No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


34. Getting Inked.

Four days after Zayn awoke, I talked with Jason once and he said it was actually his girlfriend not his sister, which surprised me because he never mentioned having one. Zayn decided that it would be better if we left Jason alone so that's what we did, of course I apologized to Zayn and we became closer than ever. 

I stayed every night which pissed Liam off and he just left me alone, our relationship-that’s only based on rebounders- is getting worse and worse, all he does is complain about how I don't give him the time he deserves and how I spend more time with Zayn instead of him. I guess he just can't get it in his head, Zayn is a good friend of mine of course I'll take care of him. 

 I haven't seen Liam for two days, we only talked on the phone twice and it was very awkward, I don't blame him though he's totally right, I barely give him any time but he must understand. Besides, it’s my loss not his, I’m the one who wanted to get over her past breakup. 

I walked into the hospital room with Starbucks drinks in my hands. Struggling to keep my balance as I kicked the door shut, Zayn paid attention to my presence. 

"Hey champ" I greeted putting my bag on the chair and pulling out the plastic cup of the mango and orange smoothie from the box. 

"Hello" He smiled. 

"I brought you a smoothie since you’re not supposed to drink coffee yet" I handed him the smoothie cup helping him to sit up so he could sip from the straw. 

"Oh cool, thanks" He sighed. Which was weird considering the fact that we always joke around. 

"What's wrong?" I lifted his chin "Zayn, tell me what's wrong" He sighed again. 

"I'm I causing you any problems with Liam?" He asked seemed genuinely unhappy. I shook my head honestly. 

"No you're not, I want to stay with you, if Liam really wants to help me as he says then he has to deal with it, right I need him, but you need me more. I care about both of you  but you’re the one laying on a hospital bed." I explained causing him to smile.

"I just don't want to be an excuse for him to leave you." Ifroze after his words, if Liam does give up on me, it’ll be really sad, and he most likely will never be as close as we used to be as friends before. But I know that time will heal me. He sighed as soon as he realized what he said "No listen, I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. He'll never give up on you. Just don't worry about it okay?" He quickly corrected his words. 

"Alright I guess" He gave me a funny look to soften my mood, and that put a smile on my face. 

"Oh how I love it when I make you smile" He dramatically confessed. 

"You're weird" I shook my head laughing. Then Marimba started playing from my bag, and I realized it was my phone since Zayn’s was still turned off. I moved to my bag and pulled my iPhone out, Liam’s name showed on the screen. 

“It’s Liam.” I exclaimed to Zayn who nodded telling me to go ahead. I pressed answer and held it up to my ear. 

"H-hello Liam" I stuttered out of nowhere. 

"Ashley, we need to talk" His voice serious. He has to be giving up on me, it’s obvious. 

"Yes, are you coming?" I asked biting my lip. 

"No, meet me at Starbucks down the street in ten minutes" He didn’t even ask, he was ordering me to do so. 

"Okay" I hung up turning to face Zayn, the look on my face obviously told a lot because he motioned for me to come closer. 

"What did he say?" He asked once I reached him and held his hand. 

"This is it" I sighed already figuring what Liam will tell me. “He said I need to meet him at Starbucks ten minutes from now, and we need to talk.”

"Then what are you waiting for? Go!" He yelled encouraging me, I mumbled a quiet okay as I walked through the door, I know Starbucks is just ten minutes away walking so I decided to walk instead of taking a cab, just to avoid coming in before and waiting for him. When I arrived I spotted Liam sitting by the corner playing with his phone, I sighed walking in, until he noticed me. 

"Hey..." I greeted awkwardly taking a seat in front of him. 

"Hey, haven't seen you in a while"

"Yeah, I tried to ask you out but you didn't answer the phone" I said coldly. 

"Um we need to talk" He stated the obvious, and I nodded. "You're always with Zayn, like always. You never take an effort into talking to me, I don’t see how I’m helping you." I nodded chewing on my lips. "And I can't keep doing this, I just can't stay hoping that one day, you’ll give me the attention I want." I nodded some more because everything he said was true, but my turn to talk came and I refused to make this my fault. 

