How are you even supposed to know those kind of things? Nobody tells you anything unless you ask. Or do something along those lines...

The 1. Emily & Olivia story


1. Talking

”Go away!”

”I can’t!”

”Can you move your legs? ‘Cause in that case; Go away! Leave me the fuck alone!”

“I don’t want to! I shan’t. I need to speak to you, you daft idiot!”

“ ’Shan’t’? ‘Daft’? What are you, eighty years old? And, I don’t care! Go away, right now!”

“No. I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen.”

“But… Please just leave.” Emily said, looking confused, resigned, but still rather angry. “I can’t do this anymore, please just leave.” She looked pained, as if it hurt her to utter the words. It might just have been the cold wind, ripping at her glove-less hands.

“No.” Olivia said. “I really am truly sorry,” she said, her face scrunched up in a stubborn defence against the other girl’s hapless eyes. “But I’m not leaving you, and I’m not shutting up. Sorry.”

“If you really were that sorry, you’d leave.” Emily said. “If you really were even the least bit sorry, you’d leave, at least you normally would.”

“Normally? What’s that supposed to mean? No, don’t you dare turning away from me - ” Olivia said, taking a few agitated steps towards Emily’s hastily retreating back.
“Emily! Come back here! Please come back! Emily!” Olivia broke into a run a few seconds after Emily did, chasing her across the sad-looking yard.

“No! I refuse!” Emily said, rather loudly over her shoulder, her eyebrows drawn tight together. “If I want to run, I’ll run! And if I do not wish to speak to, or with, or just having you speak at me, then I won’t!” She picked up her pace again, having accidently let Olivia catch up to her while yelling at her.

“You refuse? You know what, fuck you Emily! I’m going to say what I want to, regardless of your opinion on the matter! Just listen to me for one”

Olivia ran even faster, her legs pumping like drumsticks against the ground


She reached out her left hand and grabbed for Emily’s collar.

“Second!” she exclaimed as she got purchase and yanked Emily back toward her, Emily’s back colliding with Olivia’s stomach, sending both of them falling towards the ground.

They landed with a rather painful sounding thump, and for a couple of seconds they just lay there, until Emily pushed herself of Olivia. She then laid down on the ground beside Olivia, finally laying still.
They stayed that way for a couple of minutes, breathing heavily, their faces slowly and begrudgingly relaxing from their rather tiring, angry, expression.

The fierce pink of their cheeks slowly faded to the pinkish hue everybody has in the winter, whether they are inside or outside.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” Olivia asked, her face turned upwards, looking at the white cloud her breath created against the icy blue of the sky.

“I do not mind talking with you. It’s the talking to, or the talking at I mind.” Emily answered, casting a quick glance at Olivia’s crisp profile.

“Oh.” Olivia answered after contemplating Emily’s words for a little while.
“So you don’t mind the… Um, us.” Olivia said, feeling rather helpless and as if she were grasping at imaginary straws, her cheeks quickly reddening again.

Emily’s eyes widened when she realized what Olivia just said, tearing her eyes of Olivia’s ears, neck and the top of her chest, all of which was getting pink, too.

“No! No, no, no, of cause not!” Emily quickly exclaimed, pushing herself up on her elbow, looming over Olivia.

“How could I possibly?” she said trying to maintain eye contact with Olivia, but having a unreasonably hard time dragging her gaze away from the tips of Olivia’s ears, which were now such a deep pink, I would have to be called red.

“Um.” Emily said, reddening herself when she realized she’d been staring.

“Um.” She repeated, not knowing how to advance from that point.

“Um. I’d like to maybe. Um.” She said, searching for the right words, feeling stupider by the second.

Olivia smiled, and a little nervously, granted, surged up and pressed her lips to Emily’s.

“Do that.” finished Emily, a small smile growing on her face.

Olivia smiled a tentative smile, which quickly widened when she saw Emily's answering one. 


Emily moved until she was poised above Olivia, her dark hair framing both her and Olivia's face, cutting them of from the - granted - empty yard.


"Do you maybe, you know," Olivia whispered, raising her hands to cup Emily's face, her thumbs stroking her cheekbones. "Want to do it again?"


Emily smiled and lowered her face, her warm breath brushing over Olivia's slightly parted ones.


"I'd like that she whispered." and kissed Olivia, swallowing her pleased little sigh.

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