No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


24. 21 Questions Equals First Kiss Confessions

Explaining my life these past months to Shay made me realize that I'm living a dramatic movie. She was shocked to know how Liam and Louis turned their back to me, and she was furious that Harry preferred to believe the photoshoped picture than look for an accurate answer.

"So, when he actually kissed that girl before, you gave him a chance to explain?" She asked trying to understand my situation.

"Yeah" I confirmed.

"And now that you never kissed Justin, he won't let you explain?"


"What a fucking hypocrite!" She shouted just as someone opened the door.

"Watch the language." Zayn warned smiling as he got in.

"Oh come on, like you didn't insult that moron before" She argued back rolling her eyes. He walked sitting on the edge of my bed.

"I punched him in the face" He acknowledged proudly & Shay high fived him saying 'badass'.

"And Liam, even Liam believed it? Like, it just hurts even more" I complained frowning at the thought of that little cutie pie thinking of me as a cheater.

"He's just having a hard time because he broke up with Danielle-"

"What!" I shouted not letting him finish. How could she do that to him again? And I thought she really loved him but apparently she only wants to break his heart?

"Er, yeah they broke up the day you left, Liam broke up with her this time" Oops sorry for losing it Danielle.

"Is he a moron? I thought he loved her. Why would he break up with her?"

"I don't know, he said he's in love with someone else" Zayn shrugged laying down on Shay's lap.

"Hey you two are really becoming all lovely and dovey lately" I observed trying to smile but I was too annoyed to seem nice. Zayn uncomfortably lifted up his head and sat back up.

"Uh no, what are you talking about?" Zayn defended biting his lip.

"Nothing at all." I shrugged avoiding his gaze.

"Oh I get it, you're just jealous because I didn't lay on your lap" He smirked & I just rolled my eyes while Shay started laughing.

"I just want Selena & Justin back" I sighed. Selena was out with Justin apparently to get ice cream, it has been two hours now that I bet the ice cream melted in their way here and they couldn't face us, so they decided to never come back again.

"Let's play a game, I'm bored" Shay demanded

"21 questions?" They both nodded agreeing with my suggestion. "Okay, who's first?"

"Me, because I'm older" Zayn proposed proudly. "Beyonce or Madonna?" I rolled my eyes at how lame the question was.

"Beyonce" Shay & I both said in the same time.

"My turn, favorite color?" I decided that it'd be fun to get to know each other through the game.

"Mine is red." Zayn replied.

"Same as you Ash, Blue." Shay repeated. "Is anyone here virgin?" She suddenly dropped the bomb, Zayn and Shay both looked at me and I nervously raised my hand.

"I am." I replied feeling my cheeks heat up. Zayn smiled at me putting his hand on mine and I looked up at him to see the look that meant 'Don't be ashamed'.

"Zayn! Your turn!" Shay shouted getting him to take his hand off me.

"Oh yeah! Who was your first kiss?" He asked and I had to look down again because he was.

"My mom says it was with this little boy in kindergarten, but I'm pretty sure she just made it up because my first kiss was in the back of a van." Shay explained arguing with her own self. I laughed along with Zayn but my laugh quickly fade away as I realized it was my turn to confess.

"Well, in all honesty, my first kiss was with you; Zayn. When you had a fight with Perrie through the phone, and you ran out of the house..." I blushed madly as his face turned to complete shock. He immediately formed a little small and his eyes were burning through me as I refused to look at them.

"This 21 questions is so boring" Shay exclaimed breaking the awkward moment while she laid back on the bed.

"I know right? let's do a Twitcam?" They all agreed to my suggestion once again. I picked my laptop opening Twitter in a tab and Twitcam in another one. I waited for the Twitcam to load and took time to tweet the link.

"Okay, so who knows how to deal with this thing" Zayn gave up looking puzzled.

"You're a failure Zayn" I sighed getting everything ready.

AshleyMalik: Doing a Twitcam with @ZaynMalik & @Shay_LuvSassy right now (: xxx

I laughed at Shay's stupid username, then turned the camera on.

"Hey guys, Ashley here. and Zayn too" I announced pointing at Zayn who was next to me while clapping and sheering with Shannon, he laughed waving a quick hello "and this is my best friend Shay" I pointed at her & she sent everyone kisses.

"So basically. Ashley, Shay & I were playing 21 Questions, but it was so boring so we decided to answer your questions!" He shouted the last part excitedly.

"We'll just randomly answer your questions, honestly." Shay confirmed then we started looking at the chat sidebar to find questions.

"What is Zayn doing there?" I read it out loud

"I just came to put a smile on her beautiful face" He joked pulling my cheeks so my mouth would form a smile.

