No I'm Not Related To Zayn // Z.M

You don't really know who you'll spend the rest of your life with once you lay eyes on them. It takes an entire journey for you to finally realize, you make a few mistakes and confuse your feelings, but at the end the one who was always there is the one who wins your heart. Take Ashley for example, she met him first, made a few mistakes before going back to him. You wanna know what love is? Read this, and build a conclusion based on her story.

She was just moving to her dad's house, but ended up going through more than that.


1. When It All Started

'Ashley Malik?' The teacher called off the list of students.

'Right here' I raised my hand to prove that I was present. When suddenly the girls in my class turned to look at me.

'Oh my god do you know Zayn Malik? Are you his sister!' And then it went on again... The same questions being asked and the same reaction being held.

If anything I hated during my years of high school, it was the fact that people only spoke to me because I happen to share the same last name as a worldwide famous celebrity. I'm eighteen years old and I still couldn't be free, I couldn't be free from the rumors about me and some Zayn, me being his sister. It came to the point where people talked about me on social medias. And it's so tiring to be living under someone's shadow even though you've never asked for it.

"Wake up Ashley! We're going to be late!" Mom's annoying voice woke me from my peaceful dream full of rainbows and unicorns... Not really, it was more of a nightmare, except there wasn't any blood so it didn't scare me much.

"Mhmm.... Just five more minutes!" I groaned digging my head deeper into the pillow as if it's going to hide me from her.

"It's seven and a half already! If you don't get your ass up right now I swear I will fuc-"

"Fine mom I'm awake! Gosh you sound like a ghetto black woman every morning" I cut her off before she could finish her colorful words [A/N: I mean NO disrespect towards black people, I love you all so much and would never offend you]

I dragged myself out of my bed, showered really quick & wore the most comfortable nd unattracting clothes I owned. Taking seven minutes to get ready.

I headed downstairs to find my mom waiting by the door. In case I didn't mention it before- which I'm pretty sure I didn't- I'm going to London today, my parents got divorced & I'm going to live with my dad in The Square Mile where everything is beautiful. Despite it's beautiful, I'm still not happy with moving, I'm leaving my friends, mother, friends and home here just because my parents came up with a stupid decision that's going to split the whole family.

"I'll drive you to the airport now, help me with your suitcases, we're taking them to the car." She demanded as soon as she spotted me by the stairs. She didn't even bother giving me breakfast like any other caring mother would do.

I mouthed 'okay' as I picked up my first suitcase & my mom picked my second one, we went outside & I literally threw my suitcase in the car trunk. Of course I'm so mad at my parents; they're practically ruining my life.

"Oh how I wish you never grew up" My mom mumbled sighing while closing the trunk.

"Trust me mom, sometimes I do too"

"You know, your dad and I are so sorry for doing this to you, I know it's hard for you to leave everything here. But I promise that your life is going to be better there" She soothed kissing my forehead before entering the driver seat. if she was trying to calm me down, then that definitely helped. She always had that effect on me, even though we don't get along very well I still love her with all my heart.

My phone went off & I checked it to see that my best friend Melody just sent me a text.

'Hey babe, I know you're probably on your way to the airport & I just wanted to say: No sex with cute boys, tell me if you meet any hot guys ok! Oh & most important don't ever forget me <3"

I smiled when I read the text, then I picked my iPod & put it on shuffle, Jamming to Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier. After twelve minutes of driving, my mom finally pulled over...

My flight was at 8:30 & it was 8:15 right now. I knew it was the moment I should say goodbye to my mom, & I knew it was going to be hard.

"So... I'm gonna miss you ya know" I carelessly said.

"I'm going to miss you too darling, just remember that I love you so much & I'll always love you, we can still see each other whenever you want love." She took my hand & looked straight into my eyes as if trying to pursue me. " & I'm so proud of you, take care of yourself okay?" I nodded feeling tears forming in my eyes, I'm not a fan of crying. So I simply gave her a hug to hide my red eyes and we pulled away as they called my flight.

"Well this is it mom, I'll call you. Take care of yourself" I kissed her cheek and embraced her in one last hug.

*11 hours later*

London, I would describe how the city is, but I still haven't left the big airport. With only two suitcases beside me, I was waiting for something to happen. I had no idea what I had to do next & my phone was not working, not to mention how tired I'm feeling, all though I slept for the whole flight... As I started walking out of the airport, a man holding a sign caught my eyes, the sign says 'Ms Malik'. Maybe my dad sent him to pick me up. I started walking straight to him, then he noticed me.

"Ms Malik?" I nodded & he opened the door for me. Well fancy having a personal chauffeur.

The driver have been driving for 30 minutes, I was a little bit tired of the flight so I just looked through the window. Wow! All I saw was a big let me correct myself huge & beautiful house.

"We're here" The chauffeur said opening the car door for me.

I stared at the house with wide opened eyes. Could my dad really pay for this house? Maybe this is really going to be better like my mom said. The chauffeur helped me with my two suitcases as I was about to ring the bell, A beautiful blonde girl with shining bright blue eyes opened it with a guy standing behind her, she had red lipstick on her tiny lips and everything else on her face was gorgeous. The black haired guy had sparkling hazel eyes and really tall eyelashes, his lips looked so soft, his face was perfect, not even one flaw detected, he looked a mix of badass and swagger. The two of them looked surprised, so was I.

