No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


11. Confused, Feeling Used

"Ashley!" A hand rocked my shoulder & I delved deeper into my pillow "Ash!"

"What!" I didn't bother to open both my eyes because one did all the seeing I needed; Harry stood by my bed in his boxers only, I was forced to open both my eyes so I could widen them. "Harry what the hell are you doing here half naked?" I was too lazy to shout so I decided to just show that I was tired of his reckless-half-naked-random show ups.

"Ehm....... Just get up okay?" He insisted awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

"What time is it?" I questioned knowing that it's pretty early because I felt so tired.

"Past seven" He informed poking my cheek to annoy me.

"Yeah, come wake me up in a few more hours" I groaned shooting him away, his pokes stopped and he seemed to give me the 'What is wrong with this creature' look.

"You have to get up now! We have a flight remember?" My mind froze for a moment but then it functioned again. The flight and the tour, how could I forget such a thing?

"Oh! Okay I'm awake. Next time you better wear something before getting in my room" I warned eyeing his shirtless body, his smirk grew bigger.

"Like what you're seeing?" He questioned with an ego up to the sky.

"I am not answering that. Now, out!" I pointed to the door finally making an attempt to leave the bed.

*30 Minutes Later*

I slid down the stairs having changed into a short floral summer dress, grabbing my suitcases trying to line them next to the other’s. The boys were already ready, all we were waiting for was the van. 

"You look cute" Harry whispered in my ear, My cheeks turned bright pink for sure

"Thanks" I wasn't trying to impress anyone with my dress, and my hair was only in a messy bun  Liam opened the door as the van pulled in front of us. I tried to grab my suitcase but Liam already picked it up smiling. I thanked him smiling.

We got in the van and we were in our way to the airport. My phone went off, I unlocked it to see that I got a new text from Shay, I smiled while reading it.

'Of course Mel is dating Niall, & you're both going on tour with them. & i'm just staying here alone with my borin life while your both having fun hangin out with ONE FRIKING DIRECTION. Wow you two are being horrible best friends. Miss you more & I love you'

"Who's that guy?" Zayn's deep husky voice was heard in front of me. I blankly typed back my reply.

"Not a guy, & none of your business" I muttered under my breath.

'Because I love you so much, I’ll ask the boys if I can bring you on tour with us. They're touring in America so you might have a chance ;) & No no no I miss you more ok?' I pressed send

"Who are you texting?" Liam asked too. Why does my texting seem to bother everyone.

"Just my best friend Shay" I replied smiling.

"Oh so you answer Liam & not me" Zayn observed making me tense at his accent.

"Did you guys hear someone talking because I didn't?" I sarcastically said making him mutter 'Immature' and Louis chuckle slightly.

"Oh my god I totally forgot about that chick." Melody exclaimed searching for her phone in her bag to text her.

"She's flipping out because she saw me on TV" I giggled at how her face must have been when she saw her 'Blondie Shawty' on TV.

"We need to meet her" Niall adorably laughed.

"I miss her, I’ll make sure to see her since we're going back to America" I yawned quietly stretching quietly.

"You didn't sleep good yesterday, did you?" Harry asked worriedly.

"Not really, I just can't wait till we get on that plane. I want to sleep so bad" I sighed. My phone went off again announcing another text from Shay.

'Yeah if you insist I MIGHT go with you on that tour. Idk let me think about it for a while. I mean its nothing big, just going with my two bff's & ONE DIRECTION *breath* for a one year tour. Should I go? OF COURSE YES OMFG YOU'RE THE BEST THING EVER OH JESUS' I laughed really loud while reading that text, & everyone looked at me confused except for Melody since she knows how crazy Shanon is.

"Okay boys we're here" The driver announced. I carried my bag that only had my earphones and phone charger, in one hand & my phone in another.

"You might wanna wear these" Harry advised handing me sunglasses. I wore them & hopped out of the car going to get my suitcase.

"It's okay, Paul's going to take care of everything" Zayn said trying to talk to me while I just ignored him & started walking, when a bunch a people holding flashing cameras came to the boys & I. I pulled my hand searching for any hand to hold, when I suddenly got held by the waist. I started panicking because I couldn't see anything.