“Whatever happened to 'I love you and I'll wait for you'" I mocked causing him to awkwardly clear his throat. 

"Yeah and I still do, but I don't even see-" 

"Because you don't answer my calls, and you never showed up! What do you want me to do? Go around looking for you?" He went silence realizing that it’s not a hundred percent my fault. “Look, if you can’t help me anymore then that’s okay, but don't you dare claim that Zayn is the reason, your problem is with me, leave Zayn out of this picture!" I snapped walking out of Starbucks, I felt so strong for my words, the first time I ever stood up for myself. But I lost a friend, I know it's partly my fault but he should've understood. And how could he not trust me? I thought he really did mean that whole 'I love you so much and I don't want to lose you' I'm just too stupid I believed his bullshit! I sighed really loud causing a few head to turn and look at me weirdly.

"Take a picture, it lasts longer!" I snapped at them. Now I have to go back to Zayn but I can't, I need to talk to someone who has nothing to do with this. Shay and Melody are visiting their parents in California so I only have the boys, I picked my phone typing his number. 

"Are you okay?" His deep laid back voice emerged on the other line.

"Harry, where are you now?" I asked ignoring his first question. 

"We're all with Zayn, what's wrong?"

"I need to talk to you. Do you think you can make it to the park next to McDonalds in twenty minutes?"

 "Yeah.... Are you okay Ashley?"

"Don't tell anyone okay? I just need you right now" I hung up sitting on a bench waiting for him to come. The park looked familiar I just couldn’t remember where or when I was here. 

I don't want to believe anyone who says the word 'love' anymore, never do they mean it! Love hurts like a bitch and even more when the person you love, doesn't love you back. What happened to all that I'll wait for you bullshit he used to tell me? What happened to all that I'll never leave you crap he used to say? None of it was true and I was stupid enough to believe. I shouldn’t have kissed Liam back when he first did, it just gave him false hopes and he only offered to be in this with me because he thought he could change me, looks like he failed miserably after not trying desperately. 

I felt a hand place on my shoulder causing me to instantly jump from my place, when I turned around I saw Harry grinning. 

"Did I scare you?" He had the cheeky smile on his face, I hit his arm playfully. 

"Yes, you did" I sat back on the bench rolling my eyes. 

"So, what's up?" He asked. 

"I think Liam hates me" I stared away still feeling that he was shocked, judging by the long silence before he spoke up. 

"How.... Could he?" 

"Apparently, I don't give him the time he deserves and I'm always spending time with Zayn" I smirked bitterly turning to face him. 

"That's rubbish" 

"I know right? I tried to tell him but he just said I can't keep doing this " I mimicked Liam's voice. 

"I thought he cared for you" Harry mumbled under his breath but I heard him. 

"I thought he cared for me too.” 

 “What can I do for you?" He suddenly asked seeming to really want to cheer me up. 

"I want to get that tattoo now" He looked surprised.

 "Without telling anyone?" 

"No, I want to surprise them" I insisted convinced with my choice. 

"Well then let's go, I know a place where we can get it" I excitedly jumped on him with a hug. Finally getting my first tattoo! After a long wait!




"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked again to make sure. 

"Harry stop it! I'm getting this tattoo" I confirmed stubbornly. 

"Okay, I'm first though" I nodded. A young man with ginger hair came in holding something that looked like a huge needle, I stared at it in horror when I heard some chuckles, Harry and the guy were laughing at me. 

"Stop laughing" I defended blushing. 

"Ashley, this is Ed, and backwards" Harry introduced us and I shook Ed's hand. 

"So, this is your first time getting inked?" Ed asked me and I nodded. 

"Does it hurt though?" I asked innocently. 

"Yeah, not so much. Are you two getting matching tattoos?" He asked and I looked over at Harry. 

"Should we?" I asked for permission. 

"I want to get I Can’t Change inked on my wrist, if you want matching ones then you have to get that one too" I rolled my eyes at him.

