Christina Payne

Christina Payne is Liam's twin sister, minus the 2 years between them. Though she is as mature as a 30 year old, she's more sneaky than Louis Tomlinson. Liam takes her on tour with her, in attempt to spend more time with his youngest sister. In a strange way, the two are exactly the same, but completely different at the same time. Christina goes on tour causing a whole load of trouble... Including pranks, relationships, home wrecking, fights, arguments, and a small amount of illegal business. Who knew a Payne could be such a Pain?


4. Chapter 4: Secrets.

"Tell me the truth, Chris. Why did you really want to live with me?"


Asked Liam as I was brushing my teeth. It took me a while to stop crying and I was surprised no one had come looking for Liam and I, but it was sought of expected. They were probably calling people, playing Fifa or watching TV. I bet they're playing Fifa. I spat into the sink and rinsed my mouth, toothbrush and mouth again, before putting the toothbrush back.


"I wanted to spend some time with you, Liam." I looked at him through the mirror. "I'm sick of not seeing you so much." I said. He frowned.


"Why don't I believe you?"


He asked when I turned to look at him. I shrugged. He was standing by the door, arms crossed over his firm chest, eyebrows furrowed and chocolate eyes full of concern. This was probably the first time in ages that he had actually seen me throw up like that. I always tried to hide it, making sure I knew when it was gonna happen. Usually I did, but this time… It was just so random, I didn't expect it.


"I don't know. Ask yourself that."


I mumbled, pushing past him to get into my room. My bags were in my room, strangely enough, as I went to grab my chocolate, it was empty. Now I frowned.


"Niall, you hungry bastard! Get in here!"


I yelled.


"Christina! Don't ignore this!"


Liam half whispered, half yelled.


"I'm not Liam! I'm just… Putting the topic aside for now."


I tried to reason. I turned back to Liam, dropping the chocolate on the drawer. Liam had his angry face on and he was standing outside of the bathroom.


"That's called ignoring it, Chris. What's wrong? Is everything alright?"


Liam's voice had suddenly gone lower, returning to the kind voice he usually had.


"I am perfectly fine, Liam. I had my check up with the doctors just after christmas. He said I'm good… For now anyway."


I knew I was lying to Liam. But he didn't need to know that… It would crush him. Plus, I was good. For another year at least… Nothing too bad should happen before then...


"What do you mean 'for now'?"


The question came from behind me. I turned around and saw Harry, emerald eyes full of confusion. I sighed.


"Nothing, Harry. This doesn't concern you."


I tried to wave him off. But no, of course he wants to know everything…


"Uh, well. It does now."


Harry muttered, walking into my room and slamming the door closed.


"Come in… I guess…"


I mumbled, watching as he sat on my bed.




I looked to my older brother, but he only frowned.


"If you won't tell me, then maybe you'll tell him. So I'm leaving."


He said before walking out.


"Liam! I- Ugh! You boys are so fucking infuriating!"


I yelled out to the closed door.


"Well maybe, if you would just talk to us, we wouldn't be."


Retorted Harry. I turned back to him and rubbed my temples. This was suppose to be a good year. A stressless year. This is too much stress and talk about my sickness for one day.



"Look. Niall and Liam are the only ones I usually talk to… Especially on stuff like this. But since I can't tell either of them this, I'm just going to tell you."


I told him honestly, taking a seat next to him on my bed. My body sunk in, but not as deep as Harry. I chuckled.


"You got a fat ass, you know that?"


He laughed, jumping on the bed with his fat butt to make a point. I followed his laugh, grabbing on to his hips to stop him from moving. Soon enough he stopped and looked down at me with that adorable smile of his. Then his smile faded.


"What's wrong, Chris?"


I removed my hands from his hips, my smile also fading.


"The doctor said I only have a year left before…"


I couldn't even finish my sentence before I started crying. Harry immediately wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in close. Hell, I've been crying a lot more than anticipated today.


"Before what, Chris?"


Harry asked. I pulled away from him, wiping my wet eyes and my snotty nose.


"Before my cancer spreads and I.. I die…"


Harry released me, green eyes looking to the ground as he took everything in. I touched his elbow, but he flinched.


"So… You coming on tour with us… You spending more time with your brother… It's so you can make the most of what time you have left with him?"


I muttered a 'yeah', hanging my head low and playing with my fingers. Harry turned his head to look at me.


"But what about Niall? What about the rest of the boys? What about me?"


