced.

"Eh I want to go to the park actually.... Alone" I informed them while they all looked at me.

"Alright, be careful though" Justin approved smiling, they all stood up going back to the car after paying, I walked out of the restaurant heading to the park. It was so beautiful outside, I love it how people didn't care about what I was wearing, back in California; appearance was everything.

I sat on a bench in the park that was four streets away from Nando's, kids were playing around, I focused my attention on two kids who looked like best friends, a blonde little girl & a black haired little boy, I think he was protecting her from the others, I smiled to myself. I felt a hand on my shoulder & I turned to see Liam. He was still looking terribly sad, I smiled at him & his face lit up smiling back at me. He sat next to me watching the kids as well.

"Look at those two" I pointing at the two best friends "I think they're best friends, & he's protecting her from the other kids" I said not looking away from the kids.

"I bet they're going to end up together" Liam said smiling.

"That's so cute" I turned to face Liam, he still had that sad look in his eyes "Liam" He looked at me. "Stop hurting yourself please, I hate seeing you sad" He looked at me with apologizing eyes

"Did I really hurt you that much?" He asked and I hesitated

"Umm.... No, not really" I lied just to make him feel less guilty about himself. When he wrapped his arms around me in a hug.

"I'm so sorry" He whispered in my ear.

"It's okay Liam, you're making a big deal out of this" I laughed pulling away.

"It is a big deal breaking someone's heart"

"Yeah yeah right, let's go see Louis now, I miss that gay soul" We both laughed, he held my hand which surprised me, but it didn't feel weird at all, it felt comfy.

I was glad no fan or paparazzi had noticed us, we were walking all the way to the hotel they were staying in, it was just five blocks away but since we were walking so slowly & noticing every tiny detail around us it took us fifteen minutes to get there. Louis didn't know we were coming, so he was surprised to see me, but the first thing he did was give me one of his bear hugs, I missed them all so much.

"I am so sorry Ashley, for everything I did, I was so stupid believing those lies & I don't want to lose you" He repeated again & I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously guys, I'm getting so tired of hearing sorry. I already said its okay, I forgive you" They smiled again. "So Louis, any special someone?" I asked trying to make a conversation.

"Er no... The only girls I see are you, Melody & our fans."

"Why can't you date me? Or a fan?" I joked.

"Because I already know someone who loves you, I actually know two, no they're three people who love you. & fans are crazy, they'll eat me alive" I laughed nodding before his words hit me. "Wait, who are these three people who love me?" He looked at me then back at Liam then back at me.

"Um.... People" He stated while Liam shook his head sighing.

"I'd love to stay & argue but it's getting late & I have to go back" I said standing up from my seat.

"But it's just 4:30" Louis whined with his best puppy dog eyes.

"Your puppy dog eyes have no effect on me. Speaking of puppies & dogs, where is Mak?" I asked looking around for my pet.

"Back in Encino" He casually said.

"What! You left my dog alone?"

"No, he's with a friend of mine. Don't worry" I sighed at his irresponsible character.

"Okay then, remember that I forgive you so stop feeling bad" I reminded hugging him again.

"I'm going with you" Liam announced & I smiled at him walking out of the room. Thankfully Harry didn't hear any of us so I didn't have to face him. Liam walked next to me holding my hand again.

"We're not going to Justin's house are we?" I asked Liam who had his arms wrapped around me, and we were walking in the other direction.

"You really think I'll let you go to New York City alone? Nope you're staying with us" He laughed adorably.

"But.... They're all going to get worried"

"I'm still protesting" I sighed giving up. "But, we're going somewhere beautiful" He added as we kept walking, it's amazing how I noticed every tiny thing he does, from the way he moves his eyes to the way he smiles. It's like... The first time I ever notice this, he's so beautiful, and really interesting for some reason. He looked down at me smiling.

"We're here" He announced & I looked in front of me, the view was unbelievably beautiful, only shows that the smallest things in life should be appreciated, from this point, everything looked small but had a charming secret behind it.

"Wow! This is so beautiful" I awed facing Liam in lack of words.

"Like you" He smiled brushing a stand of hair behind my ear, I smiled.

"Thanks" He took my face in his hands & there we were again, staring at each other's eyes, his beautiful brown eyes looked more hazel because of the sun light, it looked so deep, like if you keep staring you'll get sucked into them. He glanced at my lips then my eyes, then he looked back at my lips again biting his, I knew what he was going to do & I didn't know what to do. He started leaning signaling the raise of my heart beat's speed. I Closed my eyes as our lips touched, but I was afraid that I was just using him to forget about Harry, I didn't want to get into a relationship right now. I finally realized how wrong that was, and broke the kiss making him frown.

"Liam this is... just wrong..." I mumbled awkwardly breathing heavily.

"But, I.. I have always loved you" He confessed nervously.

"I'm still not over Harry" I replied with a sad tone, looking down as he lifted my chin.

"I'll help you! Ashley you won't believe what I can do for you" I smiled at the amazing person in front of me, he was always next to me & always supported me & honestly, I think he deserves much better than me. But again, I don't want to only use him. I want to get over Harry and Zayn. I want to love him.



So the votes are:

11 for Zayn (Didn't count spam, sorry!)

3 for Liam (Most people voted for Liam in the very beginning, and I counted everything from the start.)

5 for Harry.

And since I promised to make everyone happy, I'm adding a little bit of Liam before she actually goes to Zayn.

Note: Zayn is the guy for her in this story.




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