No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


35. Enough With The Beeping Sound


"Wake up Zayn! Today is the big day" I slowly shook him off sleep excitedly. He groaned turning his head to the other side completely ignoring me. "You're getting out of this hospital today, so get up" I pleaded just wishing he'd get up right away. But no, he's such a lazy sleeper.


"What time is it?" He whispered before clearing his voice.


"Ten minutes to eight, the boys are coming at nine to pick us up so get up this instant!" He opened one eye and smiled.


"I like sleep, you know" He said in the cutest and funniest tone ever causing me to chuckle.


"Me too, but think about it this way; you're finally going to sleep on your comfy bed" I carried on with the cuteness like I'm talking to a five year old. He smiled widely opening the other eye too.


"Alright then, help me" He yawned, causing me to yawn too, he then yawned again and I let out another yawn, he then tried to yawn but I covered his mouth with my hand.


"If you keep yawning I'll keep yawning too, so stop it" He laughed as I helped him up and took him to the bathroom so he could get ready, he could walk, and move his second arm, but he just needed a little help because he wasn’t not fully recovered, but his arm is still broken though.


I already changed before waking him so I just held my bag and waited for him to finish.


"Uh Ashley?" He called through the bathroom door.


"Need any help?" I asked smiling at myself.


"Yeah, I can't really wear this shirt" When it comes to Zayn, I’m more than glad to help. I opened the door to face his bare back, he was wearing his black pants. I rested my bag on the closed toilet seat and took his Tupac Shakur t-shirt in my hand.


"Here, let me help you" I slowly slid the shirt down his head, then I gently picked his broken arm and slid it through the sleeve then his other arm through the other sleeve before pulling it down. "There you go" I smiled straitening the back of his shirt.


"Thank you" He smiled turning to face me with a smile on his face. I looked down and he was bare-foot.


“Where are your shoes?” I asked looking around and only spotting his bag full of used clothes.


“Right here.” He held up his Nike white shoes and I took it from him.


“Sit down.” I ordered, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion so I laughed pushing him down on the sink. He had his socks on so I only slid the shoes up ignoring his protests, and tied the shoe lace.


“You shouldn’t have done that Ashley!” He groaned after I finished.


“I will pee on everything you love if you ever tell me what to do again.” I joked gaining a playful look from him. “Come on, get out.” I pushed him out following him from behind, after closing the bathroom door with the bag of his clothes in my hand and the my own bag in my other hand, I realized that the boys were all looking at us.


"What were you two doing in there?" Harry asked eyeing both of us.


"Oh nothing I was only giving him a blowjob" I explained rolling my eyes while Zayn nodded containing his laughter.


“That’s nice of you, but let's go now" Louis said impatiently.


"There are so many fans and reporters outside, they all know you're going out today, so be careful okay?" Liam warned Zayn.


"It's not like I don't know how to deal with this, and I don't think my fans will hurt me" He replied coldly.




I sighed really loud at the awkward silence then clapped my hands together getting their attention focused on me.


"Alright, so many things happened this week and we all need to clear everything up before we go out of here" I started getting confused looks. "First of all, even if there is no more Liam and I, there won't be no awkward moments, we're still friends okay?"


"Why are we even having this conversation?" Niall asked crossing his arms.


"Because like I said we need to clear some things up" I shot him a look and he nodded.


"Second, I didn’t really give Zayn a blow job.” I admitted and Niall laughed while Harry and Louis rolled their eyes.


“Yes because we completely believed you.” Louis sarcastically replied.


“Just to make sure.” I shrugged.


The door burst open revealing the doctor who was smiling widely. Over the moon that we were finally leaving.


"Hello" He greeted with the biggest smile on his face, we hollered him then he continued. "So you're ready to leave, Mr Malik. We just need you to sign some papers and then you can go"


"Alright" Zayn quietly said following the doctor while a nurse came in.


"So did any of you talk with Mel and Shay?" I asked remembering that I haven't talked to them for such a long time, actually only three days.


"I talk with Melody every day, she's fine and she's coming back this Friday" Niall responded while the nurse turned off the machines that were attached to Zayn.


