No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


16. Dates Are Harry's Thing

"Do you have anything to do tomorrow?" Harry asked me while we were both lying on his bed. He knows I have nothing to do tomorrow since I only work when they work.

"No, why?"

"I want to take you out on a date" He spoke smiling.

"I'd love to" 

"Okay tomorrow at six." He decided excitedly.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise" He winked kissing my forehead. Harry is supposed to know that I hate surprises since I've told him that ever since day one.

"Is it a fancy place? I need to know where we're going so I can wear decent outfit." Lately, clothes seem to be my only worry, wherever I go, I have to dress a certain way, I'm not the one to blame though, people are freaking judgmental.

"Wear whatever you want babe, everything will look good on you" I smiled at how sweet he is. But unlike Zayn, he doesn't really make me believe it, Zayn made me feel beautiful only by kissing me, he makes me feel beautiful by looking at me, it's quite weird to be honest.

"It's late, I better go back to my room" I said kicking the thoughts that I shouldn't be thinking out of my head.

"No! Stay with me please, I feel so alone here" He pouted playfully. Since he had the fight with Louis, they were in separated rooms away from each other, even now that they're talking again.

"Awh you're so adorable, I guess I can stay... But don't try anything if you want to survive another day!" I warned him knowing for fact how much his hands can go to inappropriate places.

"But you're mine. That's not fair"

"Life is not fair, but you're still adorable" I attempted to make him less upset about it. That's the thing I hate about dating; body connection. I'm fine with kissing, but sexual things are certainly forbidden in my little mind.

"Speaking of adorableness where is Makaveli?" Harry randomly asked reminding me of my cute baby.

"With Louis" I replied closing my eyes and halfway through sleeping.

"Oh okay. Goodnight" He kissed my cheek and I just moaned not wanting to open my mouth and wish him sweet dreams.


*Next Morning*


I opened my eyes very slowly expecting the sun to hit me like always, but my gaze met Harry's.

"Staring is rude" I repeated what Liam told me the other day.

"Not when you have a gorgeous girlfriend like mine" I smiled blushing as I rubbed my eyes.

"Good morning." I said checking if my clothes were still on or he managed to molest me.

"Morning beautiful" he kissed my check as I sighed in relief feeling my cute puppies pajamas.

"How long have you been staring though?" I asked with a sound in the back of my head yelling 'creeeepyyy'

"Umm..... Pretty much a quarter. Now get up if you wanna get ready in time."

"Oh right the interview" I remembered heading quickly to the bathroom, I washed my face and brushed my teeth before taking a quick shower. I didn't even know why I was going to that interview & I have no idea what to wear. I was only in my towel, so I decided to go look for Melody to help me. I walked slowly out of the room still wrapped in a towel, hoping nobody will see me. I went to Mel & Niall's room but my attempt on hearing something like whispers or giggles behind the door came out with nothing, I then crept into the room we usually eat in considering that she might have been begged to make breakfast by Niall, but all I could see was empty seats. I was walking back to Harry's room when I bumped into someone, my blue eyes met his hazel, I bit my lip realizing it's Zayn.

"Sorry, did you see Melody?" I asked him awkwardly.

"Uh... ehm... n-no" He choked on his own words looking down, oh shit I was only in my towel. I quickly ran back to Liam & I's room to look for some clothes. Liam already saw me in towels so it was fine.

"Where did you sleep yesterday?" He shouted once he landed eyes on me.

"With Harry"

"What! Did you do anything?" He shouted louder making me shut my eyes.

"No! We just slept like you and I do." I whispered still looking for something. Then I found a totally cute outfit which contained a light pink short dress, I wore it with heels and heart ring. My makeup was only foundation to fix my face, a mascara and eyeliner to fix my eyes, and lip-gloss to fix my lips.

"Okay guys I'm ready" I announced fixing my earrings as I walked out.

"You look cute" I turned to see Liam & Louis staring in awe. Oh come on! I don't even look that good. They need to stop pretending.

"Thanks" I smiled. "Louis, where's Mak?"

"Oh don't worry about it, and you look so adorable with that dress" I smiled gratefully.