"Erm.... I'm Ashley, Tom's daughter; I moved to live with him"

They shared a look before the girl spoke "Who's Tom and why are you at Zayn's house?"

I glanced at the guy with the corner of my eyes, I swear I've seen that face before. And I've even heard of that name before.

"Who's Zayn?" I asked hoping to get an answer that'll remind me of where i've heard that name.

"My boyfriend" She replied while pointing at the guy behind her.

"Uhm.... I'm really sorry I didn't know... I just... Okay so I just came to London to live with my dad who apparently sent me a chauffeur to pick me up from the airport 40 minutes ago. The chauffeur was holding a sigh with 'Ms Malik' on it, & since my last name is Malik, I-"

Zayn didn't let me finish my explanations "Um..... Are you a fan?"

I looked at him weirdly... Do I look like a metal thing that people use at summer to cool themselves? I'm pretty sure I look like the human I am- Oh my god! He's Zayn Malik! the chauffeur probably thought I was Zayn's sister or mom... Well I definitely don't think I look like a mom... or even like him.

"Oh my gosh you're Zayn Malik! I'm Ashley Malik... I think your chauffeur have mistaken me to one of your sisters..."

The guy, I mean Zayn widely opened the door "God I'm so sorry, you're still standing outside! get in. We'll talk about this in here" He offered with a genuine smile.

I smiled back and entered the house, while his girlfriend was sending me glares? A little birdy is telling me she's covered in green.

The house was warm in the inside, the hallway was huge and it leaded to the big stairs that i'm guessing leaded to the bathrooms and bedrooms, The big kitchen was in the right side while the huge living room or guest room, I'm not sure, was in the left side. The house was so big and open.

"Well, you know who I am, this is my girlfriend Perrie" he pointed at her. I greeted her shyly with a smile. But she didn't say anything back.

"I'm Ashley Malik, & this is so awkward..."

"Zayn you're not planning on letting her stay here, with us. Are you?" Perrie seemed like she really thought I would steal her boyfriend. He wouldn't even look at me, how could she be afraid of me taking him when she's as gorgeous as a female can ever be?

"... I'm so sorry I'll just get going, but can I use your phone to call my dad? I just have no idea where to go & my phone is not working here.." I asked shyly looking down at my shoes. Well, my shoes are interesting.. Actually, everything is interesting in this awkward situation.

"Sure, yeah" Zayn handed me his iPhone 4S, the home-screen wallpaper had a picture of him and four other guys, that I'm guessing are the rest of the band.


I started typing my dad's phone number, then pressed call...

...He didn't pick up

I called again and....


"He's not answering. I'll just take a cab or something. I'm sorry again" I said grabbing my suitcases

"Wait!" Zayn called grabbing my forearm "You can stay with us until your-"

"What! Zayn what the hell are you doing? She is not staying with us! She's a stranger for god's sake!" Perrie protested pulling him away from me.

"It's fine really, I'll just get back to the airport & look for my dad, maybe he's still there"

"No you're staying here" Zayn insisted gaining an elbow from his girlfriend.

"Look Zayn she's not staying with us okay? Maybe she can stay with the boys, Louis & Harry love having people around" She breathed calmer.

"No I can't. It's just-"

"Good idea Perrie, I'll just ring them to make sure they're okay with it" He agreed grabbing his iPhone and holding it up to his ear.

"Hey Lou, yeah I'm with Perrie... No nothing happened... Louis would you just listen! Okay. Well my friend needs a place to stay... ehm no she's a female. Really? Alright. Thanks mate I owe you one. Bye" He hung up smiling at me.

"You can stay with Louis & Harry. They can't wait to see you." Just as I was going to protest he gently grabbed my hand taking me out to where the driver was still standing. Then said "The driver will take you to their house, here's my number if you need anything... Oh & the boys are kind of... weird. You'll get used to it." He informed me smiling. Or smirking... I really don't know what that is.

"Thank you so much. you really didn't have to-" He didn't let me finish my words.

"I wanted it to" then he winked.

The drive to Louis & Harry's house was so weird. All I did was thinking. What's going to happen next? What if my parents will never find me and I live forever with these strangers.... Well they won't be strangers anymore if I live with them for that long. A bunch of questions going through my mind. My thoughts were interrupted by the driver's voice. "We're here Ms Malik"

I stepped out of the car as the driver opened the trunk to bring my suitcases. The boys were waiting for me outside, and it felt so weird to see them just awkwardly standing there.

"Hello there beautiful, I'm Harry Styles" A curly-haired boy introduced himself with a cheeky grin on his face, he had green eyes and his nose looked like.... a penis... But he basically was the pretty boy type of guys. I gave him my hand to shake but he kissed it. Smooth Harry Styles.

"Hello love, don't mind my cheeky friend. I'm Louis Tomlinson" The other one said, I couldn't help but notice how sparkly were his blue eyes, he had short brown hair and a smirk on his face. I was expecting him to shake my hand but he pulled me in a bear hug instead. That felt so nice.

"Umm hi, I'm Ashley Malik. & before you ask, no I'm not related to Zayn"


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