"No dumby, I wanted to get Love tattoo, guess we're not having matching ones then" 

"Love is pretty lame" He mocked my choice. 

"It's not, love hurts you know, and tattoos hurt too. That's why I want to get a love tattoo to remind me that I'll get hurt if I ever fall in love again." I explained and Harry and Ed both nodded seeming impressed with my explination. 

"That's deep" Ed nodded. 

"Yeah, anyway let's start with my tattoo" Harry said as Ed took the needled and dipped it in the black ink, the machine started making a noise and Harry tensed at its touch. 

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly, he laughed as Ed moved the needles to write the words. 

"Just remember, you're next" I rolled my eyes at him and snapped a picture of Ed and Harry as he was looking at me like a lost puppy. I quickly logged on Twitter and opened a new tweet:

AshleyMalikHarry's getting a new tattoo, look at his face :D don't laugh guys, I'm next :( #ICantChange [A/N:Picture on the media sidebar] 

"Okay, we're done with Harry" Ed announced as he wrapped plastic around Harry’s wrist. 

"Your turn" Harry whispered in my ear cheekily, I rolled my eyes sitting on the chair. And giving my hand to Ed. 

"So where do you want it?" 

"Right here" I said pointing at my wrist too, because I thought it would hurt less, stupid enough. After he dipped the needle into the black ink again, he started and I tensed a little, it did hurt a little bit at the start, and every now and then. But it was worth it though. The tattoo looked awesome. 

"Let me see" Harry said grabbing my hand. 

"Ouch! It hurts Haz" I yelped in pain and he apologized. 

"It looks so great" He smiled kissing my cheek, is he trying to do something? Because I'm not going back to him. 

 I took a picture of my hand and posted it on Twitter as well.

AshleyMalikLove, because love hurts, because I want it to remind me to never fall in love again. My first tattoo :) 

"Can we go now?" I asked seeing as he paid Ed.

"Yeah sure, let's go"





Once I walked into the room that had all of the boys in it, they turned their attention to us. 

"Ashl-" Liam started but I held up my hand swerving him. 

"Don't! I'm just here to be with Zayn and the boys, treat me like I don't exist okay" I snapped walking over to Zayn. "Guess what?" I excitedly asked. 

"What?" He raised his eyebrows.

"I got a tattoo" I announced excitedly showing him my hand, they were surprised at me, but I only wanted to show it to Zayn. 

"Well that's random. But it looks great though" Niall broke the silence smiling.

 "Thanks Nialler, Harry got one too" Everyone looked surprised again. 

"Matching?" Louis asked in disbelieve. 

"No, he wanted a different tattoo so we didn't get matching ones" I explained taking Harry's hand and showing them his wrist. 

"Well what does this 'I Can’t Change' means anyway?" Liam asked him. 

"People thought that I changed because of fame, and this tattoo is just to remind them that I can’t change" He shrugged as if it wasn’t such an important meaning. 

"Wow that's great" I commented raising my brows in surprise. Knowing Harry, I thought it would have a stupider meaning, like I can’t change my clothes, or I can’t change the way I fart. That’s just how Harry is. 

"Yeah, but yours have a deeper meaning though" I knew what he was doing, he was trying to make me say what my tattoo means in front of Liam, well I'll do it anyway. 

"What does yours mean?" Zayn asked smiling up at me.

"It's like a reminder for me to never fall in love again because it always hurts at the end" Liam cleared his throat and the boys understood what was going on. But I just didn’t get why they were making a big deal out of it. I never loved Liam for me to get this tattoo precisely for him, it just reminded me that relationships suck. 

"But what if you find the one who loves you as much as you love him? And you two actually live a happy life together?" Zayn asked looking straight into my eyes.

"Well, then it means that love can hurt at the beginning but it's worth it at the end, just like tattoos" I smiled feeling proud with myself.

"I'm impressed, that was definitely deep" Louis complimented smiling genuinely at me. I grinned turning back to Zayn. 