"Ashley would- woah! Damn girl, you look stunning. How did you manage to do that in less than twenty minutes?" Melody asked in disbelief.

"I'm just talented" I joked.

"Harry is outside, just wait till he sees you" We made our way outside where Harry was talking on the phone. He looked back and just as he spotted me, he stared in awe as well, completely forgeting about his phone. But then he hung up without even saying bye, walking my way.

"Jesus Christ I'm the luckiest man on this planet" Harry exclaimed kissing me.

"You like my dress?" I asked smiling. My dress was just something I would wear while heading to the beach, very summer-ish.

"I love it. You look fantastic babe, now I'm gonna have to deal with my jealousy" He pouted playfully.

"Awh don't worry love, I'm only yours" I reassured holding his hand.

"Okay love birds get in the car and let's roll" I rolled my eyes and hopped to the car, sitting next to Harry, Zayn was in front of me. I don't know why but I could feel he was mad at me. 

My phone whistled and I pulled it out of my small bag.

From: Crazy Shay

'So how was your meeting with Bieber? Can we Skype right now? I'm so bored & I miss seeing your shiny face, plus I wanna see 1D with my own eyes to believe lol.'

"That Ryan guy again?" Harry asked obviously annoyed. Why does he always think of Ryan?

"No this is Shay, she's asking if we can video chat"

To: Crazy Shay

'The meeting was great, Justin is really fun. Sorry babe I can't Skype with you today because I'm omw to an interview wih the boys, then I have a date with Harry.'

"I'm hungry" Niall whined as always.

"Hey hungry I'm Louis, nice to meet you" I rolled my eyes at the lame joke.

"I'm hungry too, I didn't eat for three days. Nothing at all" I mumbled causing Niall to jump from his place.

"How did you manage to stay alive without food for three days!" He asked in disbelief making me giggle.

"Why didn't you eat Ashley?" Liam asked seriously... I know he's trying to prove his point.

"I'm on a diet" I mumbled to myself but they heard it.

"That's not a diet that's starving yourself" Harry yelled at me.

"No It's not, I just want to lose a couple of pounds that's all, why are you all making such a big deal out of it?"

"Because you're starving yourself, you didn't eat for three days that's insane" Louis said taking their side for the first time ever.

"I wish I didn't tell you" I muttered unlocking my phone again.

From: Crazy Shay

'Oh an interview then a date? Fancy ;) How is it going with Harry anyway? you never tell me about him. Now tell me everything idk'

I sighed; I have so much to tell her so I better start from the beginning.

To: Crazy Shay

'Theres too much things I should tell you, lets start from the beginning, you know that chauffeur incident? Well since that day I started living with Louis & Harry, then the boys came the next day for a sleepover & then Zayn's sister called him saying that she's at my dad's crib, we went there & the boys convinced him that I should tour with them cause apparently Harry heard me singing & thought my voice was "amazing" then I had to sing in front of everyone and they all said I was great and such. are you sure you want me to keep going? Its really so long''

"Ashley" Harry whispered in my ear.

"Yes?" I replied looking up at him.

"Who are you texting?" He asked noticing that I've been typing forever.

"Shay. She wants to know everything she doesn't know & I didn't tell her anything before so I have some explaining to do" I sighed resting my thumbs for a while.

"Just leave it, she's going to be with us soon, you can tell her then" He said wrapping his arms around me.

"Hah you don't know her, she won't leave me alone until I tell her every tiny detail" I laughed.

"Then wait until you Skype with her, at least if won't be a long text" He's right though.

"You're right" I said smiling at him.

I didn't realize that I've been looking at his green eyes & he didn't pay any attention, he was so cute & his eyes were amazing, the way he blinks, he's just too damn adorable. He probably had that weird feeling of someone watching him so he looked down at me & smiled, I smiled back.

"I love your eyes, they're so amazing" I confessed still smiling.

"I love your eyes too, sometimes they're blue & sometimes they're green. It's so beautiful" He observed.

"They're only green when I'm sad"

"I'm glad they're mostly blue" He said kissing my forehead.

