The New Girl

Chloë Adams has a perfect life. She's popular, has a lot of friends, a loving family, and dates the hottest guy on school: Harry Styles. However, when she meets Claire, the new girl, it doesn't only change her, but also a lot of other people's life.


3. chapter 2 (unedited)

 Author's note

Omg I haven't updated this in months!! I'm really sorry about that! I really wanted to but I never had the time 'cause I had to study all the time. So I'm gonna write this chapter now and publish it immediately. It's like 23:00 now and I'm really tired so I probably won't reread it which means that it's possible that there are a lot of mistakes. Sorry for that (:

xxx Chelsea

Chloë’s POV

I was shocked but I tried to hide it. “What are you looking at?” I spat. “Don’t you see it?” she asked shocked. “See what?” I asked, although I knew what she meant. “The resemblance between us” She answered. Yes I see it and it scares the crap out of me but I’m not going to tell her that! “Let me see” I walked towards her and examined her. “Nope, I don’t see it” I lied. “But…” She started but I cut her off: "But what? Bitch please, look at yourself!! How could you even think for one second that we look alike? That's like the biggest insult I've ever gotten in my entire life! I laughed at her. She was tearing up. "Why do you have to be so mean?" She wispered. She ran away before I was able to say something back. "Hey! I wasn't done yet!" I yelled at her. I was about to run after her when I heard the bell ring. I groaned. I turned around and walked to my classroom. That bitch probably thinks she got rid of me but she couldn't be more wrong. I will make her life a living hell...


I almost fell asleep during Math but then suddenly I felt my phone vibrating. I looked at my screen and saw it was Harry. I sighed as I read his text.


Harry: Still made babe?

Me: Don’t call me that Styles! I’m not your girlfriend anymore!

Harry: Oh come on babe. Don’t be like that!!

Me: I mean it Styles! Stop it! For god’s sake!!!


I put my phone away. I heard it vibrating a couple more times but I just ignored it. I sighed. I really wanted to forgive him but I just couldn't. Not yet. 

Harry’s POV

Chloë: I mean it Styles! Stop it! For god’s sake!!!

Me: Babe!!!! You have to forgive me! Please!!

When she didn’t answer after 5 minutes I knew she was ignoring me. I started to panic now.

Me: Babe don’t ignore me!

Me: Chloë!! Don't you dare ignore me!!

Me: Oh come on!!!

I gave up. I threw my phone on the table and groaned in frustration. “Is everything alright Harry?” I heard the teacher ask. I ignored her and kept staring at my phone, still hoping she would answer. “He’s just sad that his girlfriend broke up with him” I heard Sarah say. I looked up at her and gave her a death glare. She just smirked at me and turned around again. “Is Chloë finally single again?” Niall yelled. “Awesome” Zayn cheered while he gave Niall a brofist. I started to get angry. “Don’t even dare to make a move on my girlfriend!” I warned them. “Ex-girlfriend” Niall smiled. I lost it! I ran to him, threw him on the ground and started punching him. “STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND! SHE’S MINE” I screamed at him. After a several more punches I got stopped by Zayn who managed to pull me away from him. Niall was groaning in pain. 'HARRY STYLES', the teacher screamed, 'TO THE PRINCIPAL NOW!!' I looked at the teacher who was looking terrified and then back at Niall who looked terrified as well. Zayn let go of me and I walked out of the class and went to the principal. I groaned. Ugh the principal. That will be fun!