"Don't worry, it's just me" Harry said kissing my forehead. Great Harry, now the media will make another story. 'Threesome in One Direction' or 'Sharing is Caring'... I'm pretty good at making titles for articles to be honest..

"Boys who are these two ladies?"

"Are these your girlfriends?"

"Harry over here"

And then there were the crazy fangirls screaming. Now I couldn't see or hear anything. Lovely.

"Harry Harry look at me! Ahhh!"

"Who that girl next to Harry?"

"I don't know, he's holding her by the waist maybe she's his girlfriend"

"Eww I liked Caroline better!" These were some of the hurtful comments I could hear. Even if I’m not dating Harry, it still hurts. 

"Are you okay?" Harry asked concerned.

"I'm fine..... It's just the... I'm not used to this" He nodded believing. We finally got in the plane after it seemed like we've been walking for years. I searched for my seat & when I found it, I saw a black haired guy sitting next to it I just slowly sat in my place but he noticed me. Before he could apologize again I blocked any dialogue that might happen.

"I forgive you. Just don’t talk to me again"

"That means you don't forgive me"

"Think of it as you want. I just have nothing to talk about with you"

"We have lots to talk about Ashley, & you know that"

"No, I don't. Enlighten me" I sarcastically said turning to face him.

"Like the fact that you fancied me" He listed looking directly into my eyes that most likely turned big. How did he know! Well there is no point in denying it anymore.

"Used to as in not anymore! And I like someone else anyways." I quickly shrugged it off.

"Oh really who's that?"

"None of your business" I turned away. We just sat together five minutes ago & we already got into an argument. Just relax Ashley, you just have to deal with him for one hour, just until the plane takes off.

*1 Hour Later*

Finally I could get out of this hell hole aka seat next to Zayn. I left my seat & he didn't seem to care, I started walking until I found an empty seat next to Harry.

"Harry, can I sit next to you please?" I asked & he smiled widely.

"Sure, but why?"

I only answered him once my butt was in contact with the seat that felt a thousand times more comfortable. "Zayn was sitting next to me & we had an argument" I sighed not liking the way we fight. I hate it when someone helps me, then they do something really stupid and I have to ignore them.

"Oh how about that. What was the argument about?" He chuckled making me hit his arm playfully.

"He just tried apologizing again & I told him that I forgive him but he still needs to stay away from me & never talk to me again” I explained playing with the zipper of my jacket.

"Uh... don't you think that's like not forgiving him?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, that's what he said too. & then he said that we should talk about the fact that I used to have a crush on him. No idea how he knew it though"


"Then... I told him I like someone else & that I'm over him now" I finished not planning on revealing anymore details.

"Oh you like someone? Who's that" He asked & I couldn't tell him, I can't just tell him 'YOU' that'd be awkward & it might ruin our friendship..... Friendship... As in friend zoned.

"I can't tell you, Haz"

"So you don't trust me? Okay" He shrugged looking through the window.

"No not that, it's just.... Can we drop this? I wanna sleep already" I said trying to change the subject.

"You can sleep on my shoulder if you want" He said cheekily. I couldn't protest because I wanted this so bad. I just rested my head on his shoulder & fell asleep.

*3 Hours Later*

I woke up from my peaceful sleep hoping that we're about to land, when the cheeky little curly haired white boy’s eyes burned through me, if it wasn't for the smile on his face, I’d just think he’s doing some black sorcery to burn me alive with his eyes.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked before clearing my throat.

"You're so cute" I blushed mouthing a thank you.

"You didn’t sleep at all?" I asked curiously.


"How long is still left for the flight?"

"Three more hours"

"I'm bored" I groaned.

"The boys are playing Truth Or Dare, we can join if you want" He suggested. That brought back the moment they made me run in the streets half naked while screaming sexy llamas and chicken nuggets; lesson learned! But now they can't make me run around the streets because we're up in the air... Though they can so make me jump off a plane!

"Alright" I approved taking another risk that might lead to my dead... Okay that was too dramatic. The boys really were playing Truth or Dare, they were sitting in a circle like they were a bunch of wizards trying to cast a spell, Harry Potter effected me too much.

"You guys have a room for two more players?" I asked smiling.