"Hello? There are people watching you" Niall interrupted getting thumbs ups from the boys and a glare from his girlfriend.

"Aww leave them alone, they're too cute" Louis said wiping a fake tear from his face, I laughed along with Harry.

"Excuse Niall, he's got a bad timing." Melody teased her boyfriend & he rolled his eyes.

"I just want to get done with this interview so I can eat tacos." We all rolled our eyes.

"We're here" Paul announced and everyone sighed except for Zayn, he doesn't move or talk or do anything at all. He's just sitting there looking through the window. We walked out of the car & Zayn was behind me.

"Zayn are you okay?" I whispered worriedly, feeling terribly guilty for no reason at all. He nodded avoiding my eyes. "Tell me what's wrong" I insisted.

"Nothing" He muttered.

"If it was nothing you wouldn't be like this" he ignored me and I sighed going back to Harry.


*At the interview*


"Hello everyone, today we have six special guests... The biggest boyband in this world. Okay Directioners here are One Direction" I could hear everyone cheering and screaming while we all sat in two different sofas, Harry, Zayn & I in one & the others were sitting in front of us.

"Hello America" The boys chorused.

"So boys, how are you enjoying New York so far?" The interviewer asked them.

"Yes, its such a lovely place; I bought a puppy & named it Makaveli" Louis acknowledged stealing all the credit.

"Louis you don't even know what Makaveli means, stop stealing my words" I teased causing the whole studio to burst into laughter.

"America is great, the fans are really confident here, back in UK fans were quit shy. But we love them all" Liam said smiling.

"Girls are breathtaking here. I sure am enjoying this place." Zayn smirked as I rolled my eyes shortly after realizing that it might turn out to a reaction gif on Tumblr.

"They have the best food, too bad there's no Nando's though" Niall frowned talking about his favorite subject; food.

"Well, I found a beautiful girlfriend here in America so I guess I'm enjoying it very well" Harry cooed & I blushed biting my lip. The audience went all 'Aww' cooing.

"This is your girlfriend Ashley, right?" The interviewer asked & Harry nodded proudly with his hand on my knee.

"Ashley, how is it like being Harry Styles' girlfriend?" She asked causing a wave of nervousness to hit me like a brick wall.

"Well it is pretty great... He's a nice lad-"

"I taught her how to say lad!" Louis acknowledged & I rolled my eyes at the sound of laughter.

"Like I was saying, before I got rudely interrupted by Louis, he's a nice GUY and I am happy with him" I answered, feeling a familiar pair of lips place on my cheek, I turned to see Harry grinning so I gave him a peck on his lips giggling.

"You can see she's happy by her eyes color, when she's sad it turns to green but when she's happy it turns to blue" Harry informed them. I just nodded blushing.

"Her eyes are bright blue so I guess she's so happy with you" The interviewer observed.

"Yes, I sure am" She then turned to the lads... Er I mean boys... Guys...

"Okay, I need your honest opinions about her" She announced.

"I love her two bits" Liam was the first one to say, I smiled at him mouthing 'I love you too'.

"No way! I love her more than you do Liam!" Louis protested making everyone laugh.

"She's an amazing cook & she makes the best pancakes, I love her" I giggled at Niall's response.

"She's alright" Zayn said looking away.

"Just alright?" The interviewer asked as my heart beats went slower than average.

"Yeah" Zayn confirmed.

"Don't you love her?" The interviewer raised her eyebrows; I kept my eyes focused on him feeling like I could cut my wrists and not feel anything.

"I'm not answering that" I don't know how I looked but I bet it was a mix of shock, hurt and regret... What did I even do this time? He can't just be mad at me for nothing! I focused at Zayn who kept avoiding my gaze. I didn't pay attention to the rest of the interview that most likely was about business, I was only just thinking, trying to figure out what I did.

"It was an honor talking with you, thank you." She greeted shaking our hands. 

"Thank you for having us" Liam smiled as we walked off the stage.

I was still sad & feeling weird, the whole car ride was silence, nobody talked, the rest of the boys obviously noticed how mine and Zayn's mood changed. I just wanted to go and sleep.... But no, I'm not allowed to do that since I have a date with my boyfriend, and I need to look happy and fine for him.