Claire’s POV

First period went really great to be honest. My classmates were very friendly. Well, most of them were. I found out that the girl I was talking is called Amber and that we have the same school schedule. I sat next to her during first class and we talked a lot (we sat in the back so the teacher didn't notice us). I learned that Chloë is the most popular girl on school and that everybody fears her because she's one of the meanest girls you'll ever met. I also learned that her best friend is called Jess and that she's a huge bitch. Amber and I became very close. I'm really happy about that 'cause now I won't have to feel alone all the time like I did at my previous school. It was lunchtime. Amber and I joined amber's friends at the table. 'Guys this is Claire', Amber said. The girl next to me dropped her sandwich and gave me a hug. 'Hi, I'm Stacey, nice to meet you!' She said. 'Omg you look just like Chloë!' The girl next to Amber said. 'I'm Sydney by the way' she added. 'Yeah I know I look like her' I sighed. 'Is it true that you kissed Harry?' Sydney asked excited. 'Well actually he kissed me' I answered. 'So it's true you kissed?!' Stacey asked. 'Yes and then I slapped him' I said. 'Oh you're in huge trouble!' Sydney warned. 'Ugh how great!' I groaned. We kept talking about Chloë and all the awful thinks she has done in the past. The more they talked about her the more I feared her. I suddenly noticed Chloë sitting at the table behind Amber. She was talking to a guy. They were both looking at me. The guy nodded and walked away. Chloë grinned at me. I immediately looked away. Ok now I'm scared. What is she going to do? 'Omg Claire! Look out!' Stacey screamed. Before I was able to react I was covered under spaghetti. 'Oh I'm so sorry! I'm just so clumsy you know?' Someone said. I looked at him and saw that it was the guy Chloë was talking to. Everybody (except Amber and her friends) was laughing at me. Chloë walked towards us and started laughing. 'Oh Claire you look so much better now', she laughed, 'There still something missing though. But what?'. 'I know!' Jessica laughed and poured her Soda over my head. 'PERFECT!!!' Chloë screamed. Everybody started to laugh even harder. I stood up and ran to the toilets. I locked myself up and started to cry. Why does she have to be so mean!! I hate her!! I hate this school!! I suddenly heard someone knocking at my door. 'Claire it's me! Open the door please' Amber said. 'No! go away!' I screamed. 'Claire please! You can't hide in there forever!' Amber begged. 'Watch me'. I heard Amber sigh. 'Come on Claire. Don't let her get to you. You're not alone you know. We're here for you. Now please open the damn door'. I gave in and unlocked the door. Amber, Stacey and Sydney came in and hugged me. 'Stop crying Claire. It's over now' Stacey said. 'No it's not!', I cried, 'She'll never gonna leave me alone! She will make my life a living hell!' 'We'll have your back Claire. We'll be there for you. You're not alone!' Amber said. I looked up at them. 'Do you mean that?' 'Yes!!' They smiled .

Harry's POV

I had to stay at the principal office until school was out. The principal didn't expel me -I kinda knew he would'nt 'cause I'm in the football team and we have to train everyday- but gave me detention instead starting tomorrow.He also ordered me to apologize to Niall. But I'm definitely NOT going to do that! I rather die than apologize to that asshole! I was on my home when I saw Chloë sitting in Niall's car. They were talking and laughing. I clenched my fist and started to walk towards them. Then suddenly Chloë kissed him. I stopped. My heart broke into a million pieces. How could she do that to me? I ran home and went straight to my room. My mother knocked at my door a couple of times and asked me what was going on. But when I refused to answer, she decided to leave me alone. This is definitely the worst day of my life! And all because of that stupid bitch! She ruined my life and she's going to pay for it!

Claire's POV

The rest of the day went awful but I survived. I sighed with relief when I could finally go home. When my mother saw me she was shocked. 'Omg Claire what happened?' She asked. 'Well, there's a girl who looks exactly like me and she hates me because her boyfriend kissed me', I said, 'And she decided to get back at me by making my life a living hell. Ugh I hate her so much you know??' I groaned. 'How do you mean, she looks exactly like you?' She asked confused. 'She could be my twin sister!' I answered. My mother dropped the plates she was holding. She suddenly looked terrified. 'What's her name?' She whispered. 'Chloë Adams, why?' I asked. Her face went pale. 'Mom what's going on?' I asked a bit scared. 'Claire, I need to tell you something'.

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