"Of course. Anything for my princess Ashley." I laughed at Louis' response, one day he's throwing pillow at me, the next he's treating me like his sister.

"Okay my turn" Liam repeated " I pick..... Zayn, Truth or dare?"

"Truth" Zayn answered without hesitation. I guess he's not afraid of telling what's there to be said, that's pretty brave... And attractive for some odd reason.

"Michael Jackson or Bob Marley?" Liam's question was one of the lamest things I had ever witnessed in my life. Everyone sighed, while Zayn gladly took time to response.

"I'll go with MJ, he's my idol, he's not only a singer and a song-writer, he's also an amazing dancer and person in general. So Michael Jackson for sure." He replied proudly. Even if I am mad at Zayn at the moment, I had to admit that we have exactly the same taste in music, the same idol, and the same last name..... "Ashley's my victim." He announced.

"I’ll go with truth too" I shrugged knowing that their dares are a bit off limits.

"Tell us who's the guy you like" I couldn't believe! That little prick! I chose to mess around and try to get away with not answering.

"That's not even a question." I defended.

"Okay, who is the guy you like?" He corrected himself. Think of something Ashley! I couldn't lie, something about a stupid curse I had after lying in this game once! I couldn't say the truth either. But really though, what's the worst that can happen? I'm already awkward with everyone.

"Harry.." I confessed making a wave of awkwardness hit the whole entre plane. Harry was looking at me wide eyed. Liam was looking at me wide eyed. Louis was looking at me wide eyed. Zayn was smirking. The silence was killing me. "I'm done with playing this stupid game" I said quickly standing up and leaving to my seat next to Zayn, at least sitting next to him would be less awkward than sitting next to Harry. If I just put my earphones in, he won't try to talk to me. 

"I'm sorry" I didn't have to look up to recognize the person, Zayn's voice and accent was pretty familiar with me, I ignored him the best I could, planning a thousand different ways to torture him before finishing him.

"You should have told me when I first asked you privately!" He tried to find an excuse for himself, but it only made the tears I've been fighting fall down.

"I have no idea why I liked you first. Don't even try to talk to me again." I snapped rushing to the bathroom and leaving him with a shocked expression. I locked myself in and faced the mirror. Everything felt dizzy, so I lied on the floor hoping that it'll get better. But things got darker and darker until I passed out.



My eyes opened up to knocking on the door. It smelt horrible where I was, I looked up to meet the toilet seat. In horror, I struggled to unlock the door, once I succeed to do so I ran into someone who took advantage of my body hitting his, to hug me.

"What were you doing there! Gosh you got me dead worried!" Harry's soft boys spoke against my hair.

"Apparently, I was sleeping..." I replied pulling away from his hug. He took my face into his hands forming a duck face.

"Don't even do that again! You scared the shit out of me!" I nodded just trying to get my fragile face away from his hands. We made our way to our seats walking past Zayn who looked up at me. And once I sat down, I started praying to all the gods that he won't bring up the sensitive subject, and that he just completely forgot about it.

"So... You like me huh?" Of course he had to say that, in a very cocky way may I add.

"Uhm..... What kind of questions is that?" I awkwardly replied.

"A question that you need to answer." He turned to face me holding my hand "Did you mean what you said earlier?" He asked looking straight into my eyes.

"I don't say what I don't mean." I shrugged not breaking the eye contact. He smiled widely.

"I never thought you'd say it Ashley, I've always liked you & I always do." His words were like a thousand bullet to my ears, the Harry styles, liking me? How is that even possible? Is that even  legal? "I know I should take you out on a date and all to have the chance to ask you this question, but I'm not willing to wait so, be my girlfriend?" He asked desperately making me gasp. 

"Yes-Course!" I blinked away the shock and surprise, I didn't notice him leaning in until I felt the smoothest and softest pair of lips meet mine. Like the previous kisses we've shared, he took time to make it so gentle and beautiful. And I melted in his touch.


 Soooo.... You guys think this is just another plot? Or she finally found her love? 

Lol anyways, thank you guys so much for reading this thing that I certainly don't consider a "story". Knowing that you guys like it is so surprising because this only started randomly at the beginning...

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