"Ashley! Baby we're here" I felt a hand shaking me from my thoughts, I turned to see Harry.

"Um yeah, okay" I stepped out of the car getting into the hotel, and headed straight to my room, quickly fixed my hair and makeup to look joyful, it was almost five, so I fixed as much as I could as fast as possible. I walked out of the room trying to forget about what happened earlier.

"Harry, I'm ready" I shouted stepping out of the room.

"Let's go then." He held my hand not commenting about my outfit for once, because I didn't change it. We headed outside without telling anyone.

"Are you going to tell me where we're going?" I asked while he drove past Tacobell.

"No, it's a surprise" He winked then flashed me his famous cheeky smile, I crossed my arms pouting.

I couldn't help but think about Zayn's actions earlier, it's okay if he doesn't love me but he was being nice to me before, he bought me a freaking diamond necklace! Now he's just... ignoring me and treating me like I don't exist.

I unlocked my phone as I felt it vibrate, to see a new text... From Bieber!

From: Jus10

'Hey Ash, I was thinking maybe if you're looking for a job, you can be in my next music video for my song Maria. Please say yes! You're perfect for it'

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed out loud getting Harry's attention.

"What is it?" Harry asked worriedly.

I threw myself at him & kissed him so roughly that we both couldn't breathe "Justin Bieber wants me in his music video!"

"Well, first that was one amazing kiss, second remember you're opening for our concerts this whole tour"

"I know babe, I know. Don't worry I'll find some way to do both." I excitedly said.

"I'm so happy for you, love" He held my hand quickly taking it off to control the vehicle & I kissed him again. I don't care if he's driving he's just an amazing boyfriend.

"You're amazing, so amazing." I exclaimed causing him to laugh while I texted Justin back.

To: Jus10

'Yeah of course, can we meet up to talk about the details?'


From: Jus10

'Sure, how about tomorrow at 2? I'll be in Starbucks, the one in Broadway. You can bring Harry'

"Harry, can we both go to Starbucks tomorrow at two? Justin wants to talk about the details"

"Sure love, anything you want"

"Alright" I smiled at him typing away a reply.

To: Jus10

'I'll be there :) and thank you so much'

"We're here" Harry announced. I shoved my phone into my little bag and looked out the window.... It was beach... Well at least not a fancy restaurant.

"A beach?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, but we're having a private place, a really beautiful one. Plus, there's a surprise" He winked before stepping out of the car and opening the door for me.

"Why thank you kind sir" I joked.

"Anything for you madam" We walked, my hand in his just laughing for about five minutes when I suddenly realized where I was, I put my hand on my mouth, surprised at how beautiful and romantic the place is! The candles all over the blanket, roses, a guitar, It was just... Incredible!

"I just... It's brilliant!" I was out of words to describe my joy, so I stole Liam's favorite word.

"I'm glad you like it, just wait till it gets dark, I have another surprise for you" He said pulling me by my hand, we sat on the blanket, him telling me about his life back in Holmes Chapel, and about x factor, he basically told me about his entire life, in an hour. Then it was my time to talk, I didn't have special or exciting things to say, and I surely don't want to tell him about how chubby I was. So I just talked about my crazy adventures with the girls. Then after we finished talking, we had a moment of silence that was shortly follpwed by our hysterical laughter. Soon enough, it started getting dark, I glanced at the time on my phone.

"It's 8:14 already, wow I enjoyed this so much that I didn't feel the time passing" I said shoving the phone back into my bag.

"Just wait one more minute." He was looking at his watch as well. Then suddenly, I jumped from my place as fireworks were in the sky, all kind of colors and forms. They were like colorful stars dancing. Then, out of nowhere, the fireworks started forming letters..













"Oh my god! I just.... This is too good to be real!" I shouted excitedly.

"Glad you like it, love"

"Like it? Harry I love it, this is the best date ever" I shouted looking at his green eyes. He smiled leaning in, and just as our lips crashed, it felt like the fireworks that were in the sky were traveling thru my body. I'm just so glad I gave him another chance!




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