The New Girl

Chloë Adams has a perfect life. She's popular, has a lot of friends, a loving family, and dates the hottest guy on school: Harry Styles. However, when she meets Claire, the new girl, it doesn't only change her, but also a lot of other people's life.


1. Chapter 1

Claire’s POV

I was standing in front of the entrance of my new school. I took a deep breath and walked through the doors. When I was inside, I noticed that everybody was staring me. They all looked very shocked. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I sighed and looked at the ground. I don’t like it when people stare at me. This is exactly why I hate being new at school! I kept looking at the ground while I moved forward, trying to find my locker. Suddenly a girl blocked my way. I looked up at her. “Eww, you look terrible Chloë! What happened to you?” She said to me. “W…what? But….” I stuttered. “OMG! Are you stuttering?” She said in disgust. I just kept staring at her. “Ugh, I don’t have time for your weirdness Chloë, let’s talk when you’re acting normal again” She said and walked away. Who is she? And why did she call me Chloë? I decided to forget about it and continued walking. I finally found my locker. I opened it, threw all the books I didn’t need yet in it, and closed it again. When I turned around there was a boy standing in front of me. He seemed confused. “Um babe, what the hell are you wearing? And what did you do to your hair?” He said. ‘babe’? what? I was about to say something about it, when he suddenly kissed me. I immediately pushed him away and slapped him. “What the fuck, Chloë?! What’s wrong with you!” He yelled at me. “No, what’s wrong with you?!” I yelled back. I walked away from him. What an asshole. It’s not because he’s hot that he can do whatever he wants with me! He doesn’t even know my name! He… I froze. He called me Chloë…. Just like that girl I met earlier. Ok, now I’m confused. What is going on? And who's Chloë? I decided to ask someone some explanation. When I looked around, I saw a girl sitting on the ground, reading a book. I walked towards her. “um can I ask you something?” I asked. “Yeah, sure what…” She looked up at me and her expression changed. “Ugh, what do you want Chloë” She sighed. I groaned in frustration. “Why does everybody keep calling me Chloë! My name is Claire for god’s sake!!!” I yelled. “Wait, so you’re not Chloë?” she asked shocked. “No, I’m not Chloë! I don’t even know who Chloë is” I answered. “She’s…” “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, BITCH?” I suddenly heard someone shout behind me. I turned around to face her. When I saw her, my jaw dropped. “That’s Chloë” I heard the girl, I was previously talking to, say.

Chloë’s POV

I sighed with relief when I entered the school and realised that I still had 10 more minutes before my first class starts. I ran to my locker and started to throw all my books in it. When I was done, I went looking for my boyfriend. I found him sitting on the ground. He was massaging his cheek. I ran to him. “OMG babe! What happened?” I asked concerned. “You slapped me bitch! That happened!” He yelled at me. I was shocked. “What?” I asked confused. “That’s impossible! I just got here!” I said. His expression changed. “What? But...If you…Then who…” He stuttered. He was now looking very confused too. “What happened Harry?” I asked him. “I…I went looking for you and I….I found you in front of a locker. I…I really thought it was you. Chloë” He said. He was trembling. “And then I kissed you…her” He finished. “YOU WHAT?” I screamed at him. “I’m sorry Chloë! I thought she was you!” He cried. “We’re done Harry!” I yelled. “What? No! Babe please don’t break up with me” He begged. “Fuck off Harry” I shouted. I walked away from him and bumped into my best friend. “Oh, you look so much better now, thank god!” She cheered. “Jessica, that girl you met earlier. How did she look like?” I asked her. She looked confused. “Wait that wasn’t you?” She asked. “No, that wasn’t me, Jess.” I sighed. “That explains everything” She said. “Ugh, can you just answer my question please?” I groaned. “um she was wearing an ugly pink skirt and a white blouse and um, oh she has short curly hair” She said. “Thanks Jess! I’ll see you in class, Ok?” I said and walked pass her. I really need to find that bitch! I saw a girl talking to Amber. She was wearing the clothes Jess was talking about. She doesn’t look like me at all but maybe that's because I’m only seeing her back. So that’s the girl my boyfriend, I mean ex- boyfriend, kissed. I can’t believe he thought I was her. I clenched my fists and walked towards her. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, BITCH?” I yelled at her. She turned around to face me, when I saw her, I gasped. “That’s Chloë” I heard Amber say.

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