No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


18. New Friendships Better Than Relationships

I didn't want to see Zayn or Perrie so I didn't leave the room for the whole day, I glanced at the clock & it was 3:12 I still didn't feel like getting up, they all tried to cheer me but nothing helped, I didn't want to see anyone but Liam, even Makaveli or Harry. Yesterday was horrible, every time I would walk to the kitchen I find Zayn having a make out session with Perrie, it's so disgusting so I decided to never leave this room unless we're having an interview or show or for the shooting with JB. Every time someone tries to talk to me it ends up with me being a drama queen.

I heard a loud knock on my door, then it opened showing Louis, Harry & Niall.

"You're not staying in this room anymore" Louis announced.

"Leave me alone to die" I groaned covering my faceAC

"I don't understand why you are so depressed? You're turning to an emo" Harry spoke stepping closer, I can't just tell him 'hey I think I have some feelings for Zayn' so I'll just ignore it.

"I'm going to listen to every sad song in my iPod" I sighed grabbing my iPod and making the three of them roll their eyes.

"You didn't eat for a day! & nobody cooks for us" Niall complained sounding terribly sad.

"I'm sorry; I'm not in the mood for eating or cooking"

"That's it!" Louis shouted. "You didn't leave us any other choice! Boys, bring the ropes" Ropes? My eyes widened as they said that.

"Are you kidnapping me?" I asked nervously.

"No, we're saving you babe, I miss the old cheerful you" Harry whispered shaking his head sadly.

"The old cheerful me is gone, forever" I said & they all rolled their eyes.

"You're being such a drama queen" Louis mocked. Okay maybe I am being dramatic a little bit.

"Hey, if I get out of the bed would you guys take me for shopping?" I asked cheerfully.

"She's back!" Niall exclaimed embracing me in a hug.

"No I'm not, but I will be back if you promise to take me to the mall" I took full advantage of the situation. Why do I have to hide when she's the one who's crashing over?

"We promise!" They chorused excitedly hugging me.

"And like always, I'm your shopping buddy" Louis winked, I tried getting out of my bed but I felt dizzy, laying all day and all night really has its effect.

"Wait, I'm filming this, too emotional" Louis yelled wiping fake tears, I rolled my eyes & went to the bathroom once I would see.

As I finished getting ready I walked out of the room to find Louis with his thinking face.

"What's up with the thinking face Lou?" I asked throwing my makeup bag on the bed.

"I'm just thinking, since you & Zayn don't talk, & he was your shopping buddy. Then who's taking his place?" I laughed at the ridiculous things he spends his time thinking about.

"You're more than enough Lou" He smiled happily.



Shopping with one person is much easier than shopping with two. Zayn & Louis used to keep arguing about everything, but Louis gave me a great time. I bought about five outfits, they're all stunning, and I must say Louis has some terrific taste.

I opened my bags to see what I have bought, first outfit: a crop top Superman T-shirt, red hot pants shorts, yellow sneakers, & a blue iPhone case, I laughed remembering how Louis fangirled over Superman. Second outfit; A red vila zan tank top, a white classic straight leg jeans, SUPRA the sky top sneakers in red, a Marc Jacobs red bag, red Beat By Dre -he just had the buy this one- and a red iPhone case with 'keep calm and carry on'. These were really great, the third outfit was amazing; a yellow H&M Jacket with a blue cobalt pleat chiffon dress, a 6 inch plate form heels & a Co-Lab by Christopher Kon Vivian Satchel. There was much more clothes that I was going to check but I saw Liam walking in so happy.

"We're back together" He announced hugging me & laughing excitedly.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Danielle, she said she can't live without me & that she loves me, so we're back together" I let out a loud scream & jumped on him for a hug, everyone rushed to our room.

"Rape!" Niall screamed & I turned around looking at his terrified look "Ashley is raping Liam! Help!" He repeated.

"He's back with Danielle!" I shouted jumping up and down like a kid "I knew it I knew it I knew it!" I screamed pointing at all of them.

"Woah calm gown Ashley" Louis waved with his hand.

"No I'm not calming down because I'm so happy!" I screamed jumping on my bed, Liam was just laughing. Yes! He's back with Dani that's so amazing! I knew they loved each other. I fucking knew it!

"Ashley you're making a big deal out of it" Harry said & I sent him a glare "Sorry..."

"I was going to say let's celebrate it, but since Perrie is here, I'm not getting out of the room" I calmed down stepping off the poor be that had to carry my weight.

"Uhm.... By the way Ash... We have to tell you something" Louis blurted in a serious tone, Louis is never serious unless it's something bad.

"What's wrong?" I asked watching as they all looked somehow guilty...

"See, Perrie's in this band called Little Mix right?" I nodded at Liam.

"Well, Zayn wants the band to.... Open for our shows" What! She's not just stealing Zayn she's also stealing my job!

