Forced to forget me

Just when you thought the love between you and him was inseparable, but what happens when one of you end up having an accident leaving one of you clueless of the love you once had.
Experience the power of love as one try's to rebuild the lost love and the forever lost memory. Will the memories come back or will they both live life pretending they never met?


3. shattered into a million pieces


Hey guys here's chapter 3, any ideas and comments please leave in the comments, must appreciate it thanks,




Harry's P.O.V:

There she was. Lifeless.

I couldn't make myself walk any closer, I was frozen staring at how fragile she looked with numerous tubes hanging from her cold body. I walked in slowly and took a seat on the chair beside her bed.  I felt as if i had no voice. I tried to find the confidence and voice to say something, but all i could do was stare at her. That once bright face that I looked forward to seeing the second i woke up each day, was pale and cold. Her eyes were closed, trapped behind her eyelids. Oh how I wish I could gaze upon those brown eyes again. Every time I stare into her eyes, they remind me of the first moment I lay'd eyes on her at the meet and greet in Australia. Her curly,black hair lay'd innocently behind her eyes.


Just remembering how she once was broke my heart. How could something like this happen to us.

Tears streamed down my face as I watched her heart rate on the heart monitor beat ever so slowly and faintly. I grabbed her soft hand and held it to my lips, kissing it gently. then rubbing my thumb along it. "Pearl", i said trying not to choke on my tears. "I got told that talking to you would help you wake up so here goes to nothing". I glanced over at the boys. Zayn looked like he'd just seen a ghost, Liam looked as if he'd never see light again. Niall was sitting on a chair beside Louis comforting him. I looked at Paul. He too was a mess. He slowly nodded his head, tell me to continue.


"Pearl, do you remember the time we first met" i said with tears running down my face. "it was one of the best things that ever happened to me". "seeing you in the crowd at that concert in Australia, was something ill always remember". I said smiling at myself as I remember the moment clearly. "i remember you wore a skater dress with converses, and you had your hair lay'd perfectly on your shoulders". 

"you were the mot beautiful thing I've ever seen, you stood out".

I told Paul to tell you to meet me afterwards but you said that you already had a backstage pass. So you just wrote me a note saying hey with a smiley face.


"And now... I thought id never be able to call you mine.Your mine Pearl, forever and always"


Louis got up and sat next to me. He looked up at me with his watery eyes. I could tell his been crying his heart out. He had stains that covered almost his whole face. He suddenly spoke up.

"I remember that one time I walked in the kitchen to see you and harry fighting over a banana." He said smiley, recalling every detail of the moment.  "I remember standing their listening to you and Harry debated over who loved who the most." Louis let out a little giggle. "It's funny because I actually had and still do have a big crush on you and I really hope Eleanor and Harry don't mind. I cant help it though, every moment I spend with you is a moment I will cherish forever".

I could tell he was having trouble trying to continue, so I patted his back whispering its okay. So he continued "and now I watch you in a sight I wish my eyes never saw, p-p-please Pearl, w-w-wake up, i cant take it any longer". Seeing Louis like this was shocking to my eyes. We hugged each other, as we both let our tears drown each others back. 

just as we thought life couldn't get anymore fuller with surprises, i thought I felt  Pearl's hand move....

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