"Yeah and I Skyped with Shay yesterday she's coming on Friday too" Louis spoke casually. Then Zayn and the doctor- I didn't catch his name- walked back to the room.


"All ready, you can all go back to your home now" I could swear that the doctor was relieved that we were leaving; I don't blame him though, Niall and Louis caused so many problems from having a mini food fight in the hallway to climbing up the fire stairs in the cafeteria. Liam grabbed the bag that contained Zayn's clothes and leaded the way out, then Harry picked mine as Louis and I helped Zayn with walking.


"Guys, I think I can walk" Zayn said as we arrived to the hospital's main entrance, I let go of his hand laughing at Louis' reaction that was a playful offended look.


So many fans were waiting outside the hospital screaming his name, I speed walked towards the van avoiding everyone, then Liam and Louis followed me, Zayn was talking with the fans I guess, since he stayed there for a while, while Niall and Harry were probably with him. He finally got in the van and Paul drove off.


"Now that the tour is over, we're going back to see our families right?" I overheard Niall ask Liam.


"Yes, this week for sure" Liam answered him.


"So I'm supposed to go see my parents too?" I stepped in the conversation.


"Yes" Liam replied.


"What? But I don't even know where they are anymore. They just left me and they won't pick up my calls an-" I started panicking at the thought of seeing them again.


"Easy! We'll contact them and see where they are, then we'll send you to them" Liam explained.


"But all we're going to do is argue, that's what we always do. Can I like.... go with any of you?" I begged putting my hand on Liam's shoulder.


"You can go with me" Liam and Niall offered at the same time


"Uhm..." That's all I could say before the boys all invited me to their families' house.


"Well? Which one of us are you going with?" Louis asked me.


“Is this a trick question?” I joked but sighed after realizing how serious they were. “Okay, so Melody would get jealous if I went with Niall, Shay would get jealous if I went with Louis- Don’t ask me anything Lou! Liam and I….. Not possible. So that leaves Harry and Zayn.” I calculated it my way causing several frowns to show.


"Why is it not possible?" Liam asked as he furrowed his brows.


"It'll be just... weird. We kind of like virtually split up if that makes sense." I admitted.


"But you also splat up with Harry so you can't go to his house" He replied, how stubborn.


"Alright then, that leaves me" Zayn assumed grinning proudly.


"What the hell Liam? Why don't you mind your own business!" Harry snapped angrily.


"But it's true, she can't go to your house because you two are not dating"


"And she's not dating Zayn either, she' not dating any of us"


"Hey don't drag me into this" Zayn protested.


"Lads! Can you all just calm down for a second" Niall tried to calm them but they just snapped at him too.


"Why do you guys always do this?" I whined but nobody heard me since my voice came as a whisper compared to how loud they were arguing.


"Ashley is going with me, deal with it!" Zayn finished putting an end to the argument, Harry sighed in frustration while Liam just looked down at his hands.










"It's really early; we should do something to kill the boredom." Louis sighed glancing at the clock that was on the wall, yeah it was early for them since they always wake up around 1pm and it was 10am.


"We can go to the beach" Zayn suggested and I gave him a look.


"It's raining, R a I n I n g" I spelled it air-writing the words while he glared playfully at me.


"We can go somewhere to eat" Niall suggested.


"It’ll ruin our appetite for lunch" Liam answered looking at his phone probably tweeting fans.


"Oh why don't we do a Twitcam?" I remembered, running directly to my backpack to get my Mac then sat down in the middle of them.


"Come on guys!" I whined, they sighed gathering around me, I tweeted the link as we started.


"Hello!" The boys shouted Louis being the loudest while I only waved to the webcam knowing that my voice will just ruin their intro.


"So; it's raining outside and it's ten twelve so we have nothing to do at the moment" I explained  pouting playfully.


"We officially finished the American tour, but we're still in New York and we're going to the Hard Rock Cafe at 2 O'clock, so New York fans should meet us there" Liam announced taking all of us by surprise.


"We are?" Niall asked in confusion.


"Yeah, unless you don't want to" He replied.


"Is Zayn allowed to go out though?" Niall asked again.


"Of course he is, I mean he broke his arm not his leg" Louis said.