"Yeah, & thank you for bringing Shay" I rolled my eyes. But smiling still.

"The Hunger Games or Twilight? Hmm... This is a really hard one." I said looking at Zayn and Shay.

"I say Twilight, because all the parts are amazing, The Hunger Games only has one part you know" Zayn answered and I nodded agreeing.

"I think The Hunger Games is my favorite movie ever, I am totally completely honestly and deeply in love with Josh Hutsherson" Shay admitted putting a hand on her forehead dramatically.

"Do you support homosexuality, Ashley?" Zayn asked turning to me.

"Well, I believe two people who love each other deserve to be with each other. So I guess I do" I answered.

"Wow that was really deep, you stole it from a book didn't you?" Shay gave me a suspicious look while pinching my cheek.

"Hey leave her alone you demon!" Zayn defended pulling me closer to him.

"Woah woah woah! So I see how it is now. You're teaming up against me?" Shay pouted while looking at the camera.

"Can you explain what happened between you & Harry?" She then added reading out loud & I sent her glares, I didn't want the whole world to know about this, but I had to answer. Because in a way, it might change everything.

"Well, there is this picture that's been going on, of me... Kissing Justin. Here is the truth; it's a complete lie, obviously photoshoped! I never kissed Justin or had any feelings towards him. I never even held his hand, & I would never cheat on my boyfriend. What really hurts me the most is knowing that the closest person to me, Liam, believed that lie too. I don't know why, but that hurt me more than my breakup with Harry. & I think it's so not fair how he doesn't let me explain everything to him, while I gave him a chance to explain when he actually kissed a girl. & what hurts even more is knowing that he's hanging out with her now, like it's just so sad knowing that your friends gave up on you. But I'm glad I have Zayn, Shay, Melody, Niall, Justin, Selena & Ryan. Oh & Liam, I didn't disappoint you, you & Louis are the ones who disappointed me." I regretted saying all of that, and letting my emotions out, because I just started tearing again since I'm a crying baby! I sat up on the bed since we were sitting on the floor, just so that they won't see me weak, or crying.

"Stop hating her, stop calling her a slut. She's an amazing person & none of you know her so just stop. I am so ashamed of having fans who hate on such a person, you're not even a real fan if you hate her. She didn't do anything wrong to deserve this" Zayn defended getting up & hugging me on my bed, Shay was the only one on Twitcam now, she was looking at us.

"Really, Ashley doesn't deserve what's happening to her, I wish she never moved from California, she'd be happier" Then she shut the laptop & came hugging me as well. I hate it how I always cry, I'm so weak and fragile and a human failure.

"I am so sick of seeing you crying. We're going shopping!" Shay suddenly announced pulling away.

"But what about me?" Zayn questioned his place in the plan.

"Call Ryan, you two can hang out" She suggested.

"Okay" He mumbled getting up.

"Wipe your tears away gorgeous cause we're shopping in New York" I couldn't help but laugh.


*Selena's P.O.V*

Justin & I went to get some ice cream, all I really wanted is some alone time with Justin, since Ashley, Zayn & Shay moved with us, we don't really have our time alone, not that I'm complaining or blaming it on them, I really enjoy their company, they're so amazing.

Justin was holding my hand this whole time, I feel sparks every time he looks at me. I bet he notices because he keeps smirking. we were in front of a girl who sells ice cream, she was smiling at us probably knowing it's Justin Bieber in front of her.

"Can we have two chocolate ice creams?" Justin asked her.

"Voila" She gave it to us smiling "You guys are so cute together" She added & just as I was going to protest Justin said; "Thank you" smiling & walking whilst holding my hand

"What was that?" I asked him.

"What are you talking about?" He said innocently.

"We're not dating" I acknowledged.

"Yet" Oh my god! Did he just say that? Did he mean what he said?

"What do you mean Justin?" I asked playing dumb.

"I mean... Selena, we've best friends for a long while, and I'm not going to hide the fact that I really, really like you a lot, more than friends. So, will you... be my girlfriend?" he asked me & I froze, My love is asking me out. oh my gosh! "Yes... yes yes of course I'll be your girlfriend" I agreed wrapping my arms around his neck. That's when we kissed; I can't believe myself right now. I finally got him, he's all mine.

"Are we going back now?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"How about we go to our first date?" He suggested smiling, I nodded biting my lip. This is a dream coming true.


*Back To Ashley*

We were in the car driving to the mall, Shay always had that effect on me, she'd always make me so happy and forget about things. We were singing to the songs on the radio when they announced that Kiss Me by Cranberries will be next. I quickly picked my phone and started recording.