"And what did you guys say?" I asked playing it calm.

"Zayn said that if Little Mix don't open for our shows, he's leaving the band" My eyes widened, he really hates me that much?

"So you said yes?" They all nodded avoiding my gaze "Okay, can you guys please leave, I need some time alone" I sat down fighting back tears.

"Ashley... I'm sorry" Harry comforted trying to hug me, I pushed him away.

"No it's fine; I just need some time alone. I'll be fine" I said taking my iPod, they all just nodded & walked out of the room.

"I guess it's time for some sad songs, on repeat" I was just about to click on 'Lost Because' when my phone started ringing.

"Hello" I answered unwarily sighing.

"Hey, it's Selena" Her adorable cheerful voice ringed through the other line.

"Oh hey, how are you doing?" I asked wiping my tears and sniffing some more as I kept convincing myself that I am not crying.

"Just fine, can you meet me at Starbucks in Broadway St? Where we first met" She seemed to be in a good mood, well at least one of us is happy.

"Uh... yeah sure" I hesitated on my choice, but realized that it might get my mind out of certain.... people.

"Great! See you there in twenty minutes?"

"Okay, see you" I hung up & ran to the bathroom, I picked one of Liam's shirts & wore it with some shorts, I don't care how I look, my hair was half straight half wavy. I picked my bag & walked out of the room still in my black boots.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked as I was walking past them. They were all gathered in the room. Might as well give them privacy so they can talk about what they wanted. Because I'm a total outsider. What I'm I even saying? I shouldn't be mad at the boys for accepting, they could either accept or lose their band mate, and of course they chose Zayn over me.

"Out." I didn't turn to look at him, I just kept walking till I got out of the hotel. I walked all the way to Broadway St, to Starbucks, then I saw Selena sitting there wearing a blue shirt with a hoodie & shorts. I smiled as she waved at me. I sat next to her after we kissed and hugged.

"Glad you came" She smiled.

"I had to get out of the hotel, & I would never say no to meeting you" I smiled back gratefully.

"Yes, you seem nice, so I just wanted to get to know you better" I nodded.

"Are we staying here? Cause I wanna order something to eat" we both laughed. I don't care about my diet anymore, I don't care about being fat because no matter how much I try, I'm always not good enough. I'm not good enough for Harry, I'm not good enough for Zayn, I'm not good enough for the whole band and not even for life itself. So who cares? I will eat away the pain.

"Sure, what are you having?" She asked calling the waitress, even though you're not supposed to call for food in Starbucks, I guess being Justin Bieber's best friend is useful.

"I didn't eat for days, so I'll have a Chicken Santa Fe Panini with a Tazo Iced Green Tea Latte" She gave me a funny look.

"Are you kidding me? You didn't eat for days & that's all you're having?" I laughed at her expression, I thought she would think that's too much.

"Well, yeah that's enough for me" she sighed & ordered the same.

"So, how come your eyes are green?" She asked & I looked at her surprised "Yeah, I saw that interview so I know about it" I giggled before I sighed.

"Some problems...."

"You can tell me if you want, like Justin always says; I'm trustable" I smiled nodding.

"It's kind of a long story, but I'll tell you anyway"

"I'm listening"

"Now... I always had strong feelings for Zayn, but I'm dating Harry & I love him but not as much as Zayn, Zayn hates me for some reason & well he brought his girlfriend Perrie to live with everyone. I never get out of my room because I have a horrible past with her" The waitress came serving us our food & drinks.


"And like you already know I was supposed to open for all their shows, but since that little brat Perrie is in a band called Little Mix, Zayn said that if she & her band don't open for their shows he's going to leave the band" She looked at me with a shocked expression. I'm not sure if she's shocked because of what Zayn did, or shocked because I wasn't fully honest with Harry.... Or shocked because she saw a gorilla eating Nutella behind us. Yeah, I'll go with the third one.

"I'm sorry... I know how it feels like to see the one you love with someone else" She comforted reaching for my hand and squeezing it.


"Well, since you trusted me I'm going to trust you too & tell you my secret" I leaned in listening to her.

"I am madly completely fully in love with Justin Drew Bieber" I looked at her in disbelief. She just smiled blushing.

"The first time I saw you with him, I thought you were his girlfriend" I confessed & we both laughed.

"I wish"

"Why don't you tell him?"

"I don't think he feels the same way. I'm stuck in the friend zone" She sighed dropping her gaze.

"Trust me; you two are going to end up together. & you'll see" She just looked at me weirdly.

We finished eating & talking, she asked if I had a Twitter account & I said no, so I made one after she insisted & she followed me. We decided to go to the movies since I didn't want to go back. We're watching Ted.

"Justin wanted to watch this movie with me, you took his place" Selena said & I just laughed.