"Okay say something Zayn Reply to the fans' questions or something" I moved the screen to the right to show his face. Knowing Directioners, they would just say it was a hologram and that Zayn was dead or something, so I wanted to prove it to them.


"Oh yeah, well first I only broke my arm so it's all good" He carelessly shrugged as if breaking his arm was just a regular thing for him. While it almost killed me of scariness. We focused on the screen for questions; they were flying down since too many people were sending theirs.


"Did we catch the man who did this to Zayn? No we didn't" Harry lied, because we knew who he was but we just didn't want to cause him problems, which reminds me I should call him some time so he wouldn’t think I absolutely hate him.


"Zayn and Ashley are not dating, they're just friends" Liam denied causing me to glare at him.


"I think I'm supposed to answer that question not you" I protested hitting his arm.


"What's the difference? You were going to say the same thing" He defended rubbing his arm.


"Whatever" I looked back at the screen. "Where is Niall's girlfriend? She's in California visiting her parents and her name is Melody by the way" I answered as my hand landed on Zayn’s, I picked up his hand and played with them while giggling like a little girl making bubbles. “I could start a fandom for your fingers, Zayn.” I joked causing him to laugh.


“Focus on the questions blondie!” Harry hissed as I sighed looking back at the screen but still refusing to unlock my fingers from Zayn’s, they’re too soft to be wasted.


"Did it hurt when they took your blood? Not really, I just happened to be Hemophobic and also trypanophobic, so it was pretty scary facing my fears at once. But it didn't hurt that much though" I explained twirling my fingers with Zayn,.


"She gave him four pints of blood; do you realize how dangerous that is? She could've died" Harry dramatically exclaimed.


"But I didn't so that makes me superwoman" I winked already teling that Louis would just on me any time after the words left my mouth.


"Yes yes! But it'll be much better if you wear those Superman clothes I bought you" Louis approved grinning widely.


"Yeah she looks so banging in them" Harry commented smirking.


"She looks banging in everything she wears" Louis replied back.


"She looks even better when she doesn't wear anything" Harry mumbled loud enough for everyone to turn their head at him.


"And you've seen her naked?" Zayn asked curiously. I just had my head between my hands looking down shamefully.


"Well not fully naked but I saw her with only a towel once"


"You were on my bed when I came out of the bathroom, it's not like I've seen it coming" I defended myself blushing madly.


"And when I saw you behind the curtains showering naked" Harry added wiggling his eyebrows and high fiving Louis. I blushed even harder.


"You wanted toothpaste. And you did not see me naked you just saw my shadow"


"Don’t be in denial.”


"Stop it Harry! Leave her alone" Zayn shouted at him wrapping his arm around my shoulder protectively.


"Why do you always defend her?" Harry shouted back really enjoying what he caused.


"Because you always tease her!"


"No I don't, you always think we're wrong and she's right!"


"Because unsurprisingly, she's always right!" Zayn shouted back and it ended right there..


There was this moment of silence where you could only hear the rain hitting the solid surface, and the keyboard keys as I tap on them.


"Hey, where is Makeveli?" I asked randomly turning to face Louis who was in charge of keeping him safe.


"Oh, now that you asked. Well I kind of sort of don't know...." He replied shocking me.


"How can you not know? I left him with you!" I snapped getting worried at my baby.


"Well you know how I love buying records, I kind of went to buy some and took Mak with me, and well I don't know what happened because I couldn’t find him" He was like trying to calm me down by answering with that tone, but it was not helping.


"And you just came back? How could you leave my baby in a mall and when did this happen!" I yelled at him seriously upset that I lost my dog.


"By the way guys, Makaveli is Ashley's dog" Harry explained to the viewers.


"Well I had my records why would I stay there? It was like two days ago" He shrugged carelessly. Wasn’t he the one getting him for me in the first place? How could he do it!


"Ugh you're so irresponsible! I should've never left my puppy with you" I yelled in the urge of tears, I honestly got used to him licking my face every morning, I missed him.


"I'm sorry, you know I loved him too but apparently he didn't love us so that's why he left" Louis soothed reaching for my hand, I crossed my arms and looked back at the screen.


"You guys do realize that you're talking about a dog not a human, right?" Niall questioned.