"You can take me to have another one as soon as you get better" I offered and he smiled seeming really excited. 

"I see, you're trying to look badass so you can impress me" He smirked causing me to laugh. 

"Not true, tattoos don't make a person badass anyway" He chuckled.

"They do, and yes I'd love to take you"

"So, Ashley you're staying the night again?" Niall asked breaking the bubble Zayn and I formed just for each other.

"Yeah, he'll be leaving tomorrow, so be here at nine okay?" They all nodded except for Liam who was silent the whole time. 

"I'm leaving, take care Zayn" Liam waved walking out as the boys chorused 'bye' I didn't even talk. 

"Okay what's going on between you two?" Louis asked as soon as Liam closed the door behind him. 

"Nothing much.” I shrugged. 

"Okay, we'll see you tomorrow" Louis deciding to not push me too far, he hugged me, then Niall did so too while Harry kissed my cheek whispering 'don't worry about Liam, he's a twat" I smiled nodding. 

"Bye" They closed the door after them and I turned to Zayn who looked guilty. 

"What's wrong bad boy?" I joked taking the empty smoothie that he finished off the table. 

"I'm just sorry" 

"For what?" 

"I know that he did it" He admitted with an apologetic look. 

"No, don't even think about it that way." I comforted resting my head on his. 

"You can sleep in my bed tonight" He offered softly.. 

"That sounds wrong" I joked. 

"I have a broken arm, I won't try anything" I chuckled getting in bed with him. "Oh by the way your fans want you to tweet or do anything. They think you died because you gave your blood to me" I chuckled picking my phone. 

"I tweeted a picture of my tattoo and Harry with Ed, but I'll tweet something again" 

AshleyMalikHey guys! Hope you all like mine and Harry's tattoo :) I’m with Zayn at the moment, he’s saying hi :) Thank you for all the support, it’s so sweet <3 

I checked my mentions and surprisingly, there was no hate at all. I replied to some fans then checked the boys' Twitters 

Harry_Styles: There was an old lady at the park wearing a snapback. Yes! 

Louis_TomlinsonI envy Zayn and Ashley's friendship. @Shay_LuvSassy hurry up!! I need someone to tease. 

Real_liam_PayneHow is everybody doing? xx

NiallOfficial: I just can’t with this hospital food :( help! 

ZaynMalik: Looks like the rollercoaster of life wasn't in my side, but I still have your support! Oh and tnx Ashley for the smoothie you brought me this morning :D xxx 

My phone buzzed and I opened the text I just got. But it was a group text. 

From: Justin Da Boss; Cutie Selena ; Ryan Bad

Justin Da Boss: So the champ is coming out tomorrow? :D tell everyone I said hi, and I'm glad he's fine. Take care!

Cutie SelenaAwwh finally! How is he now? Call me as soon as you get the text, love ya<3 

Ryan Bad: Is It true hospital food sucks? I was gonna visit but after I saw Niall's tweet it just scared me 4 life D: 

I laughed at Ryan's text, man he's totally like Niall. I know that Justin and Selena are both in France, but I'm not sure about Ryan. 

To: Justin Da Boss

 Yea he did and alright, Shay misses y'all btw. How is France so far? No YOU take care ;D xx

 To: Cutie Selena 

He's really great, we have been laughing the whole week and he's going out tomorrow so I guess he's better, I can’t call you now I'm going to sleep xx Love ya too. 

To: Ryan Bad 

I thought you were in France with Jay Bee.... Nah the food is not THAT bad, but you can contain yourself from eating for 20 minutes right? 

"It's really nice of you replying to our fans" Zayn suddenly commented causing me to jump. 

"Oh it's okay, they're being really nice lately. Didn't get any hate at all" I smiled at him. 

"Come on cuddle with me" He smiled at me and I laughed wrapping my arms around him and turning the light off. 

"Good night" 






I king of sort of think this chapter sucks balls, but thank you all for the incredibly amazing support you've been giving me, I wouldn't trade any of you for the world!




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