"I hope he won't get mad at me" The movie started & we already finished the popcorn.

I'm actually impressed I didn't sleep during the movie, it was fun though.

"Sir, can you please take a picture of us?" Selena asked a random guy handing him her phone & he just nodded.

"Let's pretend we're laughing at the movie" She said & I laughed at the way she said it, she laughed at my laugh, the guy took the picture & gave us the phone back.

"This is going on Twitter" She said as my phone buzzed. It was a mention from SelenaGomez.

'Watching Ted with @AshleyMalik. Sorry Justin, she took your place! [Media side bar for picture]

Louis_Tomlinson: @SelenaGomez @AshleyMalik having fun without us? I see how it is :( xxx'

JustinBieber: @SelenaGomez @AshleyMalik Selena you're supposed to be my best friend, now I have to watch it alone. Thanks Ash :(

I rolled my eyes at those two. I gained 2K followers already; I locked my phone turning to face Selena

"Thank you so much Selly, I had a great time" I smiled at her, she just did a cute face giggling.

"You're forever welcome, & don't worry about that Zayn & Perrie thingy, you still have a job with Justin, & Zayn will realize what a big mistake he made" We both hugged each other. As I walked outside, she was going to stay there & wait for Justin to pick her up. I hope he secretly loves her too; that'd be amazing.

I took a deep breath, and then walked to the hotel running to my room as fast as I could trying to avoid everyone. I made it to my room, then I locked the door behind me. I sat there for about fifteen minutes then I started getting bored. I picked my laptop & logged into Skype. Oh Shay is online, I sent her a request that she accepted right away.

"Hey girly" She greeted cheerfully.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing, listen... Louis kind of told me about what happened " I sighed remembering everything.


"And I think, you should go pull that bitch's hair, kick her in the vagina & stab her eyes with your nails" She acted the scenes making me laugh so loud, the others probably heard me.

"No, I'm a lover not a fighter"

"Well too bad, cause if you don't do it, I'm flying all the way to New York to do it for you" I smiled sadly.

"You don't need to fly here, I'm going back to Cali" She looked shocked.

"What the hell are you talking about! You can't let her take everything you have" She yelled at me.

"I'm not opening for their shows anymore; I don't need to stay here"

"Melody is not opening for their shows either but she's still touring with them."

"But she doesn't have any problem with Zayn or Perrie" I argued back.

"If you come back, I won't welcome you here" She crossed her arms & I chuckled nodding.

"Well that's sad; I guess I have to find somewhere else to stay"

"What about Justin Bieber's music video?" She asked. Oops, I totally forgot about it.

"I don't know, I'll figure something out"

"Alright, I miss you & I love you so much. Don't let that bitch beat you; you're way better than her"

"Thanks, I love you too" I smiled at her & pressed end after waving.


I talked with Shay, painted my nails, cleaned my room listened to all my iPod songs, & I'm still bored as hell. I can't take it in this place anymore; it's either Perrie or me. I walked out of my room, to where everyone was sitting.

"I can't take it anymore" I shouted causing all heads to face me, including Zayn and Perrie. "I'm going back to Cali" Their eyes were abnormally wide.

"You can't go back to Cali, you can't leave me" Harry begged standing up.

"I can't live like this anymore, it's like a prison. Plus I have no reason to stay; I'm not opening for your shows anymore"

"Great, goodbye then" Perrie waved while smiling at me.

"She's not going anywhere. Everyone wants her here" Louis defended glaring at Perrie.

"Well not me & I'm sure Zayn agrees with me, right babe?" He didn't reply, his eyes were showing a different emotion, one that I couldn't figure.

"If anyone here needs to get out, then that person is Perrie" Melody started.

"Yeah, raise your hand if you want Perrie out" I silently laughed at Louis' childish way. Everyone raised their hands except for Perrie & Zayn, she was looking so mad. She stood up & walked away.

"You guys.... I just wanted her to get out, I'm not leaving!" I admitted between laughs, they all laughed along.

"You're so evil, but I love you" Harry said kissing me.

"Okay everyone, I think we need to celebrate three things, Liam & Dani's relationship, Ashley being all cheerful again, & Perrie going back to where she belongs "Niall offered getting nods of agreements.

I walked back to my room to get my phone, I left my door wide open but someone closed it, I turned around to see Zayn standing by the door.

"Zayn?" He walked my way, what is he doing? Is he going to kill me? I prepared my ears for shouting and heart for hurtful words, but they never came.

"I just.... I just wanted to apologize." That's shocking; I stood there not moving an inch. "I never wanted to make you feel that way."

"Then why did you do it?" I finally managed to say.

"It was meant to make you jealous, not hurt. It didn't go the way I planned." He said walking out of my room, 'make you jealous' what does that mean? Why would he want to make me jealous? Great now I'm super confused.



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