Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy: Enemies Forever

This is a story about Harry Poter after the books. I hope there are no mistakes in it ( English isn't my native language ).


4. The Pyjama Party

All the children of Harry and Ron were sitting in a circle on the floor. Lilly had taken alot of popcorn and some soft drink. Dumbledore has told his nightmare when everybody was listening. "You think it's true?" asked Geoffrey. "Yes, you know what's witten in the letter from Draco Malfoy." explained Dumbledore. "We have to do something to stop him. Father must participate to the final of the World Cup." said James. "And how were you supposed to do that? You have just finished your fourth year at Hogwarts! We're not strong enough... complained Lilly. "Hogwarts... What if we ask our friends to help. Everybody, except Slytherin, is a great fan from the Golden Lion, so they will all help us." said Geoffrey. "That's a briljant idea! But first, we need to have a plan." noticed Lola. They were all staring at Lilly because she is the smartest. After half an hour, she told he whole plan to the others. "I will write a letter to my friend Cody. The plan will be explained and every single student - except the Slytherin House - will read the letter and take part of the plan." said Nicholas. That's exactly the way how it happened.

author's message:

I know that this chapter is shorter than the others, but I hope you will still like it.

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