"So, Shannon and I are going to the mall, and we're about to listen to one of my favorite songs." I explained moving my phone to Shay.

"It’s a blast from the past." She winked but I only saw it from the corner of her eyes because we both were wearing sunglasses

"It’s amazing." I agreed.

"Trivia, what movie is this from?" She mocked.

"What movie kids?" I played along as well.

"Back in the day."

"Kiss me out of the bearded barley. Nightly, beside the green, green grass. Swing, swing, swing the spinning step. You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress . Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight. Lead me out on the moonlit floor, lift your open hand. Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance. Silver moon's sparkling, so kiss me"

We finished as I said bye. That song was amazing, one of our favorites. I started laughing with Shay for no reason. Then she pulled over.

"We're here missy" She informed opening her door, I opened mine picking my phone & tweeting that video.

AshleyMalik: Shay always changes my mood, love her

I walked with Shay to the mall when my phone buzzed. I opened it to find a text from....



This is not the time to ruin my mood again Liam seriously. All though I didn't want to read it, I was so curious so I opened it.

From: Husbo aka Liam

'I am SO sorry about what I did, you did not disappoint me & I miss you SO much, plz reply to my text Ash. I love you so much<3'

I'm not answering his nor Louis' texts or calls. & right now all I want to do is shop with Shay & have fun.

"Come on! Stop staring at your phone" Shay whined pulling my hand. The mall was huge, had tons of amazing and beautiful clothes, knowing Shay, she'd buy this whole place if she had the money for it.

"Oh my god Ashley look at this dress!" Shay shouted pointing at a beautiful long blue dress.

"It's beautiful" I admired looking at the stunning dress

"You have to buy it" She insisted turning to face me, I looked at the price ticket & was about to faint.

"$2,800.00! I can buy a whole apartment with that! " I shouted feeling heartbroken, how hard is it to be a girl.

"Too bad" Shay sighed shrugging.

"It's a gorgeous dress, I am in love with it" I whined dramatically, Shay pulled my hand rolling her eyes.

"Never mind I'll find, someone like you!" I shouted as the whole mall stared at me, Shay was rolling her eyes.

"I don't think you're ready to shop, let's just go back to the house" She informed pulling me to the car, & getting into her seat.

"But why did you bring me here if we're not shopping?" I asked crossing my arms.

"I just wanted to stop you from crying" She started driving "Mission accomplished" I rolled my eyes.

"Liam texted me" I mumbled but she stopped the car & looked at me with wide eyes.

"What! What did he say? Did you text back? What did you say?" She attacked me with questions.

"Shay, just drive & focus on the road, he said he's sorry & he loves slash misses me. But I didn't text back"

"Sorry doesn't fix things, he has to prove himself to you" she said calmly.

"That's what I was saying an-" I got cut off by my phone ringing, I picked it up to see Selena's ID.

"Hey Selly" I answered getting ready to yell at her for not bringing ice cream or even showing up.

"You won't believe what just happened to me" She announced sounding excited. I stopped, this has to do with Justin for sure! Fuck ice cream.


"I'm officially Justin Drew Bieber's girlfriend!" she shouted the last part & I could guess she was jumping up & down by her interrupted breath.

"Oh my god Sel that’s amazing! I told you, I freaking told you!" I was so happy for her actually, they were so cute together. And she went through a lot; seeing him with different girls while she wants him for herself. Being called his best friend when she wants to be more. I salute her for being so patient.

"I know, thank you so much. I have to go he's coming back" She hung up on me, I just laughed shaking my head.

"What's up?" Shay asked driving with one hand as she opened a box of gum and managed to put one in her mouth with only a hand.

"Justin & Selena are now dating" I announced smiling as I felt the car suddenly stop, I looked up to see her in the same shock that she was in earlier.

"I thought they were dating" She said & I shook my head pointing at the road.

"No they were best friends but she always loved him, he finally had the balls to ask her out, & keep your eyes on the road!" Gosh if we go back to the house healthy and fine I will praise Buddha, Jesus, Allah and every other god that saved my life.

"That's really amazing, we should celebrate it tonight"

"You just need a reason to go clubbing, don't you think it'd be a little bit odd clubbing while I just broke up with Harry?"

"Don't you think it is a little bit odd how he's seeing another girl the next day you two broke up?" I nodded, you can't win an argument with Shay, it's just impossible. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about Liam. I wonder why Liam broke up with Danielle, & if they saw my twit cam. I guess they did, or else why would he text me now? I'm not forgiving the three of them easily & most importantly I'm not going back to Harry no matter what happens.





So, Team Liam?

Or, Team Zayn?

Or, Team Harry?

You guys can make some names for the couples if you want


THANK YOU <3<3<3<3



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