"Aw I can always bring you a turtle" Liam cooed putting his arm on my shoulder and ignoring what Niall said.


"Or a cat" Harry suggested wrapping his arms around my neck from the back. Since him and Louis and Niall were sitting on the couch behind me and Zayn and Liam who were sitting on the floor.


"You can always comfort yourself with food you know?" Niall stated putting a smile on my face.


"All she needs is a group hug" Zayn said crashing me in a hug then the others joined and I was in the middle attempting to breathe.


"I'm begging for mercy" I yelled causing them to pull away laughing, I glanced at the screen and there were some comments like


- Omg ur like so lucky!!! 1D are hugging you!!!


- Sorry about your dog, you can never trust boys smh -_-


- Hahahahah you're all so funny :D




"Stop complaining about your dog loss you're probably a horrible owner just like you're a horrible girlfriend, that's why Harry and your dog left you" I found myself reading one out loud which made the boys sigh in frustration.


"I didn't leave her! I'm right next to her!" Harry protested loud enough for everyone to hear.


"And the dog didn't leave either, I didn't pay attention to it" Louis admitted.


"Well all I can say to you Samara546 is thanks, I love you too" I shrugged sighing deeply. Liam and Zayn seemed impressed; Niall wasn’t even aware of what was going on because he had his eyes focused on his phone’s screen.


"I think we should go now, we won't do more Twitcams if you guys don't act nice" Liam said looking for the key to shut it off. "How do you end this?" He asked looking confused.


"Wait let me see" Zayn said pressing random keys.


"No you morons, it's this one, this big red one that's calling you to press it." I said pointing at it with my finger as Zayn pressed it.


"Can we go for lunch now?" Niall whined and we all agreed.


"Yeah but where to?” Liam asked.


"Nando's!" Niall shouted and I gave him an apologetic smile.


"Nando’s is in Johnson city and we're in New York city. So it'll take a long time to get there. I suggest we just grab some McDonalds since it's the closest" He sighed deeply.


"Okay..." He replied crossing his arms.


"Well I'm going to shower and change now" I said picking my Macbook and shoving it into my backbag, before leaving to my room, a really quick shower and hair drying then I quickly grabbed a white top and black leather pants with black leather jacket, like the ones bikers wear then I wore my black leather ankles boots and grabbed a black bag with some bangles and put on eyeliner and mascara, lip gloss and then went back to the boys.


"Total badass!" Niall noticed me first then Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis all turned to look me.


"Oh my god what happened to the cute little Ashley I knew?" Liam mocked. I was really glad he didn’t ignore me the way I thought he would, he just treated me like the whole period we spent together didn’t happen.


"She got sexy that's what happened" Harry replied licking his bottom lip.


"I like the new Ashley" Zayn smiled, they were like having a conversation about me while staring at me.


"I thought you were hungry" I said rolling my eyes.


"Now I'm even hungrier" Harry said licking his lips trying to seduce me, I looked it at him in disgust. What a perverted mind he has.


"Liam do something" I begged for the sane one to control them.


"Okay lads let's get going" He yelled getting them out of their fantasy dreams. "You really do look great" As soon as the words left Liam's mouth, the boys started sharing their dirty thoughts and I rolled my eyes again heading to the car and leaving them there, it was raining so I got into the car quickly, greeted Paul who asked me whether those retards were ready yet, I like the name he gave them. Waiting for them to finish mentally stripping me, I held a conversation with Paul about how hard it is to be around them. Soon enough they were all in the car and gosh they didn't shut up about my new 'badass look' the whole ride.


"And like Zayn said, your bum looks perfect with those pants" Louis said wiggling his eyebrows.


"But it'll look better without pants" Harry winked.


"Come on leave her alone you're making her upset" Niall hugged me and I laid my head on his shoulder.


"Remind me to never wear black clothes again, okay Leprechaun?" I said and he patted my back.


"Can I talk to you alone when we go back to the house?" He asked hesitantly, I looked at him worriedly.


"Why? What's wrong?" He smiled reassuring me.


"I just want to talk to you about something"


"Sure" I smiled at him hoping that he’s alright.






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What do you think will happen? What will Niall say? Does he have a crush on her? And who is she going to end up with? 



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