He asked. I looked up to him.


"What do you mean, Harry?"


"Are you here for your brother? Or all of us?"


My hand found it's way to his jaw, slowly running my thumb down it. He leaned into my touch, eyes watching my movements.


"All of you Harry…"


I whispered. He smiled and looked in my eyes.


"If I only have a year… I'm gonna make the most of it."


He said. I looked at him in confusion.


"What do you m-"


Then he kissed me. His soft, plump lips smashed onto mine and I kissed back. I was shocked, but I couldn't help it. His lips were perfect. I wrapped my arms around his neck and his around my waist, pulling each other impossibly close. He bit my lip, tugging it down as a plead for entrance and I let him. It was like I was in a trance, anything he asked, I would do. He slipped his tongue in and let it explore my fresh mouth. We kissed for what seemed like ages and I would have kept going if it weren't for my loss of breath. When we released, our breathing was heavy and my lips were a little more ample than usual. He leaned his forehead on mine, smiling as he pecked my lips again.




He breathed. I smiled.




I replied. He chuckled and I released his neck. I was going to pull his hands away from me, but he tightened his grip.


"What are you doing?"


He asked with a pout. I giggled.


"I'm going to get Niall, he ate my chocolate."


I replied. He dug his face into the crook of my neck, biting on it softly.


"No… I'll kick his ass later."


He mumbled. I laughed.


"Sure… That'd be a sight to see."


I teased. He looked up at me and frowned.


"What does that mean?"


He pouted again, eyes low in hurt. 


"That you're a lover, not a fighter. I know you're the one with the abs, but you couldn't hurt a fly, even if you wanted to... Even then, you'd probably apologise to the fly straight after."


I said, finally pushing him away from me and traveling over to my bag. I was on a mission to find a big, comfortable jersey to wear over my "Live, Love, Laugh" t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Harry followed me and placed himself on my drawers, his long legs touching the ground, but he placed his feet on one of the handles. Damn that boy for being so tall…


"I would not. You don't know that!"


He attempted to protest. I laughed.


"Stop lying to yourself, Harry! You know it's true."


I grinned when I found one of Niall's old jerseys. I quickly threw on me and released a happy breath as I let it comfort me.


"Fine, fine. Anyway, what does this make us, then? Since I gave you one of the best kisses in your life…"


He trailed off. I chuckled again, rolling my eyes at his cockiness.


"Don't get too cocky, Styles. We aren't anything. Not until we go on a legitimate date anyway. Then I'll decide."


I said as I walked out the door. Harry was quick to fall behind me, swiftly appearing on my right.


"Okay, how 'bout tonight then? Take you out to dinner?"


His beautiful green eyes held so much hope and I almost felt sorry for him. But we all know 'feeling sorry' for Styles, is absolutely unnecessary.


"Sorry, Harry. Niall's taking me out tonight."


I said.


"Y'know, when I imagined asking you out. I always imagined you saying yes. Not "Niall's taking me out" that's a huge let down you know?"


I laughed loudly.


"Sorry, Harry. Niall asked first, I'm not 'rain checking' him. He's my best friend."


I stopped us before we got to the living room, turning around to face him and placing my hands on his chest.


"Don't tell anyone, okay?"


I whispered. He raised an eyebrow, placing his hands on my waist.


"Don't tell anyone what?"


He asked, obviously finding interest on where he thinks this is going.


"About the kiss and what I told you. No one needs to know."


I told him sternly and he grinned.


"And if I do?"


He tested.


"Expect a few rain checks and turn downs next time you ask me out."


I winked, moving his hands from my body. He frowned.


"Fine, I won't tell."


He muttered.


"Won't tell what?"


Niall appeared from around the corner, with raised eyebrows and a curious look.


"Nothing you don't already know… Come on, I'm hungry."


I made my way to Niall. He smiled down at me, pecking my forehead, before grabbing my hand.


"Is that my jersey from when I first stayed over?"


Niall pointed to the blue hoodie I was wearing. I nodded, pulling him to walk with me.


"Yeah, you never bothered to retrieve it. So I kept it."


I told him as we walked off. I took a sideways glance at Harry who was watching my every movements with Niall. He frowned when Niall mentioned staying over. Harry's never stayed over at my house, not that I'd let him either. Niall only stayed because he took me to the hospital. I felt a little guilty for leaving Harry there. But the boy's gonna have to work if it wants me… Otherwise, he can kiss my skinny ass.

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